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Julie B
I have a lump in my left breast (nothing in the right one), it is relatively small and doesn't really cause me?
any problems until I'm due on, about a week before it really hurts - you can't even lean on it without it hurting. I'm 26 years old and did go to my doctors about this, who referred me. I went Private and saw a consultant who did a fine needle aspiration, the results came back as fine and I went back 6 months later for a check up - he didn't do an ultra sound, he just felt it and said it was fine. It hurts though. Is it definitely fine?

you should go to the doctor. maybe you have breast cancer? i am not saying you do but it is a possibility. hope you get better.

well how do we know? get another check up and ask for it to be removed because it could turn into something nasty

It's never a problem to be TOO cautious. I'd say go get it checked again, seeing as it's been a few months later. I hope the ABSOLUTE best for you.

Lesley G
If you really don't believe it's fine get a second opinion ask your doctor to refer you to someone else.

if you feel uncertain get a second opinion, so many people r misdiagnosed all the time. but I'm sure it's nothing so don't get yourself worked up, your so young its probably nothing

im not an expert but ive heard that cancerous lumps dont hurt...but keep getting it checked its ur life after all and after all the news of women who died after doctors got it wrong jesus its ur bloody life, the doctors who misdiagnose get to live on,maybe a bit of guilt and a bad rep but once again,its u who suffer so get it checked and make sure someone takes it seriously.

some times are breast get sore ,but are you touching it as you are still quite worried .i had a lump and i think i aggravated it by keep messing around with it since iv left it alone its gone much better as you've had it checked out id try stop worrying so much

Change that is not needed.
Make a Dr appointment and insist that the lump be taken out...
have a sestamibi scan done.
I had mammo's, ultrascans, needle aspirations done all saying that "you have nothing to worry about'
I first discovered my lump in my left breast when my pug dog kept nuzzling the area of my breast, when I brushed her away from me, I felt a small lump...
I work at the hospital that kept telling me that I was OK...
The Dr. that kept telling me I was ok would actually roll her eyes when I showed back up in her office...and I pass her in the hall at work all the time....she knows I do not complain about anything at all, even during all the mastectomies and biopsy proceedures...
A needle aspiration goes to the core of a lump and does not check the outside for cancerous material...
Yours may be nothing..but for your peace of mind, keep insisting on a lumpectomy or sestamibi scan...dont stop till you get a true answer..

You are in charge of your health care. It is not as important to anyone else like it is to you. Follow your gut instincts and have someone else check it out.

Teri P
Make sure you get a mammogram if you still feel like something isn't right.

Ignore any idiotic responses here.
This lump indeed sound hormonal based.
I am certain your GP is correct. The aspiration came back NORMal. That should be enough to let you know you don;t have cancer.

Lisa S
Get a second opinion if you have the means, it could save you life. Pain is a signal that something is wrong. Go get help as soon as you can

Ranger Jim
Get a mammogram. Do you have a history of breast cancer in your family? I believe that there is some evidence of breast running in families (my grandmother and aunt both died of breast cancer). As other posters have said, it probably is just a cyst (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breast_cyst ), but...
I highly recommend checking WebMD.com and see what they have to say.

It is probably a cyst but if you are worried ask to have it removed

Nan's cat Tigger
Go to a gynecologist, a doc that specializes in women's health. He should order a mamogram.

Does it hurt before/during your period. Sometimes it can just be your natural cycle. But if you saw a doctor I'm sure what they said is right. Probably much better of an answer you'd find here. Doctors kinda went to school for the stuff they tell you, hopefully. But if you're not satisfied. See another doctor. There's no harm in multiple opinions.

I had a small lump in my breast and my G.P. sent me straight away for a ultra sound without question. This could have been because i was aged 50 and he was taking precautions, still a 26 year old should still have the same treatment as an older lady where any lumps in the breast are concerned especially if any female relatives in your family have had breast troubles. Go back to your G.P and tell him you are stressed out with worry and only a ultra sound check will put your mind at rest

Muriel L
you need to ask this private consultant what happened when he gave you a needle aspiration if it was a cyst, because doing a needle aspiration would have burst the cyst and fluid would have come out, if this didn't happen you need to go back and insist on having more tests done.please get in touch with this consultant and ask him what the outcome was of your test good luck x

If you are worried ask for a mammogram...simple and quick...though it sounds as if it is to do with your cycle.

If you are concerned always follow up or get a second opinion. Ask about the possibility of hormones or fibrocystic breasts... always write down the questions you and and be sure to ask...ask...ask... your doctor, he/she doesn't know your concerns if you don't ask... I wish you luck

If you feel concerned, get a second opinion. Most insurance companies will pay for a second opinion.

Good luck!

if it only hurts when you are due a period then its probably hormonal, but if you are still worried then go back to your gp, thats what they are there for, good luck

Hello. I know you have had a test and you were told it was fine but without a full ultrasound or screening you can't be 100% sure. How long have you had the lump? Has it changed in size at all? I think you should go back and tell them that you are still very concerned and inform them of the pain it is causing you. It could be a blocked duct / gland or something similar. You must go back and get a second opinion ,you owe it to yourself. I hope it's ok. Clair

it's probably a cyst..one of my friend had that.

breast cancer usually does not hurt; also, the biopsy report should reassure you that you are fine

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