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 Is it possible for a Male to get breast cancer?
This has always been question thats been in my head for years....

 After recovering from cancer is it healthy to smoke weed?
my friend Danielle's mom just recovered from throat cancer and she had radiation and khemo on her face and she smokes weed now, is that fine??
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she doesnt smoke ...

 why do people start smoking?
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 Am I the only mother that would do this?
So we are on a trip in Mexico for 9 more days. I have 2 boys ages 14 and 8 and they have extremely fair skin, and there is skin cancer in our family genes. Yes, I slather bot of them down with ...

 what doesn't cause cancer?
is there anything left? i am dreading the day they tell us that air causes cancer and we have to stop breathing....

 People think I'm faking cancer?
Over a year ago I was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer at the age of 20. When I was going through it, I knew there were people who didn't believe me and spread that I'm faking it. I ...

 Breast Cancer!! I'm only 13?
I was wondering how to check for breast cancer. 'Cause I have pimple like lumps on my nipple. Also is it possible to get pimples on your breasts cause I've been wearing the same bra, ...

 What can i do for a friend who is dying?
okay my best guy friend from my childhood is in the hospital with blood cancer. hes been there for more then two months and just got placed in a hospice.im always by his bedside every day, and if im ...

 I've found a lump in my breast...?
It's just n the middle of my cleavage,and it hurts when you put pressure on it. could it be cancer? I'm 20 years old, but theres no history of it in my family.


 If smoking is bad for our health, then why don't they just stop making cigarettes?

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I would't dare stop you from smoking to death; that is your choice. I won't even try to convince all the smokers out there that smoking is bad for our ...

 help me i think i'm dying.?
ok so starting about a year ago i strated getting headaches all the time it stoppd for about 6 months and then it started agaian but along with the headaches i got extremely dizzy, i started to have ...

 I am dying of of cancer, but i can't tell my fiance or family. I don't want them to fuss over me. I am scared

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 is it possible to get lung cancer after 1 year of smoking?
like 10 a day. im 17 years old male. help im ...

 How do I deal with this (my dad is dying of stomach cancer)?
He was going to go through chemotherapy, but the cancer spread too much and there is nothing they can do. So basically people are going to come over 3 times a week to give him a shot so he won't ...

 Why isn't cigarette smoking illegal?
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 i've heard its cancer causing to sleep with a regular bra at night.
but is it okay to sleep with a sports bra without the same effect?...

 How should I act around my Aunt who has lung cancer? ?
My aunt lives in Germany. My Mom and Grandma are going to go visit her in November, although it might be pushed up considering she is very ill. She is only 39 years old and has always been a free ...

 How Do Cigarettes Cost?
How much Do Marlboro lights cost (a.k.a the gold package)

I need to give my friend money so shell buy them for me

I also live in iowa
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No its not, ...

 is weed worse than cigarettes?
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im trying to prove her right
which one is ...

Pink n Wise
I'm Just So Happy!!! Want to share.?
After two rounds of chemo. I've been told all my tumours have halved in size, and although I have to have two more rounds of chemo. I shall have a treatment-free summer......yippee! Just had to share with you all.....especially all who have sent me good wishes. x x x
Additional Details
Thank you all...I feel great! I wish I could buy you all a glass of champagne! Bless you all. X X X

You have made my day with this wonderful news , God bless you youl be fine now my sister-inlaw is also enjoying recovery this is over five years now and shes looking brilliant , her hair is coming back I bagged her wig ,cause I I only borrowed this one off the Avater sight.. (X)

I am sending you best wishes too ,hope you have a great summer.xxxxx

What a lovely feeling that must be for you. Its so nice to hear some good news.

I hope you go from strength to strength

have a lovely summer and I'm sure you'll enjoy every moment.

Thank you for sharing your excellent news with us - I think it is fantastic when people let us now how they are getting on - congratulations and good luck, I hope you have a wonderful summer xx

Very, very pleased for you! xxxxxxx

Hi Pink n Wise.
Congrats on your therapy.
Life is precious and wonderful.
Lots of love and luck to you xxxxxxxoooooooxxxxxxx.

Bernie c
WOW that's great news I know how your feeling as a member of my family went through the same and that was nearly 12 years ago, we had a great year that year as life was so good, so YIPPEE to you and good luck x

XO Brit what a lovely jesture I can almost hear the tune to what you have written.

All I can say to you is that is wonderful news and well done you. Keep on with the healthy eating it helps with the chemo especially green leafy veg like cabbage and Kurly Kale!Big hugs and kisses too xxxx

Yep. Good luck. You've been through a lot. Hope they disappear for good and you live happily ever after.!!

awww thats great to see you are half way there with the treatment hopefully with other sessions of chemo they will be gone for good, wish you all the best for the future, just live your life to the fullest and dont let anything get you down im sure youll pull through with your fighting and happy spirits, best wishes again, lauren x x x

marie m
Way to go girl! Look after that body; no pollutants - try and keep away from the dairy and meat products; have your diet as clean and fresh as possible;juices are good, especially carrot juice, and get out there; life is just waiting for you!

Fantastic news.

woooooo you go!! thats great news!! yes i will share your happyness :) i am glad that something good has come out of something bad for you. i hope you get better completely and be happy for some time. best wishes. :) xxx


That is awesome. I wish you lots of luck!


im so happy for you, i just lost my grandad and 2 nans to cncer this year already, so am glad to hear someone made it. keep smiling and be brave cos it could be alot worse

That's brilliant news well done you, roll on the summer.
your an inspiration to us all,keep on getting better.
Love Pixie.xxxx

Col. Hannibal Smith
Fantastic news. It's nice to hear of a success story and wish you all the best.

Best wishes

sian p
Congratulations - enjoy your summer.

Good luck xx

Mrs. Noo
That's brilliant. xxx

geoff d

Yay! Good work my friend!

Thats fantastic news, its really good to hear you will be able to have a more relaxing summer, I hope you enjoy it and that everything goes well for you in the future! xx

its wonderful you are stil so happy. your an insperation to everyone. Good luck for the future. You obvioulst have alot of support from people and they are so lucky to have someone so positive in their lives.


I am sincerely happy for you!!!
best of luck and an enjoyable summer to you

Funky Little Spacegirl
Congratulations, that's brilliant news. :)

~Funky Munky~
Well Done and Good Luck, it's nice to see success stories for once.

yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… we;r all happy 4 you., honey
i hope u'll b happy for the rest of ur life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very well done you are one of the lucky ones have a nice summer

Mr Magoo
congrats. dunno why your wasting time on here, go celebrate!

hey you thats fab congratulations have a great summer and all the best for the future hun.xx

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