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 When you know somebody's going to die wot do u do?

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 I'm 13 years old and I found a lump in my left breast. Is it breast cancer?
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 does freezing water in plastic bottles cause cancer?

Watz Real
If my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in the year of '04, am I still at risk by genes?

Yes, but keep in mind that cancer is genetic, environmental, and bad luck!

Try asking a professional that question instead of us.

Unfortunatley yes.

sandy k
yes u r

Charles B
Your risk is likely to be greater, but remember age, environment, overall health, exposure to radiation and chemicals, etc. all also have a huge role in cancer. Eating right, exercise and taking known medical (breast feeding) advice can reduce your risk.

Yes, dear, you are. But only at a slightly higher rate. It is recommended that daughters of women with breast cancer do breast self-exams monthly and have a base-line mammogram when they are 30. Hope this helps. Also, talk to you family doctor about cancer risks and how you can try to lower your chances.

Yes, unfortunately, you are.

yes. that means it is genetic.


However, there are some particular types of breast cancer that are much more associated with genetic risk

Associated with gene BCRsomething - lemme look it up.


yes, but it doesnt' mean you will 100% get it.

Salami and Orange Juice
Don't smoke.
Get yearly mamograms.
Have a child and nurse the child (when you're married and old enough)

Those will decrease your risk of contracting cancer.

Yes. Every woman has a one in eight chance of getting breast cancer. If you breast feed it is a one in nine chance. If you have a mother or sister that had it your chances of getting it go up to one in four. Be tested regularly.

Yes, you are at risk. Anytime an immediate relative is diagnosed with breast cancer that ups your chances of getting it.

sheila c

Queen of Light
Sorry to hear about your mother's health problem. Genes are something that stays with you for life, and the chances of cancer incrase in time, rather than diminish. Older people are more at risk of developing cancer than younger people. But cancer is not hereditary.

If you are worried about developing cancer, there are several rules on how to avoid it.

These include:

1. Keeping your body clear of toxins - eat only clean and fresh food, avoid artificial additives and food which is highly acidic. In particular aflatoxin b is a well recognised carcinogen, and needs to be avoided at all cost. You find it in the soft decaying parts of fruit and vegetables and it is not enough to just cut that piece out, aflatoxin b is like the cancer itself, it is spread throughout the entire fruit or vegetable, and it needs to be discarded. Also be careful of certain nuts, brazils in particular, these tend to attract mould which is toxic.

2. Keeping your bowels clear of parasites (more than a half of the population have bowel parasites, the intestinal fluke being the most common, and it is most often linked to cancer. Previous naturopathic research has shown that everyone who had cancer had the fluke, but not everyone who had the fluke had cancer. However, ensuring that you do not have the fluke is extremely important in cancer prevention.

3. Keeping the ph balance of your body in good shape by avoiding food that generates acidity in your digestive system, like coffee, pork, and tomatoes. It is a fact that cancer cells survive only in a body that has a disturbed ph balance, i.e it is acidic.

4. Keeping the body well oxygenated. Again, it is a fact that the majority of cancer sufferers tend to have an under-oxygenated body. Make sure that you get plenty of fresh air and take regular exercises outddoors.

Looking after the body is, however, not all. The body is often the reflection of one's state of mind, and it is important that you remain in a positive frame of mind about yourself, and your place in life. Make sure that you have always something to look forward to, and if difficulties set in, view them as a challenge that makes you stronger and wiser.

Those spiritually aware bear the burden of the loss of their loved ones much easier, as spirituality gives one the faith in life beyond the body and so the loss is not seen as final, but just as a temporary division.

I hope that the above is of some help.

To learn more about successful healing of cancer you may visit: http://www/dhaxem.com/dhaxem4....

Best wishes.

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. That's an incredibly high likelihood without even factoring in other risk factors. However, half of the lifetime risk is after the age of 65, so it's not evenly distributed over a woman's lifetime.

Other than a personal history of breast cancer in the past, family history of breast cancer is the next most important risk factor. Those who have 2 or more PRIMARY relatives (ones who share genes - like mom, grandmother, etc.) who have had breast cancer, or a male primary relative who has had breast cancer, or who has had primary relatives diagnosed with cancer at an age less than 40... those women are at increased risk of breasat cancer. Just having had one primary relative be diagnosed with breast cancer is not an increased risk. Remember, 1 in 8 women get breast cancer!

For those who have a true family breast cancer syndrome (BRCA1 and BRCA2 have been mentioned above) the likelihood of breast cancer exceeds 85%, it happens early, and when it hits, it's aggressive! However, this is only 5% of all breast cancers.

Bottom line: Breast cancer is common, BRCA1&2 mutations are rare.

Very Very unfortunately a Big YES. Only early detection and LUCK can bring comfort.

Best of Luck

yes.....what u are inheriting is genetic predisposition to cancer...not the cancer as it is...its not like other disease condition that u really inherit.....

You still are at risk as beast cancer is typically hereditary and can be passed down through generations in your genes.
So for you it is especially important to inspect and monitor your breasts regularly for any lumps and bumps or anomalies, but as you are at high risk of developing breast cancer later in life you should be offered a mammary gram to inspect your breast more in depth. You are in a good position as your are aware the risk is there for you and should be tuned into what is normal to feel in your breast (it only takes a few minutes to do i.e. regularly in the shower while you wash) and means you can diagnose and treat it as early as possible to give yourself the best prognosis if the unfortunate event does occur.

Sandra H
yes, unfortunally this type of cancer has genetic factors, you should go to your doctor twice a year for a check-up, and do regularly breast touching to feel if there are any lumps......

The short answer is yes.

Any time you have a history of cancer in your family it puts you at greater risk because you carry the same genes as someone who has shown vulnerability to this disease. However, it does *not* mean that you are doomed to get cancer. It just means that you should be on the lookout.

Sick Puppy
As I understand it, and I may be flat-on-my-face wrong, but cancer skips a generation. You may have the bad genes but your children might get the real thing.

Maybe the skipping generation thing is an old wive's tale.

Blunt Honesty
Yes. If it runs in your family. What does the year have to do with your genetics?

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