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 can a girl under the age of 18 have breast cancer?

Jess .x
Lump on my underarm. Could it be cancer?
Im 16. The lump is red and about 1/2 cm. It can be sore at times. I'm really worried what could it be caused by??

Kevin S
it could be nothing, but yea it could be a cancerous tumor

See your doctor ASAP.

It could be, but it might not be. Go see your doctor to check because nothing we say is going to prove it either way, and the earlier you catch it the better chance you do have if it is.

Good luck!

Tony R
what do you think?

Dont ask us idiots on here - we aint doctors!

Go get it checked out QUICKLY!!!! Go tomorrow actually - cause the GP wont be open over x-mas.

Tracy L
If you find a lump anywhere get it checked out!!!

just a zit probably. take a really hot shower and try to pop it.

I also have a lump on my underarm but I only feel it during my period. I have had it checked many times and all the Drs who have looked at it said it related to my hormones, Keep a close watch, it may be related to your period, if not then check with your Dr.

it may simply be something like a cyst which is quite common. it may also be other things such as a blocked and ingrowing pore etc and yes it may be a cancer site, so , get down to doctor and have it checked out .

go to your doctor

Better to be safe than sorry, see a doc :)

Prob ingrowing hair, or whitehead! Shouldn't think it is cancer, just get a dr to reassure you!

very very very unlikely to be cancer hun,prob a cyst go doc get it checked but stop threating it ain't cancer

Merry Cherry
could be anything...an ingrowing hair,cyst, cancer.

You really shouldn't be asking a bunch of non medical people on the internet...go see your doctor

It could be a clogged pore, an ingrown hair, or cystic acne I have had this in the past from deodorant or shaving. These will feel different than a lump that could be more serious.

A lump that feels hard, kind of like a frozen pea when you run your fingers flat against it and when rolled between the fingers should be checked out by the doctor.

Remember when doing self examinations, use the pads of the fingers with an open palm (instead of squeezing the breast/armpit area). It's easy to mistake lumpy fibrous breast tissue for something more serious, but it can never hurt to get a doctor's opinion.

Probably a harmless cyst or ingrowing hair. get it chhecked out

99:1 it is a blocked node or swollen lymph gland. Get it checked out though - sooner rather than later.

probably a cyst but have it checked out and they will probably remove it, my daughter had one on her upper arm. so do not worry too much they are very common.

It is probably your lymph node.

info seeker
if it hurts and it is a lump and you can't move it around, it could be a swollen lymph gland .....and yes have it checked out.

i would definitely get it checked but i had the same problem years ago and it was just a swollen lymph node.
better to be safe than sorry
good luck

Baily Marie
it most likely a swollen lymph node
it will be fine but if you are worried about it go to the dr

Don't worry,
it could be a stress bump.
I get them alot.
When your stressed they pop up.
Cancer doesn't hurt, and it's red.
So its not that.
Also, it may be a reaction to your deoderant.
That may happen because your pores get clogged
from sweat and deoderant.
That hurts, and becomes red.

Hope i helped and don't worry!

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