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Poppy Scott
I'm 14 and have cancer, they need to shave my head. Should?
I am 14 and have a brain tumor.
They think they can operate, but they need to shave my hair to operate safely.
Should i shave it all of or only the selected area. And comb it over till it grows out???

Please help as this is obviously rather important to me.
Additional Details
Thank you all for your amazing comments

Don't worry i am going to have surgery

My question was actually if i should shave all of my head bald or only the area they need to operate on.


Hey, im totally sorry about you know, like your tumour.
MY aunt had breast cancer and although its not like on her head, and its gone now, eventaully it all fell out when she had chemo. She bought this gorgeous wig, and i didnt find out till after her hair started to grow back that it was fake!
What im saying is that maybe you shoudl just shave it all off, (or you could get a wig?) or at least do it when it begins to fall out on its own, because when you have chemo itll come out eventually, so keeping whats left is only retaining false hope that it wont go.
Hey dont see it as a bad thing! when it grows back you get to have luscious locks unlike us who have frazzled dyed hair!
I hope things turn out ok :)

Miss Awesomeness
u could always get a wig. hope this helps **)

Diane T
It depends on what part of the brain the tumor is on. If it's low on the back of your head then don't shave it all. Any where else go for it, they do wonders with wigs now. God Bless You and Good Luck.

k a t i e ; l o v e l y
You have to have the strength to do so. They say that when your hair comes back it will come back in a completely different color and texture. My mother has breast cancer, and she's done with chemo now, and HER hair is coming back jet black and perfectly straight. But, her old hair was reddish/blonde and really curly. I think that you should find a comfy wig, BEFORE that way you have something to look forward to! If you do only want to shave the patch, then by clip in extensions in your favorite color for a cool look! I am 14, too, and I understand how you feel, I've had many illnesses myself. If you ever need to talk, email me at [[email protected]]. I will not mind. I write songs so if you want me to dedicate one to you, tell me what to write about. It doesn't have to be about the cancer, it can be about ANYTHING. I really hope that you have a easy going operation, my mother is having hers on the 16th of this month. I am praying for you.

they shave it off hun. it will just be the area they need to operate on. you'll get through this=)
brain cancer/ tumour treatment is getting better each day
much luck for the future from kaz xxx

well i would shave the part where they need to operate and after woulds if it doesn't look nice then i would try to make it look nice but if nothing works then i would shave it off. i hope u get better soon so you can hang out with your friends and have a good time

whatever you feel makes you happy ,god bless.

Life is more important than hair!

Good Luck!

all off for the best saftey

My sister in law had the same thing and they only shaved a portion of her hair and she wore a wig, but by the time she was done with chemo therapy she didn't have any left.

Don't worry about your hair, worry about getting better your hair will grow back and you can always wear a wig until it grows back.

They have some beautiful wigs now days!

Best Wishes!

Hello Poppy.
Your story is so sad, I am 14 to, and am dexistated for you.
I think it would be easier to just shave it all off, then it will all be the same lenght when it grows back .
Stay strong, Get well soon and Good luck xx

As everyone has said i am sorry i am your age i would find it difficult if i was in your shoes,
if it was me i would think about it
like what is your hair length, if it is short i would shave it all off
my hair is mid-long but thinking about it now i would of shave it all off because it would be better for the doctors as they wouldnt have much trouble getting the other hairs away in the first place.

well thats my opinion, i hope it goes well x x

marty p
Go bald with pride sweetheart.

A fact which is only recognized by thoughtful men and women, baldness is earned. By years of living, by struggle against disease, by vow or affirmation of a personal beleif.

Baldness IS spiritual. Never forget that.

Elle K
You should take the opportunity to take the operation. You have more of a chance of getting better, and maybe if you get better your hair will grow back sooner or later :)

glen w
sorry to here of ur illnes.

theywill shave all ur hair of, they wont let u choose..basicly because the hygine risk...but it soon grows back or just wear a aht,, after all u have nothing to be ashamed off...

good luck with ur op

Tony Z
Im so sorry. And Like the others said, id rather be bald the rest of my life than have any kind of cancer.

please consider that your life is on the line. and i wouldnt give a **** about hair if i was you lol. Shave it.

this girl at my school had cancer. and half the guys in our grade shaved their heads for her. and a few girls. okay. its okay.

Kevin R
shave it all off!

No one I know, including me, has shaved their own head before surgery. The surgeon shaves as little as possible and since you have a brain tumor, (how do they know its cancer and not benign??), you know the standard treatment for brain cancer doesn't cause baldness.

I would think that you hair is a minor concern if you have a brain tumor. It doesn't really matter what it looks like if you die. Get the tumor taken care of, to hell with your hair.

I'm so sorry!!!
I think you should shave it all off. It will be more flattering than having patchy hair all over your head. Good luck sweetie :)

If it is safe, I would shave only the area before the surgery. Being totally bald can be really hard on a teenage girl. If, after the surgery, you feel that it would look better all bald, then you can do that then.

Good luck with your surgery, I hope all turns out well!

they will shave as much as needed prior to the operation, best not touch it to avoid cutting yourself and giving youself infections.

Leave it to the doctor, they know best. Do not do somnething that will hinder their work/success rate. Whatever happens to your hair, we try to adapt, like putting on a cap. All the best.

I'm sorry to hear that love.. it's shocking if ur not a bloody liar.. I hope it's not true anyway.. yes if it is required of you to shave it then do so.. god bless you love all my prayers be wiv u

Jennie P
Oh Sweetie,I am so sorry to hear about your situation,but don't let it get you down. I am a breast cancer survivor, I lost my hair during chemo, not like your case I know, but I wore different baseball caps and did my make up and kept my good attitude and survived! Bald is Beautifiul!! Make it work for you! Best of luck to you.
By the way, I'm 60 years old and this was just 2 years ago.

I think you should shave off as much as they tell you.
If it's too much get a cute wig!!
Good luck :]

Aww :(
The whole thing b/c just the
area would look funny but in the
mean time get somthing to cover
your head :)
i hope it all goes well :)

Shave it off, and wear it proudly. (metaphorically speaking)
Whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, and surviving cancer is a big survival story.
Most likely you will be respected by those who care, and those who don't... Well, who cares about them?

Tt G
shave your whole head. Mine is and it looks rather good.

Just let them shave what they need to, i hope the op is a success.

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