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sara w
Is it worth having chemotherapy has well as radiotherapy if the breast cancer hasn't spread to the lympth node

Kelley E
Absolutely not!

Don't do either. Radiation causes cancer, so if you didn't have metasteses before, you could develop it. The radiation is strong enough to break your ribs. Does that sound safe to you?

Chemo is a deadly farce for solid tumors. Research demonstrates that it is only useful in about 2% of the cases where it was used. It kills a far higher percentage of its victims than that.

I cured myself of Stage 4 cancer in two weeks. That was nine years ago.

Since then, researchers at UCLA confirmed the method I used when they shrank tumors 80% with hot peppers.

I used freshly grated habeneros peppers, freshly grated garlic on bread smothered in butter. I also took a tablespoon of mint flavored emulsified cod liver oil each day.

If I'd been losing weight or experiencing fluid retention, I would have used evening primrose oil in place of the cod liver oil.

Good luck and be well.


Keep your immune system healthy during this time. but herbal products that strengthen the system. Also look into H202 therapy, it might be worth it. i am currently on it for an STD

ask a doctor.

ask your doctor but i don't think you can actually do both at the same time cuz isn't it too dangerous that way.. dunno if ur body will hold up..

yes it could prevent the spreading or even slow it down...good luck.

follow the advice from your support nurse

joe j
YES!!!!!!!!! There is always the chance of microscopic cells being left behind.By all means,please has the chemo and radiation even if the surgeon says he got it all.

YES! I had a friend who had ovarian cancer. When she got the tumor removed she didn't do chemo since it didn't spread. Months later it came back worse. She said she wished she would had done chemo the first time to catch it early.

jackie m
long time ago when a friend had cancer they told her that if chemo doesn't work then they try radiotherapy as that is much stronger but I would think they wouldn't give you both. Ask the doctors, good luck.

Yes yes and yes again - best of luck

I was diagnosed with Stage IIb breast cancer in November 2006. I asked that question about chemo. There is a test that your oncologist can do to find out how effective chemo will be on your cancer - it's called the Onco-type Assay. It was determined that if I had chemo treatment, that it would only give me a 2% cure rate compared to having a mastectomy (which I had last March 2007) which would gave me a 90% cure rate. If you're unsure about what your doctor is telling you - seek a second opinion. Most doctors welcome second opinions and most insurance companies also recommend it when making those decisions.

Good luck!

Yes, without a doubt. Both chemo and radiotherapy work in totally different ways and do different things to remove the cancer cells so to give yourself the best chance of cure, and reduce chances of recurrance, then have both.

I think your dr will tell you whats best

This is far to important a question to ask on here, it depends on the individual as no two cases are the same and you should discuss and ask all the questions you need to ask with your Consultant and Breast Care Specialist Nurse. They will guide you to a decision that is right for you, but the choice must be yours once in full posession of the facts you need.

I think you can do both but to be absolutly certain it is worth asking you GP. At work, we do an operation for women who have had cancer in the breast, and to check to make sure that there are no cells in the nodes, a node is taken and sent to the lab and looked at under the microscope then the results sent to the consultant who tells the patient.
Whether this kind of operation would be appropriate for yourself is another matter for you to discuss with your GP.

I hope this will be OK for you.

It your personal choice, read about the side effects of chemo & radiation. Check out alternative medicine also.

yes it is! even if they removed the cancer or breast then the chemo and radiation hopefully will kill even the smalled cell that could redevelop and spread.

This is a desicion you and your dr have to make. I don't know the specifics of your diagnosis. I was diagnosed with IDC Breast cancer when I was 19. I was estrogen negative and no lymph nodes. I had a liumpectomy and 6 weeks of radiation. I am now 3 year cancer free. Again, each persons situation is diffrent. You need to work closly with your dr. Also, know that dr's are not always 100% right. This is your life an dyou have to live it. If they are telling you something and it doesn't quiet seem right, reasearch it. My first dr told me my breast lump was not cancer, my secons dr did a biopsy of the lump, determined it WAS cancer, but since he took it all he didn't feel the need for follow up treatmnet. 6 months later the cancer was back. FINALLY, my third dr took my health as seriously as I do.

Kathleen H
This is Kathleen. I would advise you to talk with your doctor. Ask these questions and don't stop asking until you're completely satisfied with the answers and you understand.

Do what your oncologist recommends. Some cancer cells might spread by blood and miss nodes.

Cancer is deceptive because it can be microscopic. Those microscopic malignant cells have the ability to lay dormant for an undetermined amount of time. Thus, there is no guarantee that all malignant cells have been removed. It only takes one that has escaped to start the whole process all over again, in fact, that is often what will happen . . that is why 'adjuvant' chemotherapy and radiotherapy are offered. Chemotherapy has the ability to go into the blood stream and kill tiny microscopic cancer cells . . that is it's purpose among other things. Radiation can kill microscopic cells that are left in the primary tumor location. Consider this . . you have no way of knowing and no one else does if the breast cancer has spread to the lymph node or not. You won't know unless you have a relapse and that could happen next week or five years from now. No guarantees at all. So, it is best when making a decision about further treatment to keep in mind that no one knows if all the cancer is totally gone or not. Everyone hopes its gone . . but there is no way of knowing. Do not underestimate cancer.

If your surgeons advise it then it is necessary. They will know exactly what is needed and the best way of treating the particular cancer that has been diagnosed. I had kidney cancer and in the end did not need either radio or chemo because the cancer had not reached the lymph nodes. My friend who had breast cancer had both. She is doing fine with no recurrence and so am I. So be guided by whatever they tell you. I wish you all the luck in the world. God Bless

Not necessarily. I had both, but my cancer had spread to 13 lymph nodes. From what you say I'm guessing you have been told it's your choice, rather than actually advised to have it.Has your oncologist given you any statistics, told you by what percentage your 10 year survival stats are likely to be improved by chemotherapy? Personally I would think that a 1 or 2 per cent possible improvement is not worth putting your body through the rigours of chemotherapy for; someone else might feel a scattergun, belt and braces approach of chucking everything at the cancer made them feel safer.

Ask your oncologist, your breast care nurse, your GP, any medical professional you have dealings with, this question: 'If you were in my position, would you have chemotherapy? If your mother, your wife, your daughter were in my position, would you advise them to have chemo?'

When I was first diagnosed I asked them all if they would have chemo if they had cancer; every single one said 'i don't know'. Then one oncologist said 'I don't know, but if I was in your position I would and if my mum was in your position I would urge her to have it.'. That's what decided me; I had really been against having it till then, even though I was strongly advised to.

Not all people who have breast cancer have chemo. It isn't the answer to everything. There are even cancer specialists who believe it is not appropriate treatment for breast cancer.

Find out as much information as you can about YOUR cancer; ask to see your pathology report if you haven't already. The more information you have, the better placed you are to make a decision.

There are no guarantees; my prognosis was poor and I'm here and well (as far as I know) almost four years later.

Go to http://www.breastcancercare.org.uk or http://www.breastcancer.org for advice and information, as well as the chance to talk to other people in exactly your situation.

Best wishes and good luck with your decision and your treatment

You will have a better outcome if you do. You can't be certain it has not spread unless the lymph node is removed and tested. I know, I had 11 removed and each one tested. I had chemo and radiation. It's a year out of your life. But at the end you'll have a life. I have 5 yrs in remission.

[email protected]

yes,good luck

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