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 can you die from lung cancer?

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i need a paragraph, and not from other sites....in your own words please....

ok so i just now found this out but I felt my (right) testical this morning and i felt a lump within my right testical. Is this a sign of testicular cancer or is this normal for a 13 year old boy?...

I've been smoking for likea year or so think i have lung cancer?

u really don't have lung cancer.r u having trouble swallowing

Anything is possible...my grandma passed away from lung cancer last yr not only because she smoked, but it just so happened that it runs in the family, both her mom and bro died from the same cause...so some ppl r more vulnerable than others.

Tiffany C
I dont think it happens that quickly...it might depend on how MUCH you smoke. But even if you go to a doctor and turn out to be cancer free, it isn't the only thing you should be worried about. Smoking leads to a lot of diseases like cardiovascular disease and can mess you up in ways most people don't consider. You should try to quit...because even if you don't have cancer NOW you'll probably get it soon.

Not unless you've been smoking a carton a day. But you should quit now. You're only a year in. Quit now.

im not a doctor or anything but if u have been smoken 4 a year and juss a year u probaly dnt got lung cancer. but to make sure go get checked out b4 its too late.

I've smoked for 20 yrs. Am I dead yet?

sOuL dOcToR
Well Instead of Saying It Here !
Why don't you go have yourself checked from a doctor !
Come on hurry it up !
You might discover its just a congestion which can be remedied very easy !
But you must have a thorough Check Up !
Its for your own good !
Take care and God Bless you !
Keep us posted about the checkups results !

When you smoke, you naturally increase your chances in developing cancer. It'd be a good idea if you could quit smoking!

what a stupid question. It's not even a question.

ok so get some treatment. why do you smoke?

Stop immediately. If you don't you'll get lung cancer later.

see a doctor or operate on yourself and remove the cancer I do My own surgeries

Maybe you do have lung cancer. Guess its natures way of cleaning up the gene pool.

captain redbeard
Some Are More Vulnerable To Cancer Than Others, So Go Get It Checked Out!

I don't think so, but if you are not feeling OK, see a Doctor, so you will feel better.
I am smoker since 1982 and I am not proud of it, but still try to quit smoking. Don't do like me !

Mr. T-Burg
You may want to go to a doctor and have them check that out so you can know for sure. It is best to know about it early so it be treated. The longer you wait the more likely it will spread, thus increasing your chances of dying from it.

Rocker Chick
never know hunni, i started when i was 12 i am now 35 and smoke almost 2 packs a day. try to quit sweetie before it is too late. i know i want to

Penguin Gal

Probably not, but quit anyway.

Get to a Dr.Best wishes.I sure hope you do not!

You can't just think you have lung cancer. See a doctor for chest x-rays, that will determine if you do or not. And quit smoking, it will kill you in the end

It's a good way to start. Look up Yul Brennar's anti-smoking commercial and watch it. It's only about a minute. I'm about 20 years into it, and boy, I think about the money I wasted and continue to waste. Quit! And if you're concerned about weight gain, how much weight does a cancer patient gain?

I have a friend who smokes 60 cigs a day and has done so for 14 years. You probably don't have lung cancer - but you may get it if you don't stop smoking. The sooner you stop the easirer stopping will be - so give up now unless you want lung cancer.
Every cigarette is a risk you should not take.

Linda R
No one knows for sure until they are diagnosed.This is something you should get professional medical care for.Tell your doctors your feelings.I had breast cancer and it was only found through a mammogram.There was no lump in sight or to feel it was so deep.I'm going to try the patch myself tomorrow to see if I can quit for good.I know two people a man and a woman who both stopped 38yrs.&40yrs.ago.The woman is having treatments "Chemo" now for lung cancer.The man has been on oxgent,this was all due to smoking even though they stopped so many years ago.Don't let it go,find out for sure...I'll pray for you.


old biker dude
yes definitely

So stop smoking already.

Highly unlikely.

Just go to the doctor. You might have irritated your lungs or just have a treatable illness.

In the meantime, stop smoking.

Well, thankfully for you, you don't.

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