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 When cancer is classed as terminal...?
When cancer is classed as terminal does that mean that that person only has months to live? I know it means that the cancer can not be cured but does it mean that person's only got months to ...

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 i keep thinking i have brain cancer?
i dont no y but i do iv had a headace for 5 days that just wont go away..im so scared i have brain cancer and alot of people in my family have died from many diffrient types of cancer im 15 and i ...

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please please someone help.... my mom is undergoing chemotherapy for thyroid cancer and she is always throwing up, she looks really sad and she starts crying on very trivial matters. I am so ...

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 Does the majority of people having breast cancer... die?
I just found out today that my mom has breast cancer. I cried to death knowing that my MOM had to be the ONLY person in my whole family (including relatives) that has breast cancer! My family is not ...

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 Can A 20 Year Old Get Lung Cancer?
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 What is the worst type of cancer?
I've heard that liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, and blood cancers are the worst, but what do you think?

I'm really curious. I personally think that liver cancer is the worst. It&...

 breast cancer!?!?!??!?!?
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 can liver cancer be cured?
can liver cancer be cured?...

 Is it OK to deliver dead flowers to a Cancer Ward?
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 Should a person who has cancer be told?
Some families ask the doctor not to tell a parent or other relative that they have terminal cancer, or other serious illness. What do you think is the right thing to do?...

 Is cancer contagious?

 has anybody else got skin cancer i'm scared?

Additional Details
its BCC or something i only found out today i have to have it cut off if its receptive to treatment she also gave me a blood test for something or ...

 I'm 14 and I think I may have/be at risk for colon cancer??
Well my dad's dad died of Colon Cancer in March. He had a tumor the size of a soccer ball. MY dad probably has it because he's always constipated and he bleeds while on the toilet. Maybe ...

 chicks, when you're bald from chemo, wig? or hat? or no cover?
my dad says I look better in my baseball cap but I feel funny...
Additional Details
Hi numbsain, stace... numby, my dad had 4 boys. 2 girls and 4 boys!...

Anne M
My husband is drinking himself to death, and does 'nt know what he's doing, do I tell him or let him slip away
He is content and happy in his damaging life style, have I the right to change all that, when there is no garuantee that he will want to stop. I'm not interested in Alanon. He has asthma, recovered from cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, and all the ailments connected to chronic alcoholism. Am I wrong in letting him commit slow suicide?

i really think you should do something about it but when he's sober cause he might hurt you..

yes, you are an enabler.

basically, the only requirement for A.A. membership is a desire to stop drinking. you, however, will not understand what is going on if you do not participate in alanon. that is, if your husband gets help. has he hit a bottom? do you think YOU telling him he has a problem will make anything happen? you are in for quite a ride-are you going to bail now? there is as much or more at stake for you here than you think. adding the implication of letting your husband die is alot more...

You cannot change what you won't acknowledge. I would at least talk to him about it. If he is willing to get help then be there for him. It sounds like he has gone through quite a few things. Some people start drinking because of depression.

Khamirul Bin Mataree
Let him know & don't neglect him for about his health. Care him. Try to make him go far from the alcohol as its bad for his health. :). Good luck. :).

Sounds like he is so depressed he's given up.
If you have children PLEASE fight for his life.
Call an intervention...FAST.

If neither has children--pack your stuff and go--if you show him you are serious about this needing to stop--so seriously you are willing to let him wallow in his own self pity alone--then leave.

if u truely love this man u will sit down and have a heart to heart with him.explain to him that u are not trying to tell him what to do u are just concerned and u want him around for as long as u can have him.the worst thing u can do to him is preach to him.u have to keep in mind that he is a grown man with his own life choices.

Any substance abuser will only wake up and change when they realise the cost, not just in money and health.

OK! no one here knows what you have been through and what mental state you or your husband are in at this point in your life's. i have cancer my husband is a recovering alcholoic and its no life at the beach. i at one time just said the heck with it, no matter how much talking and pleading with him did any good. he would just lie and drink behind my back. I've threatened to leave him, I've done it all. hes been in re-hab centers at least 3 times in the last 5 years, he blames his drinking on everyone and any crises in the world. you do need to try and talk to him, which you probably already have. but until he makes up his mind that its not good for him or you, he wont stop. let him know that alcohol does not help the cancer situation, matter of fact it makes it worse. let alone the mental stress that you are going through with all of his problems. just ask him when he is sober what is it going to take and what do you need to do to help him. there are no simple answers for you situation. let him know when he is sober that you love him and would like to spend time with him but his drinking is causing problems with you and him as far as spending the rest of you lives together. good luck! god bless both of you!

Queen Pink
I can't believe you have to ask yahoo answers to find out if you should save your husbands life or not.......Help him....commit him...
You are very much wrong for sitting by and watching die slowly....unless that is your ultimate goal is to watch the love of your life die....but I would hope not...Help him now..

tell him! if you love him then you won't just sit back and let him do this to himself! if you show him that it's not acceptable then maybe he'll quit or at least cut back on it...his life is worth fighting for.

Alcoholism is true addiction. He can't save himself.

You must help him. This isn't some guy jumping in front of a train. At this point, your husband has no control.

Wisam Katoue
i say save him cuz if u dont u might feel sorry for leting him die and put the blam on u

Why are you married to the guy? From what you've just said you're not in love with him anymore.

As to your question I suppose it comes down to doing what is right or doing what is easier. Unfortunately this seems to be one of those cases where "easier" and right are nowhere close to being the same. Whatever you chose it is your decision to live with for the rest of your life.

Time for an intervention.

Not a cancer question.

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