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 i keep thinking i have brain cancer?
i dont no y but i do iv had a headace for 5 days that just wont go away..im so scared i have brain cancer and alot of people in my family have died from many diffrient types of cancer im 15 and i ...

 why can't my mom drink fruit juice during chemotherapy but have fruits?
please please someone help.... my mom is undergoing chemotherapy for thyroid cancer and she is always throwing up, she looks really sad and she starts crying on very trivial matters. I am so ...

 Son is emberassed about having sunscreen applied on him at the beach?

So this is our time of month me, my 3 boys, and my sister and her 2 kids all go to Mexico for 2 weeks. We've been doing this for the past 5 years now. While we are at our hotel ...

 Is this dangerous??? Plz help...!?
Aout 4-5 days ago, i noticed a kind of bruise-like pain near my left hip bone. i checked it the next morning and found a fairly solid lump there. The pain goes down to the join between my leg and my ...

 Does the majority of people having breast cancer... die?
I just found out today that my mom has breast cancer. I cried to death knowing that my MOM had to be the ONLY person in my whole family (including relatives) that has breast cancer! My family is not ...

 Should someone with a brain tumor drive a car?

 Microwave oven & Plastic. Cooking in it causes cancer?
I received an email saying Johns Hopkins Institute put out a research paper.They say cooking in plastic containers in a microwave causes cancer. It may be a hoax. But I have always been suspicious of ...

 Can A 20 Year Old Get Lung Cancer?
i have this friend and he says that he has lung cancer and i am so scared for him. But he is only 20 years old and i thought it was impossible for somebody that young to get it. is it?!?! please help ...

 What is the worst type of cancer?
I've heard that liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, and blood cancers are the worst, but what do you think?

I'm really curious. I personally think that liver cancer is the worst. It&...

 breast cancer!?!?!??!?!?
im a 14 year old female and i know that its rare to get it young and i just want to know what it is. Under my right nipple there is a lump that feels like a marble and if i squeeze it then a clear ...

 can liver cancer be cured?
can liver cancer be cured?...

 Is it OK to deliver dead flowers to a Cancer Ward?
ASDA flowers did this to my Mum. They refuse to refund. Only ÂŁ27 so small claims court seems out of the question. How can I make this public so that they will be embarrassed into paying me back?...

 Should a person who has cancer be told?
Some families ask the doctor not to tell a parent or other relative that they have terminal cancer, or other serious illness. What do you think is the right thing to do?...

 Is cancer contagious?

 has anybody else got skin cancer i'm scared?

Additional Details
its BCC or something i only found out today i have to have it cut off if its receptive to treatment she also gave me a blood test for something or ...

 I'm 14 and I think I may have/be at risk for colon cancer??
Well my dad's dad died of Colon Cancer in March. He had a tumor the size of a soccer ball. MY dad probably has it because he's always constipated and he bleeds while on the toilet. Maybe ...

 chicks, when you're bald from chemo, wig? or hat? or no cover?
my dad says I look better in my baseball cap but I feel funny...
Additional Details
Hi numbsain, stace... numby, my dad had 4 boys. 2 girls and 4 boys!...

 I hv heard tht a cancer patient can't live more than 6-7 yrs after having chemotherapy...Is it right or wrong?
This question is regarding intestinal cancer...is it true that a person can't survive more than six to seven years after being treated through chemotherapy?I hope i'll get appropriate ...

 Im 13 do I have breast cancer?
I have a lump in my left one. It hurts a little like a bruise. I'm really scared, breast cancer doesn't run in my family. I heard it shouldn't be breast cancer because it feels like a ...

 i smoke at age 13.......is it dangerous?
so i had my first cigarette in september than i got so addicted to it i cant stop smoking.my parents dont know that i am doing it i just did it cause my friends where doing it so i thought it was ...

John Doe
Im 22 and dying of throat cancer I think its probably my fault. Its to late to be treated what should I do?
Im saying its my fault because i started drinking and using tobacco when i was 16. I quit dipping 8 months ago but it was to late a month after i quit i kept getting a sore throat. I went to a couple different doctors cause they kept tellin me its just a sore throat but it never went away. Im starting to get real weak and sick I havent told my family yet they ask me why im so depressed I just tell them cause I lost my job. Most of my close family all lives in a small community I live with my parents I want to tell them but dont know how. I used to have really good health. Im afraid they will be extremely dissapointed and shocked and they probably wont understand. I feel so bad because my dad has high blood pressure its not as high as it used to. Within the last year hes been able to control his BP and keep it down to normal. Im afraid to tell my family cause im afraid its gonna kill my dad if I break the news. He has his own business building houses with my uncle I feel so bad cause those houses are prob gon go unfinished 4 now cause of me. I feel so stupid and I feel like a screwup this is to young to die. Please give me some real answers ive asked people yesterday but I keep getting answers like quit joking or stuff like that im not. I feel really guilty bc I have a niece that is only 1 1/2 years old and im her sponsor. She is a cute little redhead she is my world and she wont be old enough to even rem me she will prob grow up hating me. I wish I could live so she knows how much i love her. Please help.
Additional Details
Im not a hypochondriac I really do have cancer I have been coughing up blood and ive been in alot of pain.

Kettra Amenth
I can only tell you to drink butter milk. Drink for seven days3-4 glasses a day.
I hope you don't smoke and no more drinking, right?
Nothing else comes to my mind, but to learn more and to shape up your immune system read this book:
God's Medicine Is Best by Linda Wise. (home remedies)
Hope this helps lol. Good Luck!

Ask Jesus to be your personal savior, to come into your heart and to guide your soul.

Rikki Paridy
Go to a doctor. I know a lot about cancers of the head and neck from personal experience. If you do have cancer it might be treatable with surgery or chemo. Doctor's will go full blast on you because of your age. If you need a good doctor and live in the mid west I'd suggest going to Indiana, I live here and the medical quality is great. Also, Indiana is where Lance Armstrong was treated.

I don't think drinking causes throat cancer. And you should go to a doctor to get diagnosed, it might not be cancer.

Have you been diagnosed?

You and your doctor should have discussed a treatment plan. That is the first thing to do. Good luck to you Ill pray for you.

What do you truly expect from us and what can be said that would help you?

What would you like to hear?

See an oncologist they will help you as much as they possibly can, but it seems you need to also speak to a psychologist because clearly you have problems.

What else can I say?

Nobody can speak the words that will take away your pain, this is the best advice you will get.

First you need to get a real diagnosis. The symptoms that you mentioned can be caused by a number of conditions not just cancer, and a few of the symptoms that you mentioned are not even caused by throat cancer.

Once you have an accurate diagnosis, you can decide what to do next. Usually your options are treatment or no treatment. If you choose treatment, then go thru it, do the best you can, and come out a winner. If you choose no treatment, then take the time to spend with your family and friends and make the most of it.

Do not say anything to your family until you have a true diagnosis, you cannot self diagnose lung cancer or throat cancer, and your symptoms could be any number of things!




Advice: seek medical help you would benefit from a psychiatrist!

Mr Not Nice Guy
A lot of pain and coughing up blood doesn't necessarily mean cancer if you haven't been diagnosed yet. Some people bruise easily, does that automatically mean they have leukemia? NO. You are a hypochondriac.

I am with what Denisedd said. Sounds like someone is not getting enough attention. Dealing with my thyroid cancer and my son's, and my mom's lung cancer, believe me we are going through a lot right now and we all support each other! Get ways to build up your relationship with your friends and family and stop making up stuff. There are some of us who needs the support, so you are taking that away from people who are really needing it.

What kind of sick person (no pun intended) would lie about something like this?

Joel R
You are a paranoid hypochondriac. If you haven't been diagnosed with it, you don't have it. WebMD is not a real doctor.

Well you've certainly worked on your story since yesterday. And you've definitely decided on cancer today have you?

Even according to your own story you haven't been diagnosed with anything, it's all self-diagnosed.

If you're sick, see a doctor. If yet another doctor tells you there's nothing wrong, there probably isn't.

You got the answers you did because you asked the question several times in a short while, changing details each time and even claiming at one point that this undiagnosed cancer was terminal and you were in the last stages. Adding a small child to the mix doesn't make the story more believable.

I saw your numerous questions yesterday and I’m not sure what your problem is, but I do know you are not dying from throat cancer. If you knew anything about this disease you wouldn’t bother posting this question over and over. If you were really dying from this disease you wouldn’t have to tell your family anything, as it would be obvious and not very likely that you would even be able to speak at all anyway. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and seeking attention here. As there are people here who really are dying from cancer or have loved ones that are and it is disrespectful to them. Go back to your doctor and follow their advice.

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