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Life Is Good
I'm scared.... I'm 14 and I smoke and I'm showing the signs of cancer?
I smoke cigarettes and recently I have throat pain all the time and my tongue is also always in pain. I also am out of breath all the time and my lungs sometimes feels like a knife is stabbing up them. My tongue is always in excruciating pain and my throat. I heard these are the signs of oral cancer or lung cancer. Could it be something else or am I dying of cancer and don't even know it?

Judging by your name, and what you've put in this question, you just seem like a waste of a life.

Carry on smoking and die slowly and painfully, I will be there to laugh over your corpse...

Sexy beast
When i was 14 i smoked and i had some of those symtoms but i went to the doctor and i got checked out at the doctor and i got treatment and told my parents. everything will be alright so do the right thing before its too late

You should not ignore your symptoms and should consult your doctor about them. You might have some kind of infection that needs to be treated. And, smoking is not cool...I don't think it usually kills 14 year olds, but it kills adults who started smoking at 14 all the time. Cigarette companies are banking on getting you hooked at this age because they know once you get older, you'll have too much common sense to fall for their advertising. Don't let them fool you that way! Don't make rich people richer at the expense of your health and your life. I'm an ex smoker so I'm not trying to judge you, just help you. It's not worth the money, the bad health, or the effort to quite once you realize what a bad idea it is.

It sounds to me like your average throat infection. Oral/throat and lung cancers and massively rare in your age group and Im sure its just something as simple as a touch on tonsillitis.

You will damage your body forever if you continue to smoke, it is a terribly dangerous habit and you will increase your risks of these cancers in later life if you do continue do to this.

Please do the responsible thing and quit smoking, if you are this worried about cancer you will do this for yourself.

Could it be any plainer?

sounds like your body is getting used to smoking. Probably a good reason to quit.

and go get checked out by a doctor so you can see what is going on. It's illegal to smoke and it's pretty much just consequences. Life isn't so good anymore, is it?

BasketMonster. (:
maybe you should stop smoking, smart one.

wow dude u should stop

Dave M
it's your body telling you that you are poisoning yourself.

heed the warning and stop smoking now.

talk to your parents- yes even if it means punishment for you- punishment is temporary- death is forever.

I would stop smoking right away and go see a doctor. You never know, it could be, or could be the consequences of smoking. I wouldnt take chances though. Go seeeee a doctor =/

i think you should really tell your parents

& i think you shoulsd go get that checked out by a doctor

MJ LUVA<3 :)
ths is pretty much common sense, i mean im 14 n i even no wat 2 do!

You should see a doctor. I think you know that you are way to young to start smoking, especially since it's bad even for adults. You should start by quitting asap and see a doctor to determine your health concerns and treatment. I hope you don't have cancer, or anything else serious. Since you are only 14, my guess is that you haven't been smoking that long, so if you are in this much pain just imagine where you will be if you keep smoking.

You probably don't have cancer. But you should stop smoking before you get it.

You could have bronchitis or strep because of your smoking. I don't think it could be cancer yet but you should really quit smoking just to be safe. It's disgusting anyways and pretty soon you'll have to leave town just to smoke. More are more places are becoming smoke free. You should be too.


These are the effects of smoking. It is unlikely you have developed cancer at such a young age due to smoking, but this doesn't mean it is not making you ill. You are poisoning yourself. Smoking is bad at any age, but smoking as a child when your body is still growing and developing is even worse for your health. You could very well end up with cancer or emphysema in the future. You need to quit now, today, and get healthy.

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Beth G
You're probably going to die in the next 2 months if you don't quit. If you quit, though, the cancer will change it's mind and go away. It'll be a miracle!


Don't be stupid, quit smoking.

Missy <3
what made it appealing for you to smoke in the first place??? u need to tell your parents and hope for the best.

Fully armed in the battle of wits
This is definitely NOT the place to be asking this question. Your parents need to take you to your pediatrician immediately.

Randy F
cool your jets and go see the doc

go get tested retard. Since its just tobacco you wont get arrested or anything. Tell your parents that youve been smoking and get your **** straight.

Nate S
You might not be dying of cancer, but you are obviously showing signs of degradation in your throat.

Simple answer is quit now or you WILL get cancer and die early. Most people even who start in their 20's can get cancer in their 30's/40's. Imagine you having started at 14!

Then stop smoking, idiot

You're ******* 14. Unless you've been smoking since you were 2, I don't think you have anything to worry about. You probably have asthma, or chronic bronchitis. Quit being a sissy, either that or quit smoking until you're legally allowed to smoke.

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