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 Why is there no cure for Cancer?
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 When you know somebody's going to die wot do u do?

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 I'm 13 years old and I found a lump in my left breast. Is it breast cancer?
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 does freezing water in plastic bottles cause cancer?

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Is there any way that a CANCER patient dies painlessly....Please tell me,it's emergency.............?
I SEEK HELP FROM ANYBODY.....Please tell me how can the death of my grand-mother (She is now at the last stage of CANCER) be less painful or even painless.( It may sound odd, but I still hope someone has the answer……)

Grand-mother is priceless to me. All along her life she kept on thinking about us (her sons, daughter& grand-children) and took care of us. She never looked at her own health. She is now 65.

A few days ago, she fainted in the kitchen as her body was terribly weak and thin. We admitted her to nearby hospital with wound at the back of head.
After medical supervision & diagnosis it was reported that she has obstructive jaundice caused by the tumor in her pancreas. The doctor suspected something wrong….after a few more tests it was revealed that the tumor has turned into CANCER.


I would be highly obliged to the person who can tell me………how the rest few days of HER life would be least painful to her……………..and us.

Im so sorry to hear about your gradmother..
I work in a hospital taking care of cancer patients and ive seen the last stages, More than likely if your grandmother is in pain they will give her morphine to keep her comfortable...
She will be asleep alot but not in any pain...
Just be there for her, she will know you are there..
Hearing is one of the last things to go so talk to her and let her know you love her...

Contact your local Hospice.
They will be able to help.

I would give her heavy doses of glyconutrients. The other alternative is a slow morphine drip :(

read my testimonials glycoresource.com

monday night doctors call 877-626-6246 9pm EST

God Bless

Call HOSPICE they will help your Grandma with her pain. Hospice is also for the patient family...I work for a Hospice and I cannot begin to tell you how much they can help. My thoughts are with you.

get a hold of your local chapter of hospice. they are fantasic. they're only job is make sure that the dying are comfortable.
just be aware that she's going to be on some heavy duty pain killers and it's going to loop her out. she may halluicinate and she may not recognise familliar people.
call hospice, you'll be glad you did.

My condolences on your grandmother's condition.

I've found from asking those that I know/have known with cancer that the degree of pain varies from person to person and the type of cancer. Some are in great pain and some in no pain at all. You'll have to ask your grandmother how painful it is and get them to medicate her with painkillers accordingly.

she'll be in my prayers

Our entire family was with my grandfather in his last weeks of bone cancer. Cancer patients can suffer excruciating pain. However, there are numerous methods of pain control available. Ask the hospital or doctor or nurses about having Hospice help for your family and your grandma. Our Hospice nurse was invaluable to us. She helped control my grandfather's pain, answered our questions, and comforted us in our grief. She also explained the dying process and came within the hour after my grandfather had passed away. I believe most pain control methods will probably put your grandma into a coma-type state so she will not be able to communicate with you. Our Hospice nurse said to touch and talk to my grandfather as it would comfort him and comfort us. It is a difficult thing to watch a loved one suffer. There are compassionate people who will help you through this, but sometimes you have to ask for the help from several people before getting what you need.

the doctor should have given pain medication if you know how much she takes then medicate her yourself keep her comfortable so sorry for you and your family

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Hope this helps

i'm sorry.
my dad died of cancer.
as the cancer increased, he was given higher levels of pain killer drugs.
and, in fact, i think that the drugs were what finally killed him.
and that's okay.
one would hope that you are talking to hospice.
as i understand it, one of their primary objectives is to make the patients feel better.
and that's what you want.
one would hope your doctor is doing the same.

if you ask me, increasing the drug dosage is a good thing, even if the drugs will eventually kill the patient.
when i'm there, i sure hope someone has sense enough to do the same for me.

If she cared about all of you and your family so much more than her own health, then just be with her. Spend time with her, and talk to her. It'll take her mind off of it, and she'll be doing something that she truly loves to do-be with her family.

under most states laws it is considered inhumane to put a person out of misery, the only thing the hospitals can do is make her comfortable with sufficent pain medications. I wish the laws were different. We live in a society of freedoms, but this is one we do not have the freedom to die when we want.

Check with the american cancer associations for hospice and home health care help

Just be there for her and let her know how much she is appreciated! Tell the doctors that you expect the best care possible for her. As long as she knows that you are making efforts to make her comfortable, she will find comfort in that.

An Oxycontin drip IV. It fortunately is good for something. She will be in and out of consciousness but she will die without or with very little pain.

I hope she lived a long beautiful life... Pain is eased somewhat by being surrounded by the people you love and who love you.

Peace be with her and your family.

Chris G
With my sister pain killers was all that would keep her compfortable. They put dauliad in her IV bag with the drip which of corse kept her knock out..but it was better that hurting as far as I am concerned;, and it would be what I would what also. They tried morphine, but it did her no good.Normally they don't put pain killers mixed in the same bag with a plain iv drip but her doctor learned then it was the best way to constantly control her pain.
I never want to see another person die with cancer it is a horrible diease. If I had it when I started hurting, bring on the drug. and if I am hurting bad enought just keep me in a drug indused coma.
may god bless you

first off get hospice in , they are wonderful with pain management, spend all the time you can together

Jazz In 10-Forward
My mother died from pancreatic cancer when she was 59. I am sure she was in pain, but she remained proud and strong to the very end. She took us out to lunch at Taco Bell, even though she knew she would just lose her lunch right after we returned from the restaurant. She ate ice cream, even though she knew she wouldn't be able to keep that down, either. She never complained, became bitter, or depressed. All we could do for her in her last weeks with us here on this Earth was be sure her morphine drip was functioning, give her whatever she asked for (except morphine ahead of schedule), and be with her in her room. The entire family was with her when she "moved on".

All you can do for your grandmother is comfort her, be there with her as much as possible, talk to her, and listen to her. Also, don't forget to tell her how proud you are to be her grandchild...

You have to talk to the doctors about getting her good pain medication so she doesn't feel pain. No one here can give you medical advice.

I hope she can pass away in peace surrounded by the people she loves.

Sorry to hear about grandma. If she is in the hospital and she will for sure not make it--ask that she be sedated and have morphine. My husband recently died of infections stemming from chemotherapy to treat liver cancer, which started 6 years ago as pancreatic cancer. He lived in a lot of pain from various treatments but he was a tough son of a gun. Sweet as could be but that man took a lot of abuse. In the end, when the doctors said that terrible sentence (It's time to make him comfortable), I simply asked that his morphine be increased, the medicines that kept his blood pressure up be stopped and we let him go. This allowed him to go peacefuly, though he was awake despite the large doses of morphine!! It was very difficult to do this but there was no hope for him and we didn't want to see him suffer any more. Good luck with grandma, and make sure you tell her what's going on, no lies, no sugar coated stories.

Morphine is administrated to cancer patient in order to reduce pain. Try morphine, but only a doctor can administer it. God bless your Granny.

You need to talk to the oncology team. Her pain can be very well controlled with medication. There is no reason anymore for people dying with cancer to suffer terribly.

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