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 How do you tell your child you're going to die of cancer?
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 What do you think is the cause of cancer? Just opinion, not a scientific explanation.?
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 Do you ever think there will be a cure for cancer?
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 Jade question...??????????
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then it goes on to say when she has a few hours before she dies ...

 Terminally Ill? Should we have the right to die?
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 Why Is Smoking Marijuana Considered Medical For Cancer Patients If Marijuana can Cause Cancer Too?
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 Cancer Question?
If no one in your family on your mom or dad side has never had cancer could you still get it?...

 Has anyone gone through this?
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 there's a small hump in backside of head,near neck ,will it be cancer?
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 Cancer- partner refusing treatment?
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 HOW COME THERE ISN'T A CURE TO CANCER, asked my 12 year old son...?

 How were you told you have cancer?
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 Facts about the brain!!?
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facts about the brain need help if it is good i will give you best ...

 Could this lump in my neck be cancer? I'm only 13.?
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My Dad had cancer and his ...

 Is this a sign of Cancer or something else?
My girl friend has told me about mysterious bruises on her legs, thighs and calves. i asked her if she bruises easy and she dont and she said they dont hurt. im kinda worried that it could be ...

 im 33w pregnant and my dad has been getting radiation treatment for brain cancer..?
is it safe to be around him? someone told me that i should be careful since im pregnant..but it doesnt really make much sense. im not the one getting the treatments he is. im just curious if it could ...

 Do mp3s give you the same tumors cellphones do?

 My mom has died of cancer and I'm 15, will this pain heal?
I saw her last breath and was holding her hand, I said all I needed to say. But I have this empty feeling and I cry anytime I know she should be where I am. This empty feeling is the worse feeling in ...

Is it OK to deliver dead flowers to a Cancer Ward?
ASDA flowers did this to my Mum. They refuse to refund. Only £27 so small claims court seems out of the question. How can I make this public so that they will be embarrassed into paying me back?

Get yourself a Placard and stand outside the Store with it ,i Guarantee within the Hour your Money and some Goodies will be on the way to you ,

In Canada we have TV shows like CBC Market place. Check it out at; www.cbc.ca. Your use of of the pound symbol tells me you are from England. Check with your BBC and see if they have any consumer protection shows. Ask them to do a story.
No better bad PR than the national kind!

This is horrible!!! Why would they do such a terrible thing, and to someone who is ill and in the hospital? Delivering fresh floral arrangements is the one thing that florists do to create a good name for themselves, not to mention to keep their customers happy! You should report this florist to the Better Business Bureau in the city where they do business. You can also call your local television station and find out if there is someone who does segments on individuals in the community who feel they have been unfairly treated by a business and maybe they'll spotlight your story and this terrible florist. I'm so sorry this happened to you and your mother. Good luck with getting some attention drawn to the way you were treated and all the best to your mother!

get your local newspaper to print story

Go to your local paper and talk to a reporter there and see if he will do a story on it....Call a new station in your area if they don't take the story at the paper. Make sure you contact the BBB - Better Business Bureau in your area or what ever it would be called to black list their name for others to know they are horrible....

-- good luck --
I am sorry this happened to her that is horrible!

go to your local news paper , if they publish the story Asda will soon pay up

It's not OK to deliver dead flowers per se.
You just have made it public.
BTW, ASDA is normally very good at giving refunds when a legitimate complaint, such as the one you have here, is brought to its attention. I guess it's just a matter of proving the complaint is legitimate to ASDA - which sometimes is awkward and difficult to do.

I'm so sorry about your mom.
Does your local news channel do stories like these? Call em, business' don't like bad press.

If you can find a bulletin board at the hospital, you could also put up a sign asking people to please not order from this place and why.

Call other florists in the area and tell them what happened and ask what you can do.

Get the word out, places like this need to be held accountable.

Chrissie R
Report it to the local newspapers and write a letter to Asda complaining. When you complain in writing, they normally give you what you want. Let them know that it was extremely unacceptable and that it has caused upset.

Write to:
Customer Complaint Department
ASDA Headquarters
Great Wilson Street
SE3 032

Good luck hun x

I'd get right on to your local newspaper ASAP, let Adsa know what you're doing. This is completely unacceptable, whether to a cancer patient or a new mother, whatever the reason for sending them, you've given them your money and would like, in return, a product that is what you've asked for. You can also tell Asda that you will be writing to trading standards, you can always call them too! Oh, things like this make me really cross. Give 'em a good fight! Good luck :)

Julie L
Tell everyone you know what happened. It will hurt them more than getting a refund if they lose more business over it.

Take your story to the local news and make sure you make it clear how incredulous, irresponsible, and unsympathetic that company is towards people who have cancer.

Kimmie Craig
tell your local newspaper

Useless with computers
Call this number; 0845 300 1111 to speak to ASDA customer service and log an officia l complaint. Tell them you're going to the paper with this if they don't give you a refund (for the flowers and the price of the call) and a written apology. Then demand to know what they intend to do about training their people so this never happens again.

Asda are terrified of bad press. Their customer servie dept will bend over backwards to help you. :) They're open for the next hour - call them and let us know how it went!

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