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 my mother has 4th stage breasr cancer it spreaded to the liver and bones is it cureable?
she is in pain all the time the doctor has her on morphine patches thats all so i wont to know there nothing they can do but make her ...

 ok my dad past away this summer and i have had some dreams of me geting cancer? What does this Mean? ?
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 Hair getting white very early age. Any medicine/therapy/advise to keek that black?

 Does anybody know a person who has cancer or died of cancer?
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 my boyfriend lied about having cancer?
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 HELP IM GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
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 Does it bother you when you are asked are told"You don't act like a cancer patient"?
I have been told that i don't act like i have cancer and i know others who have been told the same thing. I was wondering if that has ever happened to you, and if so, how does that make you feel?...

 My dad's brother and sister both died of lung cancer in their 20's. will i get it?

Additional Details
my dad is 62 & smokes like a chimney. he has never had cancer. i am 17 and i don't smoke, never ...

 does 'kills 99.99%' really mean kills 100%?
hey guys

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 What are the causes of Lung Cancer?

 Went for a smear test and worried about the nurse's comments ?
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 my dad has terminal cancer and this will most likely be his last fathers day. what should I get him?
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 This question is for anyone with cancer or has had cancer:?
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 How can it be that there is no cure for Cancer YET?
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Is it so hard to believe that there IS a cure and that it's being kept secret?...

 When you have chemotherapy ?
and your hair falls out . Is it all of your body hair or is it selective to just the hair on your head ?
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 can you pray for a miracle for my aunt guadalupe vasquez.?
she has brain cancer. please the doctors said they cannot do anything and we would like your help to pray for a miracle i love her soo much and cancer is so horrible but she is fighting strong i love ...

 How many of u women support breast cancer awareness?
I do as much as possible b/c I once had a lump in my breast, thank God it wasn't malignant, but it forced me to permantly stop smoking. It was just an infection that had to b drained....

 My grandma has breast cancer - how soon can it spread?
My Grandma has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. It is a 2cm x 2cm lump. She hasn't seen the specialist yet and they won't be operating until after Easter.

I'm ...

 I want to start smoking...?
So, I'm almost 15 and I know it's early. Not too many people I know smoke, but a few people from my class do, and some of my friends, and my dad, too.
I find it interesting - you have ...

Topher E
Does it take years of smoking to get Ling cancer?
Does Cannabis cause Lung cancer? or is it only cigarettes and tobacco products?

I don't know, maybe you should go search it on google and find your answer there....

Good luck

tobacco products

plus it depends how much u smoke a day

radon gas also causes it . also no smoke from what ever source is good for your lungs. They are just started research on pot and lung cancer

Paul Bill
yes it can cause lung cancer. cigs are definately more dangerous tho because they are extremely addicting and you smoke tobacco much more than the other stuff.

Yes. Anything with tar can cause lung cancer, and cannabis has tar. More tar than tobacco....

Don't know much about the cannabis question, but I can't see how, does dope contain tars and other bad chemicals that cigarettes do ? I have an uncle who smoked for over 60 years, as far as I know, he does not have a debilitating health problem ( actually he does now, it is known as regular prescription drug taking, which has turned this earlier lively alcoholic into a virtual zombie). Also because people who smoke alot go for a lung cancer test, get bad news, start taking chemo, and often die after, this becomes one of those "which came first, the chicken or the egg" dilemmas, ie, is it the cancer or the chemo which killed them ? Look at those photos of leukemia child patients ( who resemble poison victims ) and decide for yourself.

any Carcinogen can cause lung cancer - if breathed
in exhaust fumes from engines,
in tobacco smoke etc

Any misuse or abuse of your lungs can cause problems, you don't just need to be worried about cancer, there are plenty of other health conditions that can arise from substance abuse.

I wouldn't recommend it. It may take months for some people and years for others.Therefore the best thing is to avoid it completely.

Peter M
First of all, it has not been actually proven that smoking causes cancer. It is BELIEVED to contribute to the conditions that lead to lung cancer. Second, cannabis is worse than cigarettes in this category. Third, it is not "substance abuse" to smoke cigarettes since they are a legal product. Many people who have developed lung cancer never smoked a cigarette in their lives, while many life-long smokers never develop the cancer. After all of that is said, smoking has nothing good to say for it and a lot of bad. It not only can lead to lung cancer but many other lung diseases, one of the nastiest of which is COPD, Chronic Obstructionary Pulmonary Disease. COPD leaves the sufferer struggling for every breath and is almost guaranteed for long time smokers. With the cannabis, you get all the bad stuff the cigarettes deliver plus the chance of being busted for just having it in your possession. All in all, a lot of good reasons to just say no to all of it. - Did I mention that cigarette smoke stinks up your hair, clothes, mouth, car, house, etc., etc.,? Ask any non-smoking girl friend of yours what they think about kissing a guy with "cigarette breath mouth"? Promise, you'll get a big UGH!

The cells in the lung are damaged by smoking and almost certainly also by cannabis smoking - most people mix it with tobacco anyway.

Remember tobacco was once advertised as being good for you - cannabis has not been in use long enough for all the serious side-effects to fully develop.

Smoke from any source is dangerous when inhaled regularly. Smoke doesn't belong in lungs . . only air does.

Unless you are buying organic medical marijuana, you don't know what kind of pesticides are being added to your weed. It is best to assume the worst, unless you are growing it yourself.

"In March 1978, 13 (21 per cent) of 61 marijuana samples from the southwestern United States were found to be contaminated with the herbicide paraquat, a pulmonary toxin" It is safe to assume that number has only gone up since 1978, since the US government has taken up spraying known marijuana plantations with the herbicide.

Otherwise, there are studies that suggest that consuming pure marijuana (or hemp) may be beneficial for both cancer and diabetes. I am unsure if smoking it may be inclusive in these studies.

Personally I have tried smoking weed for diabetes a couple of times with no visible effect. Probably because of the same reason I listed above. Any positive effect would be counteracted by whatever poison is being added to it.

I do consume raw organic hemp oil regularly and my health has shown constant and gradual improvement.

Also, it is important to note that studies have been done indicating that it is not the tobacco, but the filter in the cigarette that causes cancer. Studies indicate that people who smoke filterless cigarettes have a lower incidence of cancer than those who smoke filtered cigarettes.

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