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Suelyn M
Im 13 do I have breast cancer?
I have a lump in my left one. It hurts a little like a bruise. I'm really scared, breast cancer doesn't run in my family. I heard it shouldn't be breast cancer because it feels like a bruise, and supposaly breast cancer doesn't hurt. Can someone please help me :(

Go to a doctor. Get a mammogram.

Brianna :)
It might be. I would go to the doctor asap!
If you want to know more about the symptoms of breast cancer go to this website:

I hope this helps! Good luck.

Marrianne A
see a doctor i hope you dont have cancer

go to your doctor if youre really that concerned
its probably nothing

no! you're being a hypochondriac, breast cancer is painless and if it FEELS like a bruise it probably IS a bruise. also breast cancer doesn't start that early, when you are a bit older and you get a lump you should start to worry, but not at your age.
you should see a doctor just to see what it is but it probably is just a bruise or a topical skin infection/inflamation(swelling) but its probably nothing to worry about
Good Luck :)

Eliza T
did you hurt your with chest while playing around or get bumped by someone? i really don't think its breast cancer and i certainly hope it isn't

Hannah M
Don't worry! What you're feeling is your breasts growing. They'll hurt for a little while during puberty. I was scared by the same thing when i was your age, and went to the doctor, and the doctor thought it was funny that i was so worried! (he was kind of mean, haha)

Heather P
To the one who answered get a mammogram, they will not do that on a 13 year old.

it could be a swollen lymph node. Or, have you gotten your period yet? Breasts get swollen and tender or painful right before your period. Either way it won't hurt to ask your Dr or tell your mom. You can't do this alone. Ask a trusted adult. Don't wait.

Haley N
idk... ur kinda young. but if your that scared see a doctor to be safe.

I remember when I was 12, my right nipple puffed up a LOT and it HURT when things even touched it. Then months later, my left one did, too. Later on though, my right nipple got softer and number and it eventually returned to normal, and the same thing with my left.

So in simple words, no, you *shouldn't* have breast cancer... I HOPE you don't =o!

I had the same problems when I was your age & did go to the Dr. to check it. Tell your parents but right now stop all caffeine that means NO chocalate. & look up caffeine to see what else it is in cause soda you wouldn't expect might have it...this is most like what the problem is.

That one girl
Try going to the doctor

i highly doubt it. but you should always get everything checked. also go talk to a parent and express your concerns.

I am sure you are fine, my dear ;-)

check out this article for more info: http://breastcancer.about.com/od/risk/a/lump_overview.htm

Don't panic. Tell your mom and go to the doctors.

It could be a swollen lymph node, you have them all over your body.

no, the symptoms you describe are not breast cancer & it would be exceedingly rare for a 13 y/o to have breast cancer

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