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I have cancer as well as being sick. Is there anything else I can do besides chemo?
I dont have anything else 2 say!!

First ask your doctor. It depends on how sick u are, and how bad the cancer is. Like i said your best bet is to go to the doctor

Pray for the LORD to heal you,you know he's still in the healing business.

Chemo is not just one treatment there are many types of Chemo treatment more specialized to different types of cancers. I would suggest you go online,look up your type of cancer,who specializes in that type, and what clinical trials is out there,and get to that hospital.There are free air travel for cancer victims and if your oncologist isn't"t doing enough to help you get another one !!! It's your life!! Also to any cancer victims and family members who want to know what oncologist read and all the latest treatments available you can get a FREE magazine called CURE and you can find them at oncologist offices or at www.curetoday.com it really helped us get thur our mom's cancer and we gave it to a relative who got lung cancer and was given a year to live but thanks to CURE she found the latest treatments and is going on her second year in remission!! God Bless all cancer victims former,current,and yet to be victims.

Sherri A
There is radiation and surgery. But Chemo is your best bet.

I have cancer and am going through treatment right now. Have you done any mind/body work such as yoga, meditation or tai chi? Some days I feel so exhausted, I think I couldn't possible get through a yoga class, but I make myself do it, and end up feeling energized, and empowered that I am doing something good for my body and helping it to heal.
Energy work such as Reiki (I am a Reiki Therapist), is a great thing to learn and have done. You can treat yourself....
Cancer is an uncertain disease, and the treatment can make you feel like a prisoner, but remember you do have POWER and there are things you CAN control. Diet, exercise, the people you spend time with, the activities you pursue, the personal care and indulgences you give yourself, and most importantly your ATTITUDE.
Stay strong
Keep smiling

Ever look into alternative medicine? Go to therapy(Massage/Accupuncture/Aroma) and look into herbal supplements to boost your immune system to get you through the chemo without dragging so much.

Your oncologist should be able to give you meds to avoid being sick. Unfortunately chemo seems to be the only thing we have to rely on to help. I hope that this helps. Best of luck.

pray 2 God and live ur life as if its ur last and check out cute guys! hehe lol :)

furious but whatever
You could look into some alternative medicines or natural medicines. Maybe modify your diet. Do a search, I'm sure there are many sites to help. Good luck.

I am sorry my grandfather dies of cancer -- there are extreme methods that involve shark cartilage ad other non medicinal methods of tratng it - unfortunately ther is no good solution and kemo justkills your faster in my opinion. Good luck I hope it goes into remission

Chemotherapy is awful. I know; I went through twelve months of it. It beats the alternative, though, which is death.

Oliver Kloz-Hoff
shouldn't this question be asked of your oncologist, not a bunch of strangers huddled at their computers?

No. The only way to remove cancer right now is chemotherapy.

restrict your food intake to as much healthy food as possible, drink lots of spring water (not the bottle stuff)
and use your mind to cure yourself, you have to really believe you can cure yourself and it will work, I don't mean just saying it, I mean doing it. Good luck

Well I hope you get well cancer is not easy all you can do is hang in there and pray.

I'm sorry to hear that.

I've come through it, I had one dose at the start and one dose after 6 weeks.

In between, I was on a trials program and had pills.
They controlled the cancer until my operation.
If you can find a cancer trials program, there are various treatments (pills/liquid).

Radio therapy will shrink the growth so making it easier for the surgeon to remove.

I hope things go well for you - it's not easy.

amy sterious strangerthenfiction
i have had a freind of mine use radoiactive needles under the skin (needles were put inside the cancers themselves) (the radation is more localise that way)

there are natual remedies...i don't know any right off hand but i imagion if you go searching you will find them

that is all the advice a can give right now..good luck in whichever direction you choose to go

find an energy healer, if it doesn't dissolve the cancer, it will still help your energy level.

You definately need to cut out eating any refined sugar. Cancer cells feed off of glucose. Also please do some research on your body's ph balance and how that effects the growth of cancer. A really great website to research stuff like this is www.mercola.com

Hope this helps - and I hope you completely recover quickly.

Natural Health Consultant
You can also try some alternative treatments.

I'm sorry you have cancer. I also have cancer. I was suppose to have a mastectomy, but at the last second I changed my mind. There really is an alternative to chemo(mustard gas) therapy. First, you must see a naturopath. Get your ph level to a safe level. Cancer, or any disease for that matter, cannot live, or develop in an alkaline level. Too much acidity in the blood is a breeding ground for disease. Absolutely, reduce all stress from your life. A really great book to help you understand all of this, is Kevin Trudeau's Natural Cures They don't Want You To Know About. I was diagnosed in March and I am now feeling better than I have in 15 years. Please consult with a holistic Healer. Contact me if you like, for any questions or support. Good luck.

Jim H
My dad died of lung cancer in 1985 their was a treatment of being injected with medicine made from peach seeds in Mexico that I guess helped a little doctor had told us he had 6 month to live he made it 6 years but I am not really sure it was the shots. It was at TIAWANNA { spelling

If you are sick because of the chemo, I hope you will consider smoking a big fat joint. It makes your sickness from chemo go away. Don't worry about the law right now. In time it will be legal for people like you to do it without the worry of legal trouble. Just do it. It will make you feel better. The law at this point is your last concern. Good luck. I really do wish you the best. If you would like someone to talk to, you can reach me if you try.

Know it all
There are many other ways to treat cancer and almost all of them are more effective and safer than chemo. Check the link below for more details.

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