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 Do you know anyone who has cancer?
Do you D:thanks,...

 To pavarotti my heart goes out to you and your family (please sign if you support victims of cancer)?
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 Is cancer actualy curable?

 my boyfriend has cancer in his left lung and half of his right lung. He's only 21 can I give him one of mine?
How long does someone usually survive when their whole left lung and half of their right lung is covered with cancer? Sre their any other treatments bsides chemo.
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He ...

 can you die from lung cancer?

If I was dieing would you truthfully give your life to me??
Even Though I was a stranger???
Why or Why not???
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 A 13 year old boy... WITH BREAST CANCER?
i have this lump on my chest that is harder than the fat on my chest and muscle and it doesnt really move and ive had it for a month or two and now my nipple is starting to swell
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 Do you think that lung Cancer kills or the cigarettes kill?
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 What would you do if you had cancer?
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 I have been told I need to go into a hospice because I'm deteriorating gradually. I need some advice.?
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 question about something i can't make into a question?
my dad just told me he has cancer and because its the 3rd time he got it its not looking good...at all. They can't even do anymore surgery so they are counting on chemo...ANYWAYS i dont wana ...

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 Would you feel sad if you just fount out that your best friend has cancer?
About two weeks ago,I fount out that my best friend has lyphompia.
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 I have a lump in my left breast (nothing in the right one), it is relatively small and doesn't really cause me?
any problems until I'm due on, about a week before it really hurts - you can't even lean on it without it hurting. I'm 26 years old and did go to my doctors about this, who referred ...

 Is this cancer?
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 Is it worth having chemotherapy has well as radiotherapy if the breast cancer hasn't spread to the lympth node

 My mother is having surgery tomorrow...would you pray for her?
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I just found out yesterday that my cancer has spread to my right lung and now have to undergo very very?
powerful chemo....before for my cervical cancer the chemo was only to boost the radiation not kill the cancer..well not now..so my question is what has been your experence with chemo...what can expect....sure the doctors can tell me...but they have not gone through it...I know the hair loss...but how long were you throwing up...how many good days verses bad days did you have...that sort of thing.....thanks...♥

last dance with mary jane☮
i am kinda against chemo...
i have seen 3 people in my life go through it and the inevitable happened anyways..
it just replaced the quality of their life with longevity

i dont know how serious this is for u (life or death)
but i do know that u should REALLY look into holistic healing..

good luck babe..
i know sometimes my answers may not be what u wanna hear..but i am being truthful from things as I know them

The Stinger
all i can say is i am so very sorry Lucky, please do not give up hope, tough days lie ahead but if you stay strong i believe you will get through it. love hugs and prayers, God bless you.

LondonLady 100000
aww huni i wish i could help you, i will send you all the positive thought i can muster and hope that your journey is not to much of a stuggle i hope someone with will experience asnwers this and rests your mind god speed my dear x

(((HUG))) I'm sorry. I didn't have to have chemo for mine. I was lucky. My sister did, she had the hair loss, but didn't actually throw up. She felt nauseated, but didn't throw up. Her biggest problem with it, was how tired and worn out it made her feel. She would go for a couple days with out getting out of bed, which was tough with 3 kids under the age of 10.....

Like I told her, that is what your loved ones are for. To help you make it thru that time.


I don't know your answers; I am just here for your support.♥

my man went through it at age 21 for colon cancer he did very well but because he was so young. With him he only puke once or twice but he always felt sick! He didnt loose any hair but that was the type of chemo he was on! His body aked after each chemo but not during and he was good at first then tourge the end was when most systoms state happening. He was giving the strongest chemo for colon cancer because he was so young and he did pretty good! His biggest thing was he could not touch or drink anything cold because of the type he was on! Also he had alot bad back pain too! So he had more bad days the longer he was on chemo!But he had lynch sysderm and has not had his cancer return in 3 years so far ! I wish you best of luck your do just fine!

My Dad would feel ill and very tired for a couple of days after chemo and then he would perk up again back to his normal self.

Keep yourself busy when you feel well, try and plan to do everything you have always wanted to do. An active mind and positive attitude helped my Dad to keep going.

Goodluck to you and be brave and never give up. My Dad had very advanced lung cancer in both lungs and people can and do survive with 1 lung in worse case scenarios. You will overcome this and be a stronger person for it, you will appreciate things that others take for granted. Take care. x

Betty Spaghetti
Oh dear, I'm so sorry. :(

Nausea and vomiting, but not a lot, I just thought I was going to hurl. Strange tastes in my mouth and only a few things tasted good enough to eat when I actually felt like it. The fatigue was the worst part, though. More good days than bad.

I found that acupuncture and reflexology helped a LOT with the side effects and were both well worth the cost.

(yes, it's me, I'm hiding from a stalker ♥)

Domino's Mom
So sorry Lucky. Everyone responds differently to chemo. It depends on your body and I truly think only the doctors can just estimate what you can expect.

miss. arsenal :)
Fortunately, I have had no experience with cancer.

I'm very sorry to hear you have this terrible illness....I hope you get better as soon as possible

I will always pray to God that you have a miraculous recovery, please don't worry, I know you'll be fine

Take care of yourself!

Joni ♥s Chachi
Oh, hon. Well, I don't know and I hope someone can help you. I only know that I do alot of transcription for our cancer clinic, and people do beat this; amazing the radiology reports after chemo, compared to before, on lung cancer. Lots of OLDER people beat it, so you will do well....

You're in my prayers.

AJ's Mom
I do feel so bad for you and unfortunately I have no answers. My suggestion is to go on sites for cancer and talk with as many people as you can who went through the same thing.

praying for you always.

Kat (in reserve)
I sat talking to lots of women having chemo when my Mum had breast cancer and they all said they had different side effects but most of them said they were really sleepy with it, but one lady just felt a bit sick, I think is depends hun. I hope all goes well for you and God bless too xxx

i,am sorry to hear about your illness ! i never had any kind of cancer but i have a friend that has lung cancer and he is going through chemo and he can,t hold nothing down, losing weight and the chemo is lowering his blood platelets and now the dr. has to stop it and try radiation. they gave him a patch to wear so he can hold food down. he has his bad days and good days. just about time he can hold food down then it,s time for more chemo. they had to stop the chemo so his platelets could build up. and again i,am sorry to hear about your illness. just hang in there ! god will lead you through everything. my prayers are with you !

Emily & her mommy love Da Bears!
Like a few of the others who have answered, I have no personal experience with chemo, but wanted to offer my support. I hope everything goes alright and that you will be cancer free soon and permanently.

Mac S
Speechless. All I can do is pray for you.

Insert Witty Name Here
My only experience was with my ex-mother-in-law. They did a very aggressive treatment because they caught her in stage 3.

Of course there was hair loss. Vomiting and diarrhea were both issues but managed through medication. The most difficult part for her was a complete loss of energy. She needed help getting to and from the bathroom for days after treatments.

She had chemo once a week for I believe 3 week clips. She'd be off her feet for about 3 days after. She kept saying it wasn't so bad.

Friends and family are important right now.


happy cooker
You really can't take any of our answers to heart because everyone's experience is different. I was diagnosed in November 2007 and started on Xeloda until the end of April last year. The cancer is totally gone and I'm fine. Previous to that I had cervical, colon and liver cancer so you can see what the human spirit can overcome. I didn't lose my hair; I didn't throw up. I was hungry all the time. I never lost weight. I looked pale and my eyelashes were pretty sparse, I got the "hand/foot" syndrome you can get from Xeloda. It wasn't fun but it pulled me through and made me better as did my state of mind and loving family and friends. I hope you have the same luck I did and God bless you.

Cheeky♥ again
My mom was okay on the day she recieved chemo, but for two or three days after she was violently ill. It took about a week for the hair loss, then she just shaved it all off so that she wouldn't have clumps fall out.
She did not have a good experience with it.
Just remember that everyone reacts differently and you may not have the to go through the same reaction as she did.

I am so sorry to see that your cancer has spread.......... keep your spirits up. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.♥

Lil Bitty Bit
*hugs you tight* I'm praying for you hun. Stay strong, think positive, excercise when you can...even if it's just walking. Eat as healthy as you can. You will be pretty sick a couple days after and about the time you start feeling better again...it will be time for another treatment.

I've had no experience with cancer, but I hope your treatment goes well and you take care of yourself.

I am sorry you will have to go thru the chemo. They do have some wonderful drugs out now that will help you with the nausea. I always felt bad three days after chemo, that is when the good cells started to rebuild, it felt like having the flu. Involved was muscle and bone pain, fatigue. Soaking in a warm bath with epsom salts really helped me, tylenol helped as well. I didn't have any vomiting or weight loss. My appetite remained fine. Chemo can be accumulative, so as it goes on you may feel worse. When and if you have bad side effects, talk with your onc, they may be able to adjust your meds to help you along.
Drink lots of water to flush out the chemo, plus it protects your kidneys to flush out as much as possible.

All the best in your treatment

Oh honey, holy shiet - that's wicked news... The battle is very long here isn't it. I have no experience with it other than skin cancer, and it is a little different being. Godspeed through this!

I have survived it, First get your head right, second light up a joint after every treatment, helps with nausea , allow your self 15 minutes every day to cry, no more no less. Live your life to the best of your ability.
I beat it 23 years ago, I was given three months to live. Still here,

need to talk let me know

omg. i hate that you are going thru this.
enough is enough. i fkn hate cancer. ♥

Shiiit Lucky, what crappy news...I'm hugging you sweetie......
I think it just depends on the individual. My aunt had lymphoma, she had good days and bad days....

Harley Mama!!
OMG! I'm so sorry! You're still in my prayers Dear. BIG (((HUGS)))

I'm so sorry sweetie; i've never dealt with cancer but i just wanted to show up and give you a hug...

johnny trash
my grandma went through chemo for lung cancer about 10 years ago, and she did good with it. she would feel bad for a couple of days after a treatment, but it wasnt that bad

Sweetie....I am so sorry to hear about that *hugs*

It has been my experience that patients are ALWAYS sick 48-72 hours following chemo therapy...that is when they are experience nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, tired, depression. I always tell people to continue taking PRN (as needed) medications until 5-7 days following chemo even though symptoms might not exsist. If these PRN meds are taken scheduled, around the clock, systems are not as severe as if you had waited until the first problem arised. Generally chemo docs are generous with re-fills on anti-emetics, pain, depression meds etc.

I also recommend getting a big a$S pill box to keep track of all your meds and fill ahead of time (even with those PRN meds) because when you are not feeling well, it is easier to reach for a pill slot then a ton of bottles then trying to read them, you get the idea

I also suggest to my patients that they rest when they feel like they need to and eat WHATEVER they are hungry for. Chances are you might loose your taste, Ms. Dash sometimes helps bring back the taste of food. It also helps to eat what you are hungry for because there will be days when you don't want to eat.

In terms of hair loss, most chemotherapies do NOT have these side effects, but if your particular regiment does.........I donate my hair every 3 years to locks of love...and this is my year to donate again....If you are interested, I can ask that my hair be donated to you....if you can handle the naughty blonde wig xxx

Best of wishes and know I am always here to help <3

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