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 Ok I need serious hlep please.I'm 17 and I think I might have breast cancer.?
I found a lump in my right breast and I'm freaking out. Is there a quick way to find out if it's cancer without freaking out my parents?
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I just moved to a ...

 Please help me! I am scared of having my cervical cancer jab!?
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 say you've just been diagnosed with a terminal illnes, what would you do?
ok, say one day you don't feel so good, you black out, and when you wake up you're in a hospital and everyone is looking really serious. then a doctor tells you that xou have a teminal ...

 I had Melanoma, people say it wasnt "real" cancer?
when i was 26yrs old i got diagnosed with stage 2 melanoma. i am free and clear now (over 2 yrs ago). when i say I had melanoma alot of people acta nd/or say it isnt "real cancer" like ...

 Hospice : Are you familiar with it?
My mother has cancer and has been put on hospice. I've been told that once on hospice, the 'end' must be close. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks....

 my mother has 4th stage breasr cancer it spreaded to the liver and bones is it cureable?
she is in pain all the time the doctor has her on morphine patches thats all so i wont to know there nothing they can do but make her ...

 ok my dad past away this summer and i have had some dreams of me geting cancer? What does this Mean? ?
ok in my dream the doctor said i had lung cancer and i will die. i was put threw Kemo in my dream the needles and dye and everything. i was so scary. What can this mean?...

 Hair getting white very early age. Any medicine/therapy/advise to keek that black?

 Does anybody know a person who has cancer or died of cancer?
My mother was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer two years ago. She died on February 11,2009. I know she is not suffering anymore and is resting in peace but I miss her so much. She was only 49 ...

 my boyfriend lied about having cancer?
ok i had dated him for 3 months. it was december wen we started dating and during the beginning of the relationship he told me he had throat cancer and he was going for chemo. he was back at school ...

 HELP IM GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
srry about the "help im gonna die" it was just so ppl would actually read this!..okay so i have the stomach flu and i cant eat/drink anything besides chicken noodle soup.i would be willing ...

 Does it bother you when you are asked are told"You don't act like a cancer patient"?
I have been told that i don't act like i have cancer and i know others who have been told the same thing. I was wondering if that has ever happened to you, and if so, how does that make you feel?...

 My dad's brother and sister both died of lung cancer in their 20's. will i get it?

Additional Details
my dad is 62 & smokes like a chimney. he has never had cancer. i am 17 and i don't smoke, never ...

 does 'kills 99.99%' really mean kills 100%?
hey guys

so i asked my mum today why hand sanitizers only kill 99.99% of bacteria. and she said, the most likely do kill 100% but they say 99.99% so if it dosent work for one person, they ...

 What are the causes of Lung Cancer?

 Went for a smear test and worried about the nurse's comments ?
She said i was looking red around the cervix and wasnt sure why. I dont get the results for 4 weeks but cant work out if this is a symptom of something serious....

 my dad has terminal cancer and this will most likely be his last fathers day. what should I get him?
im having a hard time trying to pick the perfect gift, i want to get him something that shows him I love him and that he means alot to me. have any suggestions?...

 Desperate to find an antiperspirant deo that doesn't contain...?
... 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol (also known as Bronopol) and also doesn't contain Aluminium. Anyone able to help?...

 This question is for anyone with cancer or has had cancer:?
What is a donation or something that has been done for you that has helped, or what would have helped you?...

 How can it be that there is no cure for Cancer YET?
I mean, one that doesn't also kill the patient.
Additional Details
Is it so hard to believe that there IS a cure and that it's being kept secret?...

Brendan W
Is cannabis just as likely to cause lung cancer as cigarettes?

Regular Joe
Well, I have heard that it isn't as dangerous because you don't smoke as much pot as you do tobacco.

Se√°n O
Actually the answer is no. There is no tar or nicotine in cannabis. As a rule it hasn't been genetically modified to develop addiction.

The down side is in some environments its laced with other drugs (e.g. LSD) to make it more potent and develop addiction. Also in the Netherlands it's been selectively developed to increase the THC levels and its a lot more powerful than the drug that was decriminalized.

For the record - I don't consume the stuff.

Cannabis has far more hidden dangers then simple lung cancer. Google US troops and cannabis viet nam. users have had some terrible OPs to simply stay alive.
Cannabis is the start to even greater danger to follow.

The jury is out on this one. Some studies indicate no more dangersous than cigs, others say more. The first indicates that cannabis alone is not likely to cause it, a combination of both is certainly great risk. Google for yorself and read all articles. I wouldn't necessarily trust the NORML websites, they have their own agenda.

It does, it has similar toxins like the cigarettes, which causes cancer.

Kilted One
depends on how you use it.

If you mix it with a cigarettes and smoke it then yes because you are removing the filter. If you eat it or smoke it using a pipe or bong then I don't see how if could.

yes, you are still using tobacco in your spliff and you are removing the tip and replacing with a piece of rolled up cardboard...your probably increasing your chance aswell.

It has a higher chance because it has a higher tar content than do cigarettes.

yes for sure.

I've read several reports that say it does and just as many saying it doesn't if it's smoked. A recent American study claiming it didn't was apparently suppressed by the Government.
If you use it with tobacco then you'll be at the same risk as anyone smoking the same amount of cigarettes because it's not the nicotine that causes cancer but all the chemicals tobacco contains.
It's actually safer apparently to smoke Turkish tobacco, it has been dried naturally and doesn't have the same chemicals added to it.
There was a study done where the users 'ate' the cannabis and it showed no increase in those and when fed to mice less animals got cancer than the control group.
Makes you wonder who is really telling the truth? and what their agenda might be?
Personally I've used it on and off for 30 years, my hubby has never touched it. We both smoke but only one of us has cancer and it isn't me!

Misty Blue
Yep and if it doesn't get you there's always the raised risk of schizophrenia.

Probably, but the mental effects are what would worry me the most not to mention the cost!

Peter O
more so because pot heads hold the puff in longer to get the most of the the cannabis


Zara W
yes,just stay away!!


**No, cannabis does not cause cancer.**

The widely believed myth is that the amount of tar in marijuana will give the marijuana smoker cancer. But there is more than one chemical at work, not just the tar...

Donald Tashkin (of UCLA) a pulmonologist who has studied marijuana for 30 years, has discovered that another chemical in marijuana, THC actually kills off aging cells, and as a result, prevents the aging cells from becoming cancerous. So while a marijuana smoker is in fact inhaling tar, the smoker is also inhaling THC, which is found to have a potentially protective effect.

On the other hand, tobacco cigarettes contain tar, arsenic, formaldehyde, and many other chemicals known to cause cancer. So when a tobacco cigarette smoker inhales, they are introducing a variety of chemicals into their body, all of which have been proven to damage the body and cause cancer,

So, the way I look at it, smoking cannabis balances the harmful chemicals, with non-harmful chemicals, leaving no statistical evidence that marijuana causes cancer.

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