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i need a paragraph, and not from other sites....in your own words please....

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is there any way to cure cancer?...

Thank Me Later...
If we cured cancer, would that not be a mistake?
I know alot of people may hate me for this question, but if we cured cancer wouldn't that mean big trouble for the rest of us, as the population would increase, countries will become more cramped, food and water problems will increase due to the demand, cancer seems to me as a natural way of keeping the population under some sort of control...and before anyone says have you ever known someone that has had cancer- yes i have, someone close to me died of it, and now his wife has cancer, so i have experience? what are your thoughts?
Additional Details
guys im not saying i wouldn't like a cure for cancer im just trying to think of the aftermath. Ok but if you cure any type of man killing disease would it not affect the world and an increase in population

Most cancer effects people that are older.Most already had children and will not have anymore. So it will not really effect the population that much. You would see a serge after the cure but you wouldn't see a growth more than normal. The increase in production from the people that might have died would cover the increase in population.

Well, I think we can fit everyone in if we just manage our resoures properly. Humans have an expiration date - we shouldn't die before that. Curing cancer would not be a mistake, it would help an awful lot of people. Anyway, people are always going to die from doing stupid things like drunk-driving.

wait till u have cancer, then we shall c what u think bout it. good luck dying from cancer dude

I've thought of this too..along with how will advancements in bioengineering affect us. By curing aids/cancer we are not completely hampering with natural selection(since there are accidents, diseases,pandemics, natural catastrophes predators,pernicious genetic mutations, etc). But even if a cure for cancer or aids is found, or if we are able to prolong human live to 200 yrs old, only the people that can afford the treatments would be cured/saved and benefit from it(even if you deny it, the pharmaceutical industry is all about money),and only a small percentage would be able to afford it, and have prolonged and healthy lives, so overpopulation shouldn't be a concern.

Shawn M
no man thats not right

Barry C
There is still car wrecks and other things. Cancer is horrible along with AIDS and all forms of it.

like thats not happening now......

its only going to get worse anyway

The aftermath would be people would live longer. You have such a juvenile mind. Someday you will grow up and realize what you are saying.

I hope you never have to lose someone to cancer as you will realize what you are really saying.

No, theres plenty of other diseases and epidemics that would help keep the population down.
and plus curing cancer would be a rejoice after all the funding and saved loved ones

If we can prevent the needless death of "innocents" then I'm all for it.

~Marc Murphys future wifey~
I think the Australian Government would understand where you're coming from, they have just lifted a ban on countries using foreign aid money for abortions, because east timor has a rapidly growing population that they can't handle and they need to be controlled.

I think it is appalling.

Actually, cancer is a huge strain on the economy and the gov and your tax payer money. I was diagnosed at 21 with no insurance working retail. I qualified for medicaid, and disability, and am now also on medicare and food stamps. Your tax payer dollars and paying to not just support me for the last 3.5 years, but also pay upwards of a total of about 3 mil since day 1 of the first diagnosis.

There are many more things that kill people much faster and effeciently.

Access A
Its a difficult one, I think if you generalised modern medicine as a whole you'd have more of a case, I agree that advancements in medicine and technology will mean that people will live for longer which is and will certainly have an underlying effect on the population and man kind in the future.
However I strongly beleive that the Earth has its own means of controlling dominant speices who just don't fit in with the life cycle. Like the dinosaurs I think a time will come when the human race will die out, or atleast it will find away to control the population as humans do with grey squirels, and rabits!
I think in the end its everyman for himself. Certainly if I was put in a position where I suffered from cancer and someone asked me "dont you think its wrong that you are trying to beat the system and do somthing that only god should be able to decide" id say "hey screw you, have you any idea how much pain i'm in, plus why would I want to die"

Meh thats what I think.

Regards Miggz

Lawrence C
it wouldn't be a mistake,

saving lives is a vital part of human recreation, as much as possible people tries to live in a healthy life, and if there are instances where we feel something bad, we try to get remedies to support our health.

and curing cancer is just an act of taking away the chance of a person to deprive life.


Ferrari Babe ¸.•*´`*♥ ♥*´`*•.¸
How about we find a cure for Cancer but to redress the balance people have to take an IQ test and pass before being allowed to have children? That we way could prevent idiots like you from reproducing. Problem solved.

My mom has breast cancer I hope they cure cancer! I can see your mute point but really do we have the right to control population. Some very noble healthy people who are very rich and successful can get cancer so nature really ha no way of controlling the population. Some genetic factors may play a role in cancer such as genetic coding like a pure pure Irishman having kids with some African Americans or Mexicans you see my point. Although you can never really tell
genetic coding is a very tough science like in dogs border collies are bred to obsessive work dogs if you breed them with the wrong dog they may become over overactive and hyper. People are people look at Tiger woods he has native American black white and some thianese diversity in your genes creates very often Resistance to disease and increased intelligence at times. that why we do not have genius inbreds.
As far as science curing cancer they aren't trying hard enough and big pharm is way to set on billions of dollars in profits.

Are you coming from the angle of natural selection? (ie nature controls the population of the planet - illness and natural disasters keep the worlds population at bay etc etc). I think the particular illness you have chosen to illustrate your point is a bit ill advised. The problem is that man made population controllers ie murder, famine (through dodgy government spending), war etc are far More Verile than nature at causing death. so I don't think you need to worry about a population explosion if we manage to cure cancer.

hmmm, dont feed the troll!

i wonder if you would feel the same way if it was you suffering from cancer.
maybe we should go so far as to say why make cars safer why dont we just let accidents happen and if people get killed its just tough.
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr im so angry at your question, please stop and think what you have siad

no it would not be a problem u idiot!!!!

people die every second and its not always cancer that kills someone

Fat [email protected]@
You are brave to ask that question! I would think there will still be plenty of disease, wars, genocide, natural disasters to keep the population down. Time will tell

Blessings of Victory
i think we all deserve to live.

I lost someone who was my angel on earth, my "adopted mom" to cancer, and the pain I witnessed her go through was heartbreaking. The cure for cancer came too late for her, and if it had been discovered in time, it would in no way be a 'mistake'.

I'm not sure where you're coming from with your fear of over population being more important than saving someone from cancer or any illness.

Surely cancer is a pretty bad way to die, and besides if curing cancer was a bad thing then why not extend the theory to all disease, not bother to cure people when they got ill and just let everyone die.

Not really, since Nature has a way of coming up with new methods of killing us humans off. I mean look at smallpox, it used to be a HUGE killer, now it is all but extinct (only samples left living are in laboratories). So now nature comes up with AIDS, increased cancer rates, etc to redress the balance.

Natural disasters adjust population etc..

Cancer isn't a plague nor something others can catch so your theory is warped.

There are many different cancers and no one thing would be a cure for them all.

This question shows your immaturity and thoughtlessness.

Eddy B
sad but true, 2 many of us on the earth, but, if i can save millions i sure as hell will, because thats like saying, kill your dog because you have to many :p not right

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