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 can you pray for a miracle for my aunt guadalupe vasquez.?
she has brain cancer. please the doctors said they cannot do anything and we would like your help to pray for a miracle i love her soo much and cancer is so horrible but she is fighting strong i love ...

 How many of u women support breast cancer awareness?
I do as much as possible b/c I once had a lump in my breast, thank God it wasn't malignant, but it forced me to permantly stop smoking. It was just an infection that had to b drained....

 My grandma has breast cancer - how soon can it spread?
My Grandma has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. It is a 2cm x 2cm lump. She hasn't seen the specialist yet and they won't be operating until after Easter.

I'm ...

 I want to start smoking...?
So, I'm almost 15 and I know it's early. Not too many people I know smoke, but a few people from my class do, and some of my friends, and my dad, too.
I find it interesting - you have ...

 A type of cancer??
Can someone please explain to me what servical cancer is??...

 what is cancer? i want to know?

 Lymphoma?? Pease Help !!!?
Ok First of all I have to say that I worry so so much about cancer I know i have to avoid that thinking and live my life right but seems like thats getting harder,,,I am male 30 years old

 my mom is suffering from breast cancer?
my mom is suffering from stage 3 breast cancer she is taking homeopathic medicine her all test become normal but the size of the tumour in the breast doesn't decrease it increase continue her ...

 I have cancer, what do I do now?
I am 17 and have ovarian cancer. The doctors say that the cancer is so far progressed that they fear it has spread through my blood into my lymph nodes and I might be forming that kind of cancer as ...

 What kind of gift can I send to my sister, who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer?
I live in Melbourne, and my sister lives in Brisbane. I cannot afford an airfare (yet) to go and visit my sister but I am saving up for one.

She just had surgery on Wednesday and is now ...

 Do you believe that a person can smell cancer on another person. If you do why and if you don't why not?

 Why Do you need to shave hair when you have cancer?
I don't have cancer but I've just noticed that when people have cancer they always shave there hair off. I just want to know why?...

 When was tobacco proven to be linked to lung cancer?
what year??...

 How old do you have to be in order to get breast cancer?

 does chemo work? I dont think it will prolong my life. and most likely kill me.?

 What's a good way to give someone cancer?
I'm doing research for a story and I'm wondering what would be a good way for someone to give their neighbor cancer....

 Have you ever had to have chemotherapy?
How painful is it? How long does it take before you start to loose your hair? How much better chances do you have if you choose to have chemotherapy? Someone said it makes you very tired. Is that ...

 Goody got cancer, i've got cure - how can i contact her? ?
Additional Details
cancer is ...

 Could something else have taken my mother's life?
My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last September...she died on April 10th of this year. I keep replaying the events of the last seven months in my mind...she had a lumpectomy, went through ...

 Why is Laetrile banned in the USA, but available in Europe and Mexico with people being cured of cancer?
People are using this substance and overcoming cancer with it in both Europe and in Mexico, yet the USA FDA stated that it does not do anything for the cancer...but there are case studies to where it ...

HELP IM GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
srry about the "help im gonna die" it was just so ppl would actually read this!..okay so i have the stomach flu and i cant eat/drink anything besides chicken noodle soup.i would be willing to try to eat/drink though if that would make it better. i have no fever.
Additional Details
so how do i get over it faster?

Get some good manners and some sense.

There are people on this forum who really are going to die of cancer. Do you think they appreciate your nasty little joke?

mr afzal's answer is the best for u

Mother Martha
Listen Cookie, If you are so sick that you feel you're gonna die, then get together with the chicken noodle soup like you're supposed to and git over it!

You don't get over stomach flu faster, you just suffer through it,.
It only lasts a couple days, if that long......unless you have something really nasty.

BTW what happens when you eat anything besides chicken noodle soup? Do you toss your cookies....that would be good. Get it out of your body and keep with the soup. If you really
feel bad, call your doctor and ask him what to do
. Don't ask a question like this on a site like this. You will get dumb answers like this!

Hope you feel better soon.
I bet you feel better already, don't you?

There is seriously something wrong with you. I hope you are ashamed of yourself. You should be.

Mohd 917
It caught my attention because i like seeing people die.

hehe, joking.

If eating anything else causes you pain, then don't..probably you shouldn't because your stomach would need something to be easily digested in this time.

What your neighbours do for this

don't cry wolf

Wow, y'know, I actually just dealt with stomach flu and found a few good home remedies that worked great. But I really can't stand, I absolutely HATE it when people use overly dramatic question titles in the hopes of getting people to answer.

So enjoy your porcelain cruise baby.

there's really nothing you can do. You have to ride it out. I just got over something similar, drink some gateraide to get some electrolytes

There are people on this sight who really are dieing and here you are wining over a little bug.You need to grow up and deal with it.

Stomach flu?
Well, drink plenty of water, for one.
And take some vitamins.
I didn't say PILLS, I said VITAMINS.
(Zinc, Vitamin D, Magnesium, etc.)
Faster would be not to move around a whole lot. Your digestive track is probably congested. Remember, NO pills. Those have SIDE-EFFECTS which makes it even worse.

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