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I've just recived the worse new in my life!?
i just found out that my mom has liver cancer and i don't think she knows it. my mom live in germany and i'm in the states, i don't know what to do other then cry! my mother is like my back bone if i lose her then i lose everything. how can i be stronger?
Additional Details
my mom does know but she doesn't want anyone to know. I found out from my older sister that also lives in Germany and she found out from my mothers nurse that comes over 3 time a day.

First one must study such a disease and decide what to do next as treatment plan. One thing I know for sure is lver cancer is very bad news. I heard people died one within one year of finding out such diagnosis. It is one of the worse of all cancers. My advice is try to be positive for the last few years or days of life on earth. Enjoy while one still can between parents and child. Also, look at death as wonderful instead of sadness. A dying person will open up new resources and job opportunity for others who are living.

Most humans are greedy that is why when they are going to die they feel very sad. The thing is dying is part of being great for humanity. If God exists then one can surely feel good that they will be at another place for eternity.

pray we all r with u

Prayer and modern medicine can give your mother hope of recovery.#1 though is a positive attitude.You can't go around thinking the worst.It is said that what ever you think will happen will happen good or bad.So think good things hopeful thoughts.I know this isn't very sensitive to say right now but You can and will be fine when your mother passes away now or if she lives another 40 years.You are an individual and as much as you love and depend on your mother one day she will no longer be here for you at least not in the physical sense. So the best gift you can possible give to your mother and yourself is that you show both of you that your going to be OK whatever happens. Give her your love and support now more than ever and think positively. God bless you and your mother and family I hope the for the best.

It's ok to cry. I know how you feel. I just lost my daughter to breast cancer. I didn't think I could live without her either, it is not easy. You have to be strong when you see your Mom or talk to her on the phone. When you're alone you must to to get all your crying over with. When you first hear this terrible news it's most difficult. Hang in there, and I sincerely wish you the best.

my father died of cancer one year ago. he was my last relative alive. you can't be stronger....you just HAVE TO be stronger, for her sake.
don't cry and don't let her feel your pain. the pain she will feel it will be double if she sees you're that hurt.
let her feel you are there. let her feel she has made a good job raising you let her be a part of all the small things that happen to you.
it is the best you can do now
and you owe her to be strong woman now.

Sunny V
Sorry to hear about your mother. Keep praying and ask her to go to a specialist, if god wants she'll be fine.

But be strong, because, someday every one of us has to go. So sooner or later she'll go away. No one can avoid death. So be calm and dont cry, just keep faith in god, and make sure she takes her medicines on time and keep in contact with doctor, so that you'll know how her health is.

All the best. God bless her.

I am sorry to hear that,may god watch over her.


Great question - so much feeling. But step back for a moment: it is not the worse news of your life, close, but I KNOW it would be worse news if the doctor just told you that YOU had liver cancer.

Fear (opposite of "strong") is caused a lot of times by lack of knowledge - so first LEARN the cancer and it's treatments so you can help your mom.

first: talk to the doctor, have her bring someone with her (if possible, someone with some medical exp) to listen also.

Second: write down what he says; what they CAN do; there is are always options.

Third: Ask questions - write them down before hand and go over them.

Forth: Go home and RESEARCH the web; but be careful about the sites; make sure they are reputable,a couple of good ones are: American Cancer (www.cancer.org) and NCI (www.cancer.gov) , also look up the specific "problem" you have on their website (usually a ".org".

Fifth: once you have "good information" then go for that 2nd opinion. See if you get the same answers.

You don't have to be stronger - you need to be supportive; what does she need from you ? how can you help her? She knows that this is going to hurt; you have to be in it together.

Interesting paper - not so much for you but it is SO true. http://www.cancerlynx.com/angels_bolters.html

Again, sorry about your mom but....

It also sounds like you could "talk" to someone about your feelings; again you have to have your own "house" in order to help someone else with theirs.

You HAVE a backbone; it just isn't very strong because you have had her to support you. It is time to take all the lessons you learned from her and you be the backbone.

You will not loose "everything" is she goes: as was once said "everyone dies" so once you get by this you can see that yes, it is going to hurt a lOT, but you wnat to make every moment count and be there for he when she really needs it.

Good Luck

27 months and still here

sOuL dOcToR
Homeopathic Cure for Advanced Liver Cancer:-
1.SULFUR 30, Thrice a day half hour before Meals.
2.BRYONIA 200, Once a day for the first three days then on alternative days just one dose a day.
3.CARDUUS MARIANUS Q(Mother Tincture) and
4.CHELIDONIUM MAJUS Q(Mother Tincture)
15 to 20 drops each in a sip of water thrice a day. Followed by 5.LYCOPODIUM 1M(1000) three drops in a sip of water just once a week.
Please report back after one week of taking the remedies.
By the grace of God your mother can be cured with regular usage of these remedies like a lot of patients I have treated before her. Just have faith and pray for your mothers health and follow the instructions to the dot.
And remember Avoid Chocolates Coffee Mints and Red Meat while she is taking these remedies.
Take Care and God Bless You and Your Mother and give her a long healthy life ! Amen !

Tsk tsk.. pray.... Praying is for the weak in my mind... First off how do you know and she doesn't seems odd? You need to talk to her about it and try to make thigns better for her and yourself. I have family that has had cancer.. it isnt fun at all.. but you have no control over it, so there's no reason to get destroyed from this. If she seeks help there is always a chance of people living... could possibly even get a new liver. I hope all things go well for you and her!

I'm sorry about the bad news.God bless you and your mom.

She can beat it. Miracles are possible. I know what you're going through. My mother had cancer 3 times. She is still in radiation treatment for the third and she's already good as new. Back to work full time and everything.

Goes to show you anything's possible. Pray for her and I'll do the same.

How can you know your mother has cancer and she doesn't know it? Wouldn't she be the first to know?

Cancer is hard on anyone involved regardless of the type. Liver cancer is one of those where it doesn't matter the treatments you know its a matter of time because no one can live without a liver.

Call your mother and tell her you love her and have her call and talk to the person that told you that she has liver cancer. She needs to know asap so she can start taking care of her affairs before she's too sick to do anything.

I'm so sorry for your news. I'm sure many of us here on Answers will keep her in our prayers. May I ask you how you obtained your mother's medical information?

keep faith and dont lose hope...medicine does miraculous things these days...be with her all the time...take care of her n urself too :)

Pray and look for alternatives to chemo....link below...

I am so sorry, I just found out that my sister who is 46 breast cancer is back and it is now in her liver. I am having a hard time dealing with this also. She needs support and you do also. Make sure you talk about good times with her and tell her how much you love her. If you are able to visit, try to. I don't know if you have any other family here, but let them know you need their support during this trying time in your life. God bless you and take care of yourself also. There is a lot of good advice in this thread.

Is there anyway she can have a liver transplant? Can she go through radiation or chemo? If her cancer isn't that far advanced, there might be answers. Good luck and I will pray for you.

Which stage is she at? The best advise I can give you is to pray. How did you find out? your mom should be told. She has a lot to decide and there will be no closure for anyone if she doesn't know and can't give you instructions. A trip for her to you or you to her would give you two some comfort in the meantime. You may want to find out all yo can about liver cancer in the meantime. Knowledge is power.
For now, whatever religion you belong to, get as many people to pray for her as possible. I've read an article whereby the doctor who had carried out a study on prayers with cancer patients, found that people with cancer survived or cope better with prayers. He did this study in a few countries and he can't explain it except to say that there is some unexplainable power at work.
I'll pray for you and your mom.
God Bless.

If she's that important, dry the tears and get up and do something! You need to be the master of your destiny!

first of all my condolences.. now you need to call and talk to your mother. If indeed she does have liver cancer, your time is short and you need to be as honest as you can with each other. Next talk to your spiritual counselor, a good friend or even go to a therapist to deal with the loss of someone. even if we know our time is short, it is still hard to deal with when it happens. Your mother must know something is wrong with her and you need to make plans to spend some time with her to help her too deal with this and to help her get her affairs in order. Also make the most of the time that you have, dont wallow in sadness, but rejoyce in the good times that you have had and the ones you will make. best of luck

The first thing to remember is that cancer is no longer a guarentee of death. Find out all the information you can about the disease and treatment options. This is the time to make her life happy and create perfect memories. Do not focus on her death, but the life she can have. It is for you to become her back bone and be her support. I suggest that you find a support group for people who have family members with cancer. Get the support you need so you can support her. It also would not hurt to pray.

Sorry young lady. Not easy to take I know. find a friend you can cry with and do what you cn for your mother. I do not know how to make it easy for you.

I am so sorry this is happening to you. I will pray for you and your mother. I suggest you pray as well, stay in contact with her as much as possible, and if you can, go and see her as soon as you can. I would also talk to someone you trust about your feelings and just vent. I hope everything works out for you and your mom.

It is sad to hear such news and one feels so helpless. A friend of mine in Central America also found out that his mother has cancer and probably no more than 6 months to live. I would like to help out in some way but there is nothing I can do.. So horribly helpless I feel.

pray for strength.

i don't know what to tell you other than i am very sorry to hear that. i will say a prayer for you and your family. just try to be strong.

Crystal C
Many people fight cancer and win each and every day. Just keep faith and pray. May God be with you and your mother every step of the way. I will keep you in my heart.


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