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 I have cancer as well as being sick. Is there anything else I can do besides chemo?
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 can ciggaretts cause cancer?

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i need a paragraph, and not from other sites....in your own words please....

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 if i have a bald spot and they took blood from me will it say i smoke weed?

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is there any way to cure cancer?...

 If my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in the year of '04, am I still at risk by genes?

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 can i have cancer? I'm afraid to tell my parents, they wont believe me?
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Loss of appetite...I have to eat very slow these days, and this caused me to lose weight becuase I can never finish my plate.

Pallor, my face and ...

 I smoke 7 packs of cigarettes a day?
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 With 25% of people believing that fate determines wether or not you get cancer, isn't time that folks grew up?
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 How many cigarettes do you smoke in a day?

 can you really get breast cancer from sleeping with your bra on?
i've heard this from a couple people, but i'm still not quite convinced....

 Im only 22 and have cancer from alcohol and tobacco use. Should I tell my family? I dont have much time left!!?
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 do i have cancer? i'm serious..please answer?
i have been feeling really tired lately. i'm losing weight. i found 2 small lumps on my neck, which has been hurting alot lately. what do you think? i'm a little scared, what do i do?...

Busy Mom of 3 boys/1 girl
Do you think that lung Cancer kills or the cigarettes kill?
As many die from lung cancer and never smoked.

Weather it is ciggs that kill you or lung cancer, someday you will die.

its the cigarettes because even if you dont smoke breathing second hand smoke can mess up your lungs and stuff

Cigarette kills lungs, and lungs kills us. As per the statistics most of the lung cancer patients are smokers.

Until now nobody know the exact reason for cancer.

you get lung cancer from smoking cigarrettes...you smoke them....so you are practically killing yourself

lung cancer can kill coz it will make u an "immunosuppressant person" which will make u more vulnerable to diseases, in addition cigarrettes can kill you

furthermore a person can get lung cancer from being a passive smoker meaning u keep hanging out w/ a person who smokes all the time and u keep inhaling all the nicotine that also can precipipate you from getting a lung cancer

genetics can also be a predisposing factor for a lung cancer if ure blood line has a hsitory of cancers in whatever form..

Scott D
which came first the chicken or the egg? Smoking causes lung cancer. both will kill you eventually.

It's like the cause and effect we learn in Biology-you smoke ciggarettes, you are more inclined to have lung cancer..

Cancer kills, cigarettes do not. But cigarettes cause cancer, so by reason, they also kill. People with lung cacer who have never smoked may have gotten second hand smoke or have been exposed to other carcinogens that cause cancer.

BiG John
well ciggarettes cause lung cancer and lung cancer kills

chris i
cigarettes don't kill unless you smoke them, and even still they are not killing you you are doing it to yourself. cigarettes are inanimate and won't do anything to you if they just sit there unlit. but cancer, yeah, it kills so don't get it!

cigarettes specifically the nicotine inside the cigarette kills. definitely cigarettes specifically nicotine would lead to lung cancer eventually, on a longer span of time. nicotine disrupts the body's normal system and functions, and may even copy the identity of a normal cell that would be unrecognized by the anti-foreign body cells. because of these, it would lead to cancer. if cancer is not detected earlier it might metastasize to other body organs from its origin, so in time if not treated, it could kill.

There are specific types of lung cancer which only affect smokers.

And if lung cancer is all that common anyway then why on earth would you do something which has been proven to cause a more agressive, quicker spreading form of the disease.

Enough of the debate. This life is not a dress rehearsal. Cigarettes are not good for you, no matter how much you try to pretend.

Both I hate that I smoke ...I am scared..i don't i don't know i am so freaken lonley

You make a valid point in reference to those who have never smoked. However, they say smoking can cause lung cancer. It doesn't mean that you will actually die from smoking but it increases the likelihood significantly. Yes, they have over 40 chemicals in each cigarette (and cigarettes are also highly addictive). What's to say these chemicals like the ones found in cigarettes aren't in other products in our homes, office/place of work etc either? Then for people who have never smoked they face passive smoking (ingesting it from family members, friends, pubs/clubs/bars). Isn't it feasible that pollution from our cars (public trasport) and chemicals we use (albeit unknowing) can cause such things as cancer as well? So, yes smoking can kill and I think other environmental things can also cause lung cancer. I guess, only further research in the will let us know conclusively of additional causes.

dog lover
Cigarettes kill. Lung Cancer Kills. 90 percent of lung cacner patients have either smoked, used tobacco in some form, or are fromer smokers.. "As many die from lung cacner and never smoked" Yes people do get lung cancer who have never smoked but it only acounts for 10 percent of all lung cancers. Not even close to as many as non smokers.
Where did you get that incrediably false statement from?

Cigarettes carry the stuff that can cause cancer which leads to you dying. Yes, you can die of lung cancer and never smoked, but your chances are increased a whole lot when you smoke.

miss chris
i think that lung cancer kills more
however, smoking usually leads to lung cancer


lung cancer kills.

Lung cancer kills. Cigarettes contain over 200 poisons in them (called carcinogins - didn't spell that correctly). These carcogins (again, not spelled right!) turn into free radicals in your body which can eventually create a cancerous cell. Cancer is caused when just one cell mutates and then it quickly spreads. Yes, there are other ways to get lung cancer, but it is a proven fact that cigarettes can cause it.

cigarettes produce lung cancer and lung cancer kills u

screaming monk
Do you think that seat belts save lives? Many folks have drowned in their cars, unable to free their seat belt!

Cigarette smoke increases the chances of lung cancer, not to mention several other disease risks attributed to smoking.

Air pollution and radon gas exposure is a growing factor in this risk, but this doesn't excuse smoking by that lame old argument:

" Everything gives ya cancer these days, and so I am justified to smoke!" Think of how stupid this logic is---and how dangerous too!

old lady
No, your stats are not correct. Some non-smokers do die from lung cancer, although it is often true that while they themselves did not smoke, they were affected by secondhand smoke. However, cigarettes can kill in many ways and lung cancer is only one of them. Bronchitis, pleurisy, emphysema and the list goes on and on. Oh yes, there is also lip cancer, tongue cancer, cancer of the larynx along with lung cancer. Unfortunately, this is first hand information. My father died of cancer - after a lifetime of smoking - and over the course of years lost his larynx and his ability to speak, part of his tongue, one lung and was finally killed by a hemorrhage in his remaining lung. So yes, as cigarettes are a direct cause of lung cancer, I do think they kill.

Cig's raise the chance to get lung cancer. Plus it's just bad for you; It causes athsma...

I think that smoking cigarettes or, to a lesser degree, inhaling second hand smoke increases your risk of several potentially fatal diseases including lung cancer.

I think that lung cancer kills, but that in a lot of cases cigarettes cause lung cancer.
Not in all cases of course, as in non smokers and the guy who ate too much microwave popcorn, but many cases.

It's neither. Ultimately you kill yourself knowing the dangerous effects of cigarettes and continue to smoke despite it!

Smoking doesn't give you cancer per say, it just increases your chances of getting it DRAMATICALLY. That's why they have all the "surgeon general" warnings on it. Because of the countless studies on the effects of it.

Quiting is hard (if that's what your trying to do), but it's worth it! You can start tasting things better you start smelling things better too! AND best of all you don't get winded while you run. Actually best of all you reduce the chance of you getting any sort of cancer!

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