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Is it possible for a 13 year old to get breast cancer?
I sometimes have lumps in my breasts and sometimes its all hard. I am super worried and sometimes only my left breast hurts.

Yes it is possible.......so have her checked immediately....

micheal h
i do

I would see your GP straight away!!

Good Luck.

max greens drop dead gorgeous
it mite just be like the tissue or watev talk to ur mom or go to the doctor ad hell tell ya

That's what breats feel like when they are developing - its nothing to worry about.

get it checked out by a doctor its the only way to be sure

It has been known but before you start getting really panicky it is highly unlikely.

It is probably just hormonal changes in your body. breasts do tend to feel lumpy which is why they need checking regularly for new lumps.

If you are still worried either speak to your mum, go see your doctor or talk to a female teacher at school. It might be a bit embarrassing but you will feel so much more relieved when you are reassured everything is fine.

lilian c
probably hormone changes , but go to the doctor anyway

Hi don't worry Its just your breasts growing and changing ,
I know It hurts like mad and u wonder whats going on talk to your Mum she will tell u why or get a book out

it is highly unlikely for a 13 year old to get breast cancer.
there has not been one reported case of breast cancer at such young age yet.
since yr breasts are growing right now.....lumps are quiet normal
however, if u feel truly concerned, u should talk to a responsible adult and see a doctor.

its just prob growing pain but tell you parent now so you can get a check up i was 21 when i got mine and told my mum i had it removed and it turned out to be ok so tell ya parents now

It is highly unlikely to get breast cancer at your age. Your body is growing and changing and this is quite normal. Especially if you notice they are more sore just before your period. They only other issue that could make them hurt and be sore is pregnancy.

Its quite common for a growing girl to get lumps and bumps as she heading towards puberty, its the hormones.
Dont worry but visit the docs anyway, there is something like a 1 in 100000 chance of you getting breast cancer!


I hope by now you will have been to yr gp. After a professional telling me my lump was nothing to worry about and 4 months later being told it was an invassive cancer I would not be as cruel to say its nothing - BUT cancerous lumps don't usualy hurt. At 13 your body is going thro all sorts of huge changes and at dif times in the month your breasts can feel dif. Hence check them at the sametime in yr monthly cycle. Please get it checked.-it will def stop the worry.

- - - -
Oh, no, I don't think so. Hope this helps: when I was your age, I was worried as you are now, I went to the specialist, and he said "when it hurts, it's just not because of a cancer but only some type of disease called displasia , sorry, I'm argentine -perhaps I should say breast displasia, in Spanish we say Displasia mamaria, and it really hurts. But it's not a bad hurt.

I'll add this: the doctor said: normally breast cancer doesn't hurt

A 13yr old could, but it is highly uncommon. I think what you have is called "lumpy breasts". Cut back on your caffeine intake, you will find your breasts won't ache, and the lumpiness will go away. I had this when I was in my early twenties, eliminating my habit of lots of Pepsi, and coffee in the morning, helped fix things. Good luck, don't worry, you're okay. Also, your hormones are changing alot right now, if you haven't had your period yet, it is likely on the way. Your breasts will feel tender,sore most every month, right before your period. Even up in your arm pits, you have glands there that are regulated by hormones.

I clearly remember being 13 and lying in the bath and worrying that the hard lumps in my breasts were cancer.

They weren't, of course. Breasts are often just a bit hard a lumpy while they're developing.

But PLEASE, if you're worried, go and see your GP.

He/she is getting paid £100,000 a year, so get your money's worth!

Best possible thing to do is see a doctor.

Also remember these two things:
1. Caffiene can cause breast pain and soreness.
2. Try using deodorant only. Anti-persperant has been known to cause pain in the breast, and some theories say it causes breast cancer. It's more likely for women, because we shave our underarms and it seeps into small cuts which can at the very least be harmful to your breast health.

Hope this helps.

Although its highly unlikely, you should get checked over by your doctor.

Bear in mind that youre only 13 years old - your body is still growing and changing - laying down fat and such. Your breasts will be growing too, so please dont worry too much.

It's good to see that youre taking note of anything that doesnt feel or look right though.

Again, go and see your doctor, they'll have a feel at it (because youre under 16 another adult will have to be present in the room while this happens)

It could be nothing or it could be a cyst, a blockage or even just a small deposit of fat.

Good Luck!!! :)

It may just be because you're breast's are still developing , it could just be fatty tissue, if you are really worried go to see you're doctor. Good Luck.

It's possible BUT very unlikely.

As someone else has said you're breasts are still developing and growing so there will be some pain and discomfort.

If you are at all worried talk to your mum or other adult and go to see your doctor, just for reassurances.

Also congrats for being breast aware, who knows, later on it could save your life.

anythings possible at any age...but highly unlikely.

my eldest daughter is 13, and has a 34dd bust....she as has lump and bumps and they can sometimes be very painful....please dont worry, as I was told by the doctor, it is perfectly normal....do go to your docs with your mum/a responsible adult to put your mind at rest, but it is very common to experience this as you are growing...good luck hun x

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