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--April (=
I'm 13 years old and I found a lump in my left breast. Is it breast cancer?
The lump is also on the side of my breast.

Aw :/ tell your guardian, and see a doctor immediately! If it is cancer, it can spread quickly! Don't hesitate to see a doctor!

Anjolina T
No it's not breast cancer, & usually a woman get breast cancer after 25-30 years of age, So don't worry. you can check this site for more information on breast cancer

maybe just ask you rmom or some one like that

does it feel like a marble (really hard) if not then you are ok, it is very unlikely that you have breast cancer in that age. it is just a lump - they come and go it is natural and they are not bad, just look for really hard ones

It could be. If I were you I'd go to the doctor it could be just a little fat deposit. Or maybe just a raised part in your breast.

Hope I helped(Good Luck!),


We recently discussed this with my 14 year old daughter's doctor. She felt a lump and was afraid she had breast cancer because I was diagnosed with it last year. At your age, it's very unlikely that you have breast cancer, BUT, this is something you should discuss with your mom. Seeing a dr would also help ease your fears.

why dont you check?
go and tell this to your mother

Erin. :)
im 12 and my mom has breast cancer. you probably dont have it, but go to the doctor! the smaller the lump the better.
good luck!

At your age the chances of having breast cancer are very close to zero. The biggest risk factor for breast cancer is getting older, and 80% of people diagnosed with it are over 50. It is extremely unusual in a teenager.

Even in adult women, most breast lumps aren't cancerous, and many women have naturally lumpy breasts. Your breasts are still growing and developing, and this is almost certainly hormonal.

While it is extermely unlikely to be cancer, if it persists and you're still worried talk it over with your mother or your school nurse.

You should def go to the gynecologist and find out. Don't try to be your own doctor, leave it upto the experts who spent 15 years in school learning about that stuff! Go get a check up as soon as possible! Wish you all the best

Some lumps and inconsistencies are normal. Especially during your menstrual cycle. Still, if you're worried, there's no harm in getting it checked by a doctor. Ask your mom about it and go from there.

Have your mom take you for a physical exam.

Sometimes breast development is uneven in young teens and sometimes the breast tissue is naturally - more importantly - normally lumpy.

Thirteen is not too young for your first gynocological exam anyway. Have your mom make the appointment.

It's probably just a cyst. Do you drink energy drinks or coffee? They can cause that. Have it checked out but it's more than likely a cyst.

Dr who
Most likely not cancer,but get your doctor to check you out.

get checked by a doctor it ASAP...have an adult take you in because it may or may not be serious

You should talk to your mother or consult the family doctor. It could be many things. For example since your going through puberty it could just as easily be calcium buildup

chandrasekaran.s A
if u find it with in one month time need not worry over it. it may be an ordinary lump that could be cured by taking medicines. any way take a scan just for best advice. by scanning u can detect its (lumps) size and all. this would be useful to compare the developments after medication. dont immediately go behind operation and all. consult with best doctor,who do not prefer knife etc. this may be due to blood clot arising from the habit of wearing hand bag on shoulder which is rubbing or touching side of brest.

Check it out with a doctor

do u exercise? like all the time? coz i had like a lump too something like that and i was freakin out, so iwent to see a doctor and she said it was just a muscle.but yeah go aheah and see a doctor.

No, its just a lump. Alot of women have those. Its normal.

At your age, I would say the likelihood is that it is a milk duct. This is very common. My daughters all had experiences like this when they were in their early teens. It is a good idea, however, to always something like that checked out. Tell your mom and make an appointment to see your doctor.

Relax...I found a lump when I was 16. It was just a cyst. The doctors told me that it is EXTREMELY rare for women under 30 to have lumps in their breast, and in the rare case that it a girl gets one it is almost always a cyst (harmless). I had a friend find one at 16 too, and it was just a cyst.

But you have to tell your mom or friends mom and go to a doctor. It's no big deal. I just got an ultrasound done. You go to the doctor, he or she feels it, very professional like, then they will probably recommmend that you get an ultrasound. You go to the ultrasound imaging center and one technician (usually female) moves an ultrasound wand thingamabob on it. It's not a big deal. But you HAVE TO GET IT LOOKED AT.

I don't think it is a clogged milk duct. Pregnant women and nursing women get those. You have no milk to plug it lol.

I swear it's no big deal to go to the doctor. I was a little embarrassed at first, but they just want to help you and they've seen more embarrassing things.

Oh, and I just read the marble comment, it doesn't mean anything if it feels like a marble. Get it checked out.

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