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 shortest time known of someone getting cancer from smokeless tobacco?
I am just wondering what is the shortest time known of when someone first started using smokeless tobacco and they then got cancer from it. I used it for 7 months and i know its not a long time ( ...

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lung cancer, and by the way im 19...

 I can sue the company I worked for if I found out that I was using chemicals known to cause cancer?
I have been working with a certain product that goes on wood for months and finally quit because I found out the stuff we use is known to the state of California to cause cancer. No one ever told me ...

 What do i do im 17 with cancer?
im 17 years old and ive just been told i have cancer(there is nothing the can do im to far along). I don't want to tell anybody because i don't what them to treat me differently.


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 Why are most of us afraid of cancer?

 what do you guys think about smokers?
my sister smokes and my dad does to i think it's ...

 what do people with cancer do to pass the time while they are having chemotherapy?

 What does cancer mean to you..... in one word?
What does cancer mean to you....... in one word?...

 My Mom has primary liver cancer, probably inoperable, any advice?

Additional Details
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 my friend lied about having terminal cancer?
one of my best friends in the whole world told me she had terminal cancer about nine months ago. i was absolutely devastated and wanted to help her as much as i could. i was there when she was crying ...

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 Can you live if your appendix bursts? ?
Can you live after your appendix bursts and not even know it? Well have stomach pains a lot of the time, but live? Possibly the puss escapes through your belly button???
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 Should taxes be raised on vegetables?
Smokers pay extra taxes to fund any extra treatment they might require on the NHS.
Surely vegetarians should be treated in the same manner?...

If U lost Ur hair for medical reasons would U shave Ur head, wear a scarf or wear a wig? (Females Only)?

its YOU not U

I honestly don't know what I would do. I guess it would depend on how I felt every day.
My sister had chemo and her hair fell out. She started out in a wig then moved to a hat or scarf. She finally decided to go bald unless she was cold. She didn't care and I never noticed if anyone else cared about it or not.

t. marie
Most likely I would wear a wig

a wig

I would probably shave my head and sometimes wear a scarf.

SR2M =]
wig ... =]

I would shave my head and wear one of many very cool head scarfs or dewrags that are available. they are very chic and fashionable.

I'd probably shave my head. When it grew back a bit, I'd dye it some crazy color. My hair grows really fast.

If I lost my hair permanently I'd just keep it that way, probably. I might get a wig or hair implants after a while, though. I've heard it's really uncomfortable to have a shaved head, because everything feels rough, like your pillow and the headrests in a car, and bike helmets.

I think I would wear a wig..

Hippie Girl
If I lost my hair.... I would wear a wig... I wouldn't shave my head because if I lost it for Medical Reasons I would want it to grow back... (Unless I lost chunks of it and its uneven, I would still not shave my head... In that case I would use a scarf because I have some Hair left)


★ツLyss ♪♫☮
id shave it and wear a wig. id shave it cuz it would hurt me to see it fall out all day

I think i would take it in turns to wear a scarf or a wig. I think i'd rather wear a wig but i know they can get quite itchy and annoying.

all the above. When my daughter was loosing her hair she shaved it all off, after that she wears scarfs, Benni and wigs.

Once my hair was blotchy I would definitely shave it and and wear scarves & hats..

.Gee Whillakers
I got a Racquel Welch wig when I had chemo, it looked exactly like my real hair. $300 bucks but worth it.

Before chemo started I had my hair cut short; when it is about to fall you get a very tender, sometimes painful scalp - think of the sensation when you've had your hair in a very tight ponytail and tou let it down. The shorter the hair, the less the discomfort when this happens.

When my hair started to fall out in earnest, I shaved my head, as many people do. When hair falls out, it gets everywhere - in your food, on your clothes, in your mouth, on your carpet and furniture - you never realise how much hair you have until it starts to come out. Shaving avoids this, and I certainly felt it was more dignified to have a shaved head than to have bald patches and clumps of hair.

The thing is - you never know what you will do in this situation till you've been in it.

I thought I'd wear a wig. Although where I live wigs are provided at no cost, I supplemented my prescription to get an expensive wig.

I never wore it for more than 10 minutes. It was hot, itchy and scratchy. So I bought a huge number of hats and scarves, but ended up wearing the same two cotton scarves till my hair grew back. I sold my wig on ebay.

When my hair started falling out I shaved my head and wore scarves or hats.

Been there.

When my hair fell out after chemo I was left with a tuft in the middle and another at the nape. A bit like an old fashioned kewpie doll, not a good look at age 45!

I had the remaining tufts shaved.

I disliked the feel of anything on my head, so just went bald most of the time although I wore a scarf or hat in the sun to prevent sunburn and a warm hat when outdoors if it was cold. I found I had to stick to natural fibres for comfort, and a cotton head wrap was one of my favorites.

I invested in lots of cute "temporary tattoos" (the sort you stick on with water) and wore these on my bald head for decoration.

I also had assorted washable non-toxic pens, and my teenage daughter and her friends drew graffiti on my head from time to time.

This is a personal decision and everyone has to decide what is best for them. My decision made people feel comfortable about asking questions as it was obvious I wasn't trying to hide it. This way I was able to raise awareness in small rural community.

Ian's Mommy is A Fighter!
I was told I was going to lose my hair thanks to radiation and chemo treatments (for brain cancer). I cut off as much of my hair as I could and donated it to locks of love (they make and give out real hair wigs to children who have cancer) Then I shaved off the rest of my hair once it started to fall out ( I still had about 1/2 an inch). After that I bought tons of hats and scarves but never really wore them. I went with a shaved/bald head for a long time until a man called yelled at me for going into the womans rest room bc he thought I was a man. Then I bought a halo wig (hair and bangs around the edges so you can look like you have hair under a scarf or hat...I wore it a few times but I live in Texas and it's just too damn hot to wear now that my hair is coming in.

I lost a lot of hair thanks to surgery in December. I completed radiation in March and am still going through chemo, but I've got about an inch of hair all over now. Hoooray!

My hair fell out when I went through chemotherapy. I didn't really want to shave it at first but after it started falling out everywhere I felt like a dog that was shedding so I shaved it.

My family was sure I was going to where a wig the whole time "because I'm so young and vain" but chemo made me so exhausted that I rarely wore my wig anywhere I stuck with a hat and scarves. In the house I never wear anything on my head.

Hair is wonderful never shave it off unless you really have to.

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