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Is cancer actualy curable?

Honestly, I don't think so.

if so my sister would still be here, so no

some people believe that it can be cured through diet, professer jane plant believes she cured herself of terminal cancer through changes in her diet six years after doctors gave her three months to live she wrote a book called your life in your hands its worth a try int it

richard g
in my view once you have no chance


depends on the stage but a lot are and a lot arent.
cancer is inevititable for most of us so beware.
p.s. somebody try and get cancer research and NCI to pull their fingers out and find some cures ITS BEEN NEARLY 50 YEAR SINCE RESEARCH STARTED!!!!.

Some types of cancers are. If you have a small tumor try to get it removed but if it's too large then that won't work.


Actually, Cancer is controlled like diabetes, or other diseases, you can live if cancer is controlled have a great quality of life if you follow the treatment and directions of your Doctor, for example changing the way you live, right diet plan, exercises, kind of life, etc. there are a lot of information to live a better life in teh internet. about everyu topic. Good luck on your research, I hope you find what you are looking for.

It all depends... type, length of time age of person, treatment, and even outlook on life of the patient.
My grandad had lung cancer and after being diagnose with it, he lasted 20 years without any treatment!!! As daft as it sounds, he wanted to live life to the full under his own terms. Ironically, he died of a heart attack.

Matt M
The mistake most of the people answering this question is to assume that "cancer" is one disease. It isn't - it's a biological process that results in cells dividing unchecked, but there are many different genetic and/or environmental causes.

The process can involve many different types of cells, in many locations around the body and each has a different prognosis, in different people. For example, testicular cancer generally responds well to chemo and radiotherapy, whereas lung cancer does not.

Yes , if u r lucky or otherwise not.
Dont screw ur head.
Be Informative & had the good selection of doctors.
Be Positive
Be Positive
Be Positive
Be Positive

Not at the moment. Some types of Cancer are eradicated from our bodies via medical treatment, but there are many theories on pathology of cancer and different methods of treating different cancerous out-growths.

No, cancer cannot currently be cured like the common cold. It must be removed or the cells affected must be eradicated. Millions of dollars are spent every year on cancer research.

On the other hand, I had cancer -- Chondrosarcoma -- when I was 23. I am now 37. Chondrosarcoma usually effects cartilage and connective tissue. My tumor was inside my right femur (thigh bone) where the bone marrow should have been. It caused a weak place in the "bone wall" and fractured, causing my awareness of a problem. I had surgery 4/17/93. The tumor was removed, and a bonding agent similar to the white resin fillings you receive at the dentist was filled in the tumor's place in the bone. This special filling heats up when it cures to kill any cancer cells that may have been left behind. A metal plate was affixed with several screws to the "window" that was cut in my bone. A metal pin was inserted through the "femoral neck" to strengthen it. I was given no chemo, no radiation.

So, you see, my cancer was removed -- NOT cured!

I was very lucky, and I thank God every day for blessing me with a knowledgeable, skilled surgeon! I live less than an hour’s drive from an MD Anderson Cancer Facility.

Some forms of cancer are more operable than others. It depends on where it goes and what parts of the body are involved. Some are completely "curable".

i had cancer when i was 7 years old iam now 29 , so yes it can be cured.
However like allot of people on here have said, it depends on the type of cancer, the extent of the cancer, your health, age, how long you have had the cancer before it was found.

There are many different treatments for cancer and the success rates have risen over the years due to the advancement in medical research and technology.

Some people respond well to treatments, others not so well.

steph j
I would say treatable and then with any luck it may clear. Would depend on the type of cancer and when it was first detected though.

I believe it can be, yes, if you are able to catch it in time to start treatment.

Thin Kaboudit
Yes, some forms are very curable.

I had cancer. I had surgery. I had chemo.

That was four years ago, and now I'm fine.

Yes some forms of cancer are curable


Tabbyfur aka patchy puss
Cancer is never cured but it can be controlled until it is dormant again. We all have the cells in our body and some develop cancer and some don't.

Yes and No.

It CAN be cured, but not necesarially removed. It may still be there just not making any affect on anything. It may be removed.

With current technology and intelligence, some cannot be cured.

it all depends on in what form it is and how quick you catch it

Im still living

i wouldnt say "curable", just that it goes into remission. i think that if i ever had cancer and someone told me that i had been cured, i would always have that fear in the back of my mind that i would come back.

Some people go through treatment and end up in remission without another reoccurence. So for some yes, for some no.

There are many forms of cancers from astrocytomas to lymphomas and some are curable, others are manageable, and others are intractable. Some cancers respond to chemotherapy and others require irradiation. Other cancers can be removed by excision or laser. One of the most difficult forms is in the blood, which is leukemia and doesn't repond very well to chemotherapy and irradiation causes a suppression of the bone marrow and leads to anemia. But almost daily new drugs are being developed that are changing things and soon we should have definite cures for all forms of cancer.

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