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Racist and Sexist
I'm 13 and I smoke.?
I'm trying to quit, but my mother smokes around me and hands me a ciggarette every 5 minuets. That doesn't help.

I've gotten down to 2 a day, but I went back to about 5 yesterday. IDK, I picked up on my momma's habit and now I can't quit? Am I too young to be smoking?

Rich W
You're not 13. Stop trying to provoke people into answering stupid questions.

ANYONE is too young to smoke.

ideally, no one should, no matter what age. i don't think there is ANY 'right age' to smoke!

so, there you are. have a nice day.
(and go get a chest x-ray done, i promise you it won't be funny anymore)

You definitely should seek proper help to help you quit smoking. I think your mom is a criminal and should be prosecuted for that behaviour.

How young is too young?...... I don't know, but I hope you quit because dying young is a sad thing to see.

oh my Gosh, you are soooo young. Do NOT get into a habit of smoking. Please stop now. You WILL get sick, you WILL get cancer.

Shame on your mother!!

Just think, in 30 years you can say.. I'm 43 and I have cancer.

Everyone is too young to be smoking, doesn't matter what age. Your mother shouldn't be handing you cigarettes, she could go to jail for that. Listen, call the police on your mother, because she can't be handing cigarettes to minors, and join a program around your neighborhood or buy some medicine that will help you stop.

hey i have one lung left . i was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2001 . if you smoke quit. if you need help www.whyquit.com your mom needs her *** kicked for handing you cigarettes. she should also quit. lung cancer isnt a joke little lady. i started smoking about your age. wished i had never picked one up.

Too young. . .

You can get in so much trouble! YOU AND YOUR MOM. You shouldnt be smoking.

ofcourse your to young to smoke...even when your in your 20 or 30 or whatever you should never smoke.

i'm 25 and never had a smoke in my life, and almost all my family smoked before...

not even my sisters smoke

Yes and based upon known facts, you shouldn't be smoking at all. Quit now while you still have reddish lungs.

You have GOT TO STOP. Your Mother should know this and be able to help you.

For starter's your way to young to be smoking little lady. And we all know the health risks of smoking, we see it everyday being advertised, in so many different ways. When your mother hands you a smoke just be strong and say NO. BE STRONG

You are way way too young to be smoking and I am appalled that your mother would be handing you cigarettes. You both need help and I suggest you tell a doctor or someone else what is going on...it is wrong on so many levels..you have your whole life ahead of you and it will make quiting harder for you.

Caribbean Blue
Yes, you are too young to smoke. You should try to quit immediately, and talk to your mom. Tell her not to give you anymore, and even talk about the possibility of her quiting too.

Retard, quit before u get cancer and tell ur mom to quit to unless she dies and so will u if u both continue.

Please stop smoking, if not for you, than for your future children, break the cycle now before it gets control of you. Maybe your mother is trying to get you to see that it is not a good thing by forcing you to smoke. It is your body, take care of it.

Been There~Done That!
Worst habit ever.

You my dear know the answer to your question! If you are old enough to pick one up then you are old enough to know it is bad for you and wrong at your age. That was really a stupid question, wasn't it?

Your mother, if this is indeed true, is engaged in child abuse. You are better off without her if this is how she perceives taking care of a thirteen year old. Again, you are old enough to say NO!

No one can control your mind but you. It is totally up to you what you do with your body and your life. You can make bad decisions or good decisions. Think about it!

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