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Love always, Lucky..♥
I receive chemotherapy once a week and I was wondering over the weekend...once the drug is put into my vein ?
and starts to circulate through my body....where does it go...? Does it stay in my body forever...do i pass it with my other waste....?
Additional Details
Jiane I was gonna email you but you don't allow email...I have cervical cancer...go to my 360 page and read my blogs about my experences

It is a known fact that the less chemo you receive the better your chance of recovery. It is a poison that affects every part of the body that the body fights off violently. The doc's now say they have chemo aimed at just your cancer but the body sees the poison all the same.

In other words. If I hit you on the head with a hammer - the lighter I hit you the more likely you will be to survive it. I might only aim the hammer at the cancer but even so your head will hurt and the less treatment I give you the better your chances of recovery.

So I do not believe chemotherapy is even helpful for cancer patients even though it is standard medical practice. Do it at your own risk. The medical journals are clear of the facts I have already presented. So if I was you I would cancel the treatment and go buy vitamins. At least you would have a better chance of recovery that way.

In all sincerity, God bless you.


I used to do heroin.. but I think its long gone!
Your heart will pump it out eventually.

Janaki G
it will act on cancer cells and get excreted.completely do not worry.

i wish i could tell you but the ones above said it best. hun, i am having back problems. that is nothing compared to what you are going through. i hope the best for you. you are always in my heart.

Kristy F
First of all, I am not a doctor but my dad had chemo for many years. Chemo never made him sick but did make him quite tired and run-down. His doctors always told him that the kind that he was on stayed in his system for about 2-3 months after the last dose. Best of luck to you.

dan w
it goes from your veins in the arm up your shoulder and then into the right side of your heart. Next it is pumped into your lungs and goes to the left side of your heart and the is sent to the rest of your body.

As for what happens to the drugs, there are 2 options. Sometimes you just pee them directly out no problem. Sometimes they are stored in the cells of your tissues and organs and fat and eventually react with enzymes and substances in your body (sometimes in the liver, sometims in the kidneys, sometimes in the blood) and get degraded into molecules which dont react and produce the effects of the drug. At this point they are peed out.

I guess a dumbed down version is, it goes through your body doing its job and then you pee it out. I drink as much water as I can after I take my chemo so it's flushed out as soon as possible. The effects of it however, are much longer lasting. A couple days after my chemo is when I get just completely exhausted and then less each day till I'm back to normal. Good luck to you.

Read your 360. You are doing great! Zofran is my and will become your best friend!!

I would assume you pass it...but I ain't no Doc....hang in there Sweetie, we all pulling for you...= )

i dont know the answer but i will star you so my naughty nurse will get around to the question. she just got certs to give chemo so she will be able to help you.

future fate
It basically gets processed out and urinated, hopefully with a lot of dead cancer cells!
Good luck and don't give up.

Music Man Mike
Your body will flush it out eventually.

It circulates theoretically everywhere blood goes. Because cancer cells grow and divide faster than most other cells in body, they are preferentially affected, but other normal body cells can feel the brunt as well (like bone marrow (low blood counts), hair follicles (hair loss), brain and gut (nausea)). Most of the drugs are completely out of your system within a few days, metabolized/excreted by liver and/or kidney.

Blessings on your treatment

Jinae N
I would love to know this to, as I start chemo this week.
May I ask what you are getting chemo for?

Mike H Music Man in New Orleans
I'm on break - It will pass through your kidneys and out just like any other waste in your blood. I'm praying for you Lucky.

Racheal Loves Holio again.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Sorry. I don't know the answer to your question. I just wanted to say that i have seen you alot on here and i wanted to say i hope everything goes good and i will pray for you. :) You must be a strong girl. My sister had cervical cancer at the age of 16, but she had to have surgery three times and my grandma had to go through chemo. I hate the word cancer and i wish their was a cure for it.

Good luck, sweetie and i hope all goes well.

Racheal ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

♥Spiders Squirting Sweetheart♥
It's supposed to attack the cancerous cells and sometimes it attacks other cells in your body causing your immune system to weaken. It will be excreted eventually through waste and also from perspiration, just like any other drug I think

It leaves your body through your digestive system. It all ends up in the toilet. (so if your animal drinks water from the toilet be aware).

How are you handling the treatments?

We have done 15 weeks of Adriamycin and Cytoxin. Had surgery and now are on week 7 of 12 weeks for Taxol.

Towards the end it is harder. After week 4 the hair started to fall out. Then at weeks 12-15 it was tough.

Now on Taxol the fingers and toes are tingling. Soreness and body aches, loss of taste (sugars and salt) but no sickness.

I wish you all the best! I know how hard it is.

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