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Merry Martin
My husband has late stage cancer and has started to wet his pants. Should I tell him we're through?
I married a man, not a baby, and I don't intend to change diapers. Do you think I'm right to divorce him now, or would the right thing to be to stick it out? It'll probably only be a few more months, that's what the doctors say.

how ******* shallow are you!? i hope you get cancer just for thinking such a thing!

If this is serious then you are sick. If this is a joke then you are even sicker.

no he needs all the support he can get at this stage and if you leave him you may not get to say goodbye at the funeral
if you leave him you will miss him more than if you would have stayed as you would have left him and you will feel bad!
hope i helped a little!


I cannot believe this is a serious question. I go along with Merina in that you should hire someone to take care of his needs, if indeed you are serious. I find it hard to believe you wasted every-ones time with such a self-centered question. Hopefully there is someone out there who cares enough about your husband to help him through this terrible time. I really just feel you had nothing better to do today.

Christine G
How cold and unloving, I sure hope this is a joke. Anyone who would leave someone for a health condition.......I can't even say how that makes me feel.

No, you just go on make "Merry" and asking dumb questions.

Sharon D
That is just sad that you could even ask such a question...I feel sorry for your husband IF this isn't a joke.

How cruel. You married him for better or worse, in sickness and in health. If you divorce him now then I have to agree with the others you are a real b****. If you truly loved him you would be wanting to do everything you could for him. The man is dying and you can only think of yourself.

I hope you got your perverted kicks out of this very unfunny question.

Stay with him

It would depend on several factors but for the most part the answer is yes. I am sure that if I asked you if you have any love left for him the answer would be no. The only other relavant question is would you expect him to stay to change your diapers if it were you with the cancer. If the answer is yes then you might consider staying.
Since the cancer is late stage the real question is why divorce him when you could just seperate. In most states a divorce means dividing all community property and giving up on all claim to the remainder of the property. The remainder of the estate goes to willed parties or in lieu of a will to the surviving next of kin. If there is a surviving spouse then all property remains in their custody until both are dead.
You could seperate or you could remain in the home and begin dating either discreetly or openly depending on how daring you are. the bottom line is that it is your life and you have already decided you are nbot his diaper nurse. Set your course and follow it, it is your life and your decision.
In the event you decide to remain in the home Social Security will provide some degree of in home care and he can be catherized. I guess a serious consideration in your decision is how much community property you have accumulated together. If you are living in an apartment with virtually nothing in the bank then there is no reason not to proceed to an immediate divorce.

‚ô•Live, Laugh, Love‚ô•
I hope you're joking. Then again, I don't hope your joking.
Cancer is not something you make jokes about, it's a very serious desease claiming thousands of lives, including small children.
You don't joke about **** like that.

lol. kill yourself.

Like many others have said... 1) I hope you are kidding 2) of course you stay with him. HE HAS CANCER for 1! Not to mention you made a vow, UNDER GOD to love, cherish him, through SICKNESS and health. Maybe if you weren't so selfish you would realize that he needs you. Like another person has said, if you can't deal with it, hire someone that can. Marriage is not all fun and roses, and cancer-free. You have the reponsibility to be there for your husband and make his remaining days full of love, as that is what your marriage SHOULD be based on.... not your conveniences.

Sorry if that's harsh, but that is how you sound with this "question"

This isn't a serious question, is it?
If not, you should be the one suffering from cancer, not him. *****.

this is a joke right????

Ivanna C
whats wrong with you? isnt the point of marriage to stick with that person no matter what? what if you were in his position and he did that to you?
either grow up or go spend the rest of your life lonely

The Mighty Boosh
If you are ready to leave him because he has a terrible disease, then you never truly loved him. You need to make sure you love someone before you marry them. Does the phrase "in SICKNESS and in health" ring a bell?

i say you are a major b*tch if you do that. You married him. You promised to be with him through think or thin. You're obviously a horrible person

Marco's girl
I refuse to answer a question that cannot be taken seriously.

I really hope you're a troll.
Why did you marry him? Because you loved him? For the money? Because you were pregnant/drunk/on drugs?

Stay with him, and actually try to help him and make the last few months of his life happy. Hire a nurse if you just can't deal with all of the needs he has.

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