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 This question is for anyone with cancer or has had cancer:?
What is a donation or something that has been done for you that has helped, or what would have helped you?...

 How can it be that there is no cure for Cancer YET?
I mean, one that doesn't also kill the patient.
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 When you have chemotherapy ?
and your hair falls out . Is it all of your body hair or is it selective to just the hair on your head ?
As I saw a report on Jade Goody with pictures and although she was bald on her head she ...

 can you pray for a miracle for my aunt guadalupe vasquez.?
she has brain cancer. please the doctors said they cannot do anything and we would like your help to pray for a miracle i love her soo much and cancer is so horrible but she is fighting strong i love ...

 How many of u women support breast cancer awareness?
I do as much as possible b/c I once had a lump in my breast, thank God it wasn't malignant, but it forced me to permantly stop smoking. It was just an infection that had to b drained....

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I'm ...

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 what is cancer? i want to know?

 Lymphoma?? Pease Help !!!?
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 my mom is suffering from breast cancer?
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 I have cancer, what do I do now?
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 What kind of gift can I send to my sister, who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer?
I live in Melbourne, and my sister lives in Brisbane. I cannot afford an airfare (yet) to go and visit my sister but I am saving up for one.

She just had surgery on Wednesday and is now ...

 Do you believe that a person can smell cancer on another person. If you do why and if you don't why not?

 Why Do you need to shave hair when you have cancer?
I don't have cancer but I've just noticed that when people have cancer they always shave there hair off. I just want to know why?...

 When was tobacco proven to be linked to lung cancer?
what year??...

 How old do you have to be in order to get breast cancer?

 does chemo work? I dont think it will prolong my life. and most likely kill me.?

 What's a good way to give someone cancer?
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 Have you ever had to have chemotherapy?
How painful is it? How long does it take before you start to loose your hair? How much better chances do you have if you choose to have chemotherapy? Someone said it makes you very tired. Is that ...

Hair getting white very early age. Any medicine/therapy/advise to keek that black?



easy answer...Dye your hair.


If you are drinking distilled water or water from a Reverse Osmosis water filter, then lack of minerals can cause the hair to turn gray.

I suggest that you start drinking better water if that is the problem.

Hooking up a reverse osmosis system with a copper water line is especially dangerous. It leads to the mineral free water wanting to absorb minerals, and it can leach out toxic quantities of copper from the tubing.

Good Luck!

nope...i was 11 when it started happening to me. i dye my hair and a little more of half of my hair is white/gray...it's hereditary....just dye it

John S
dye....its so simple. go to the hair dresser or buy a in home product and dye yout hair black. Any REAL questions?

U R Sofa King
well it could be hereditary, one of my brothers friends had grey hair by high school, badly peppered. It could also be stress.

i've heard that is caused by copper deficiency & colloidal copper helps.

Carlos O
Too much stress, ease up on the work. relax a little. Take some time off.

The color of our hair is generally affected by our genetics. If your parent's hair began to change to white when they were around your age, then there is nothing that you can do about it.
Hair is also coaxed into changed colors due to stress. If you are in a high-stress environment, that very likely is making it worse. Try to relax, meditate, get therapy, whatever and it will slow down, but probably not much.
However, the only thing that will change your hair color back to what it was is hair dye. You may want to start looking at getting it in bulk if this is the route that you will be going.

Nancy C
It's genetic... Use a 5 minute coloring shampoo...

hello. beautiful♥
i think all you can do is dye it

its genetic sometimes
stop stressing out
my 16 year old friend has a few grey hairs
she calls them wisdom strands
so she would say stop being smart
good luck

Dr Frank
I am afraid not this tendency is generally inherited and other than hair colourant or dye there is nothing you can do about it.

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