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 Does school cause death?
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I smoke 60 cigs a day will i be ok?
I started when i was 13 getting people to buy them for me smoking 5 a day gradually i have increased to 50-60 a day i smoke one every like 10 mins and wear patches at night so i can sleep so i can get a lil bit of nicotine otherwise i cant sleep.

I wanna know if ill be ok i have short breath and cant excerise as i run out of air and my lung cpacity is so low.


It's hard to know if you are seriously asking.

If you are serious, you need to look on the internet and read about COPD (Chronic Pulmonary Disease).

If you are willing to walk around with an oxygen tank tube attached to you 24-hours a day, then the good new is you will live longer and the insurance will pay because the oxygen will be medically necessary for you to live!

Either you are stupid or you are making us stupid. For those who are willing to smoke , no advise in world can stop them . And nobody in the world should care for you whether you may be ok or not , if you yourself cannot 'SEE' such a simple answer . Why worry to be ok?

You don't need cigarettes to sleep. Nicotine is a stimulant, like caffeine. Cut back on your smoking and start doing some low-impact exercise - walking, stretching. Try smoking heavier cigarettes and try to only have one every hour. Don't use the patch and smoke at the same time. Using the patch while you smoke will increase your nicotine intake and keep you more addicted. Try to cut down to 1 pack a day (to start with), and drink lots of water. If you really think you can't sleep without cigarettes, talk to a doctor and get a prescription for ambien or valium or similar sleep aid.

robert r
take the advice of the other respondents seriously, if you haven`t passed the no return line already, if you decide to ignore all, just start getting your burial affairs in order and make sure that your next of kin knows where the paper work is, for the amount you are smoking the medical effects are well known,most usually once they start, are 100% not reverse-able, and no fooling, no b-s

Well I'm not going to lie to you. You are not going to be ok, your not ok now. If you were to try and quit smoking all together you would have to have professional help. Your body will go into shock from not having nicotine. It could be dangerous and should probably be monitored by professionals just in case.

It would be healthier for you to quite but it will be quite difficult. But your life and health is definatly worth it.

ja2k9 (old account)
There are people who smoke 20 a day and die young. I find 20 a day to be quite a lot and 10 a day to be more normal but 60 is way over the top.

Also, it's costing you £15 a day, which is something like £120 a week.

J. Gray
Dude if ur serious even quiting wont save u bro im soo srry but uv screwed yourself :(

no ur gonna die soon i would stop and on the bright side u will be saving lots of money and ur health will be much better

Umm have you ever considered quitting? There are a lot of places who will help you quit. Seriously dude, if you have to wear patches at night to avoid going through withdrawal you are seriously addicted!!!! Get help. You will either die of lung cancer or another form of cancer. You must just be a joy to be around with all that secondhand smoke. Stop making excuses and quit!!!

ali ahmed
you look as though you WANNA die.. why be do stupid for?? you've got your entire life ahead of you and you wanna ruin it by smoking.. why smoke in the first place?? and you do know that when you smoke your lungs start to go BLACK!! and when there covered in black you will die

If i were you i would take this to your doctor immediatly.

Spongebob Squarepants
I would say quit cold turkery, but since you've been so used to the cigarretes giving up cigarettes right away could damage your body badly. I have an uncle that collasped a lung when he quit right away. You put yourself in one bad position. My best suggestion is to quit, but slowy, so you don't kill your self.

happy cooker
It's easier to quit than go through lung cancer treatment(s). Throw those cigs out, get something to calm your nerves from your Dr. and get some help.

straight up.. YOU NEED to quit! You only get one body in this world.. it depends on how much you value life..

you dont even need to ask this question, my uncle smoked and lived till 79, his mrs was around way after same lifestyle, you know it will take some years from you it depends if you want to live longer not smoking or less years having a smoke, its your choice but i believe it will take some years from you, good luck my love xxx

Chances are excellent that you will die a slow, painful death from lung cancer, emphysema, bronchitis, kidney failure (ouch!), or bladder cancer (double ouch!!)...


your dead

Going by your other q&a's, you're probably still in school. You don't have time to smoke 3 packs a day...that would be 60 cigs, by the way. Plus, if you actually smoked and wore the patch, you would be sick and you wouldn't be wearing one so you can sleep.

nope your gonna die :)

no you will die young quit now!

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