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 Why can't we find a cure for cancer?

 If we cured cancer, would that not be a mistake?
I know alot of people may hate me for this question, but if we cured cancer wouldn't that mean big trouble for the rest of us, as the population would increase, countries will become more ...

 I'm scared.... I'm 14 and I smoke and I'm showing the signs of cancer?
I smoke cigarettes and recently I have throat pain all the time and my tongue is also always in pain. I also am out of breath all the time and my lungs sometimes feels like a knife is stabbing up ...

 I've just recived the worse new in my life!?
i just found out that my mom has liver cancer and i don't think she knows it. my mom live in germany and i'm in the states, i don't know what to do other then cry! my mother is like my ...

 What happens if you have cancer but don't want treatment?
in the US
Additional Details
yes, I know about the dying part -- I meant do the doctors refuse to treat you any more or ...

 Do you know anyone who has cancer?
Do you D:thanks,...

 To pavarotti my heart goes out to you and your family (please sign if you support victims of cancer)?
I just want to show my respect for pavarotti great man great voice and i hope his family and friends are ok and he gets a little longer here in this world if only we had the cure for cancer we ...

 Is cancer actualy curable?

 my boyfriend has cancer in his left lung and half of his right lung. He's only 21 can I give him one of mine?
How long does someone usually survive when their whole left lung and half of their right lung is covered with cancer? Sre their any other treatments bsides chemo.
Additional Details
He ...

 can you die from lung cancer?

If I was dieing would you truthfully give your life to me??
Even Though I was a stranger???
Why or Why not???
<I'm not really dieing>...

 A 13 year old boy... WITH BREAST CANCER?
i have this lump on my chest that is harder than the fat on my chest and muscle and it doesnt really move and ive had it for a month or two and now my nipple is starting to swell
Additional D...

 I don't drink or smoke,don't you just love me?

 my friend says she'd rather have her sons smoke cigarettes than pot. I disagree. what say you ?
I don't promote pot, I used to smoke it alot, but don't like it anymore,so I quit. it was easy. I don't smoke cigs, she does. she says she likes smoking cigs.(eewww)
think about ...

 Do you think that lung Cancer kills or the cigarettes kill?
As many die from lung cancer and never smoked....

 What would you do if you had cancer?
I mean, you know you're probably going to die and your friends and family cry probably everyday about you.
Additional Details
People I know there are a lot of cancer survivors but ...

 I have been told I need to go into a hospice because I'm deteriorating gradually. I need some advice.?
My cancer is deteriorating and the hospital have said I have to go into a hospice. What I need to know is is it scary and will I like it? I'm getting sicker and sicker every day and the thought ...

 question about something i can't make into a question?
my dad just told me he has cancer and because its the 3rd time he got it its not looking good...at all. They can't even do anymore surgery so they are counting on chemo...ANYWAYS i dont wana ...

 Please help me! I think somethin's wrong!?
I am a very smart 13 year old girl. I have been forgetting things lately like things I learned last year in 6th grade. Then we reviewed, and reviewed. I get it and then 5 min later, I forget again. I ...

 Would you feel sad if you just fount out that your best friend has cancer?
About two weeks ago,I fount out that my best friend has lyphompia.
Additional Details
I just want to make sure that she is cured with in two years.She is like a sister to me.She is a ...

How Do Cigarettes Cost?
How much Do Marlboro lights cost (a.k.a the gold package)

I need to give my friend money so shell buy them for me

I also live in iowa
Additional Details
No its not, im seeing what brand is the cheepest. im 18

like 6.99 per package

Im in Wa and i pay almost 6$

About $7 here in NY.

just give her 6 or 7 bux and tell her to keep the change
cuz i think that they are like 6 bux
but you shouldnt smoke its a sh** habbit to get into

last time i was in iowa (6mo ago)
about 450 a pack

about 5.40... tell him to give the change back

give her a $10 just to make sure


with 4 $ you are done

Mrs. Michael Raymond-James
give him like 550 i think you will be good

Definitely smoke weed instead, it's natural and somewhat better for you than those chemically made cancer sticks.

heh like 5.60 somn like that.

The Dude
around $5 a pack and $40 a carton.

Jaime (:
Don't smoke.
You're hurting yourself and others!!

Mollie Girl
,In New York the cost would be about $ 7;18 with tax
Please don't smoke , when your older you'll be so sorry You could live longer if you don't Smoke,and have a lot more money.Why make the cigarette people rich they don't care about you health

your retarded you fuc**** itiot youll die and ill dance on your grave!

cigarettes cost :

your life .
if you wana end up dieing early because of some smelly
thing in ya mouth then fair enough but just remember
you can never get your life back so dont waist it on something
so silly !

think dude !

Chris J
smoking is stupid
very expensive trip to the graveyard

haha your not 18. another one of your questions sais your 15.
and your not compairing prices, you want the price of a specific brand.

your an idiot

ur better off smoking pot, not those cancer sticks

tell ur friend to buy u pot

They will cost you your life.

Acid Bleed
Well if you need somebody else to buy them for you then you must be underage and should not be smoking.

George W. Boot Ducker
Wow... you really want us to contribute to underage smoking...

give your friend a nickel and ask him/her to kick you in the chect as hard as possible... you'll get the same result as years of smoking without the cost.

if this is your fist time please dont

John B
You can't buy them because your to young can you! Don't do it.

they cost too much.

its more worth your time to ask how to quit than ask how much a pack is, go read a sign in a convenience store.

theyre not worth it.
theyre not worth it.
theyre not worth it.
theyre not worth it.
theyre not worth it.
theyre not worth it.
theyre not worth it.


if you want to contribute to your friend's death one day go right ahead :D

Desi I
Dont' smoke!


Ella J
Wow dude. That's a waste of your money man, and a waste of your life. You know how much tar is going to be in you? SICK!

They'll cost you a lung.

Jayda Lynn
Cigarettes are BAD...They will Kill you...I hope she doesnt buy them for you!!!!!!!!!!!

Red Star
go hawkeyes!
in iowa, they're around $5.35

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