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 What do you think causes Cancer?
Over Eating
Little sleep
Poisoning our bodies with medication
over working
over sun exposure
Over exercising

 If U lost Ur hair for medical reasons would U shave Ur head, wear a scarf or wear a wig? (Females Only)?

 Would you take chemotherapy to try to keep cancer from returning?
If all the cancer was removed but the doctor said your chances of it returning at some point were 40% or higher, and all the treatments were experimental, would you take chemo, knowing it would ...

 my g-pa died of lung cancer, will i?
i know this is wierd but my grandfather died at 57 b/c of cigarettes, he had lung cancer, and i smoke just like he did, does that mean i will die?...


 Pregnant and just diagnosed with cancer?
I am currently 7 months pregnant and just recently ws diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. I begin the staging process this Friday but they can only do an MRI since thats safest for the baby. If i am ...

 What do I do now?
Hi my name is Maria. My Uncle that just turned 30 on the third of this month passed away at 5 a.m. this morning. He had Hodgkin's Lymphoma and Multiple Myeloma. Could someone just tell me what ...

 When do you think my grampa will die..?
My grampa is 77 and hes a chain smoker..and he has lukemia how long do you think he has til it gets really bad that he has to be in a hospital or until he dies..?? please tell me even if its ...

 i have cancer and don't know who to leave my millions of dollars with?
my family uses me for money and i don't want to donate it because the people they give it to just sit on there butt and don't try to work. its not hard.. i did it and I invested in the ...

 Should I smoke ONE cigarette?
I'm fourteen-years-old and I'm really curious to find out what it's like to smoke, but just ONE time. However, I'm afraid of getting addicted. What should I do?
Additional D...

 My dad has cancer and im really struggling to cope, can anyone offer help?
im just hoping somone can offer me a bit of help (someone who have gone threw the same thing) this is the first time ive spoke about it or asked for help. im 31 years old and just had my first ...

 Where physically on my body does gallbladder pain occur?

 shortest time known of someone getting cancer from smokeless tobacco?
I am just wondering what is the shortest time known of when someone first started using smokeless tobacco and they then got cancer from it. I used it for 7 months and i know its not a long time ( ...

 I smoke 60 cigs a day will i be ok?
I started when i was 13 getting people to buy them for me smoking 5 a day gradually i have increased to 50-60 a day i smoke one every like 10 mins and wear patches at night so i can sleep so i can ...

 i laugh at lung cancer, i smoked now fer the past 6 years, nothing happened yet, im not going to get?
lung cancer, and by the way im 19...

 I can sue the company I worked for if I found out that I was using chemicals known to cause cancer?
I have been working with a certain product that goes on wood for months and finally quit because I found out the stuff we use is known to the state of California to cause cancer. No one ever told me ...

 What do i do im 17 with cancer?
im 17 years old and ive just been told i have cancer(there is nothing the can do im to far along). I don't want to tell anybody because i don't what them to treat me differently.


 Can Cancer go away or is it there permanently?
If so, How exactly? Does it usually go away with treatment? Do most people die from it or do more survive?...

 i smoke 4 cigaretts a day is it good or bad?????????
im 18 years old and i recently started smoking. i smoke about 3-4 cigaretts a day or sometimes 2 or sometimes no cigaretts at all. so is it gonna harm me or no???????? is it gonna affect my height or ...

 Why are most of us afraid of cancer?

Is cancer curable...............?

Yes...but you have to die first.

big whytey
no we all have it

Tom Botts
it can be surgically removed if its not malignant. unfortunately there is no cure, But an scientist has found a way to stop the cells but it only works in about 10%. Chemotherapy is also used to kill cancer cells but its bad for other cells as well.

Some cancers are. Leukaemia can be cured in some children
There is a horrible cancer of pregnant women which used to be totally fatal and it killed very fast, called choriocarcinoma, but it can be cured now. It is very very rare, so don't worry about it, will you.
Some can just be cut out without recurring.

Cottage Cheese and Flax Oil Cures Cancer!


Also prayer to Jesus heals!

Its maintainable. No cure as yet.

if found early enough then most can be treated with good prospects , but not all unfortunatly

Prophet 1102
Some are - but most aren't.

Those that are - are usually done by removing all of the cancerous tissue.

Its preventable to some degree, healthy lifestyle, not smoking, drinking too much, eating properly, exercising. Its not curable yet but its no longer the death sentence it once was for some types though.

Mark J
some cancers are curable, some are not

cancer is an all encompassing term, there are lots of variants of cancers, some are aggresive (read hard to treat hard to cure, some are not.

a lot depends on how early your cancer is detected, the earlier the better.

if the cancer is left to grow, it can metastasise, read spread to other areas and that can make it virtually impossible to cure.

cancer recovery rates also have a lot to do with human spirit, and if the person is prepared to fight

Cσηνєяѕє Cяαzу ☂
If it's caught early, yes.

Asking "is cancer curable?" is a bit like asking "is injury curable?"...the answer, of course, is "it depends". It depends on the kind of cancer and its stage. The good news is that many cancers now are "curable", or are at least manageable to the extent that a cancer diagnosis is not the death sentence it was just a few decades ago...

right now some are.but there are treatments that can cure a lot more types than is known to the general public.medication and health care industry don't really like cures,they would rather have treatments and a life long dependency on there drugs and care.almost every ailment is caused by a genetic disorder,the abnormal information in the dna that makes cells go nuts,its like the cells are trying to create a completely different kind of life form,all living things have several things in common.just like people and animals.it needs oxygen ,water ,food (or fuel source) and has to get rid of its own waste.why they don't find out what those waste products are and what type cells that go rough and produce that particular wast is a mystery to me.but white blood cells can kill almost any abnormal cell it detects,why haven't they developed a white blood cell that is modified to attack a cell that produces the wast that normal cells don't is beyond my reasoning.its like this.if you find scat from a lion then you know not to send a beagle dog out to kill it.you send those dogs that naturlly like killing lions (charpay) i think is the name.i know some fool will find an over all trait cancer cells have in common and will develop a cure(if it hasen't been discovered yeat)that will be a cure all for all cancers.but it would raise hell with the medical pharmaceuticalle industry.the same cure principles could be used to stimulate the growth of new cells where they are needed,such as lung or heart cells.repairing damages done to any other organ could be simple as a few stimulation shots to prod the process.but there wouldnt be a lot of money in it for the health industry and also insurance companys.so we are stifeled by the greed of a few to deprive the many.its the same old story that applyes to almost all the problems humanity has.

internet and collect data of cancer patients and treatments followed through out the world, to come to a conclusion about the validity of various methods
-Nearby our city there are 2 medical colleges ,the HOD being research oriented, do you think it is impossible to find cure
-The answerer ‘big whitey’ might have written for joke ,I do not feel that he has any medical knowledge ,while reading his question and answers, but do you know ,peculiarly ,his answer has a great truth in it. His answer is not 100% correct because those cells are not 100% cancerous but they are on the verge to become cancerous (say 90% cancerous) Such cells ,many people will have. Study of his joke/wrong answer may lead to cure to cancer
-You or your friends who are interested can write e mails to me through this section by clicking my profile

It entirely depends on the type, if it is spread and what stage the cancer is at. Also some peoples bodies don't take well to the treatments so the treatments don't work. Some peoples cancer goes and they recover well but some the treatment won't work so they cannot cure it and some people get rid of it but it returns. It's really sad, hopefully they will find a cure.

Beyond brainwashing
Please do not be like the rest of the poor brainwashed soles on here.

Cancer cures are repressed and closed down by governments because they are a threat to the pharmaceutical company's, as cancer is the biggest money making racket after oil. If people became healthy the multi billion pound pharmaceutical industry would go bust.

The same people who control the pharmaceutical business also control the media which is programmed to label cures as quack remades or dangerous. There are incidents of people with cures being killed or dying in mysterious incidents.

Think about it, in the 1960's they had the technology to supposedly land three men on the moon and return them without a scratch. Yet with over a hundred years of cancer research, thousands of scientists working round the clock, billions of funding and they haven't found a cure yet?????????????????????????????????????… right, people are so gullible.

The medical industry want you sick, there is no money to be made if we are well.

WATCH one of the many cancer cures out there
(Cancer Cure)

This is a trick question . . there are over 200 different types of cancer . . some are slow growing, some are fast and aggressive . . all cancers are treatable and many are cured by that treatment. To understand better you should realize that cancer is a progressive disease which means it starts microscopically in the cells and starts to grow . . the cancer or tumor will grow indefinitely unless treated. So it stands to reason that the earlier the cancer is discovered and treated the more likely the patient will survive and be 'cured by treatment.'

The problem is that cancer can co-exist inside the body until it is quite large . . it than has the ability to metastasize and send out thousands of malignant cells into the blood stream or lymphatic system and travel all through the body. That is stage IV disease and that is when cancer becomes extremely difficult to 'cure' . . again treatment may eventually lead to the individual being 'cured' even at stage IV .. but it is very difficult and many patients die.

So, when you talk about cancer being 'curable' . . it is tricky because there is not one single treatment or protocol that can be followed that will lead to a cure for the disease . .instead the treatments are complicated, long, and toxic to the patient . . and not all types of cancer have effective treatments, especially the cancers that are aggressive.

Is cancer curable .. . currently with some types of cancer .. low grade and low stage a patient can be cured by early treatment. The earlier the stage and the earlier the treatment . . the better chance for survival.
The later the stage, the more aggressive the cancer .. the less chance for survival.

Paola R
Some kinds of cancer are curable, but even they depend on how far the cancer has spread and other factors.

Chemo is used to kill cancer cells and shrink cancerous tumors before removal by surgery, and sometimes it will eliminate the tumor altogether.

Depends upon what stage it is and where it is.

Yes. Certain types of cancer have better cure rates than others. It also depends on how far the cancer has progressed.

Some cancers are curable through surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy.

There's no guaranteed cure for any cancer.

The problem with finding a cure is that cancer is not a single disease, it's an umbrella term for over 200 different diseases. The difficulty with finding a cure is that different cancers are caused by different things, so no one strategy can prevent them They all respond to different treatments so no one treatment can cure them, so there isn't a magic bullet that cures all cancers and there never will be.

But quite a few cancers can already be cured: seven out of ten children are cured of cancer; testicular cancer, Hodgkin's disease, and many cases of leukaemia can all be cured in adults with chemotherapy, most skin cancers are cured with surgery and many cases of thyroid cancer and cancer of the larynx are cured with radiotherapy.

Many other types of cancer are also cured if they are found early enough

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