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 Lump in muscle. Please help me here.?
Okay, so 6 months ago, I felt a moderately sized lump in the back of my neck (one inch and a half, maybe), I went to go see my doctor, but he said it was a little lymph node, nothing to worry about. (...

 does cracking your neck kill brain cells or cause strokes?
i crack my neck a lot and somebody told me that if i crack my neck i'l kill brain cells or have a stroke but i dont know if this is ...

 how can i make a fake breast cancer model?
I need to make a fake breast cancer model for a project....

 is it likely I have breast cancer?
I am 14, last night while checking my breasts for lumps, I found a lump in the middle of my armpit, it kinda hurts when I touch it, is it likely I have breast cancer?...

 so does marijuana cause cancer?
i was just ...

 liver cancer: what is the treatment called cerasphere from Mayo clinic?

 lung cancer (metastasized)?
my husband had a fatty tumor removed(non-cancer). later his arm was sore. went and got an x-ray, they noticed a black spot on his arm. from there it was mri,cat-scan,etc. and then found the lung ...

 Are spitting too phelgm and blood considered a sign of overian cancer?

 in ct scan everybody get cancer ,then whats the percentage?
ct scan patient get cancer or not if get how it get ? Is there way to prevent it?...

 Dont have insurance, may have cancer!!?
Dont have health insurance as I cant afford it, live paycheck to paycheck...BUT make to much to get accchs or any assistance!? Had an accident few months ago and had x-rays in hospital of chest to ...

 how do you get lukemia?
my wife , was dieacnosed with ,[ philadelphia chromosme lukemia. and is taking gleevec 400 mg... HOW does some one get this???...

 If lymph node are swollen on one side of the body, and not all , then is this more likely to be cancer???
I'm going to the doctor this afternoon, but would like some insight.
Additional Details
Like small patches?...

1) what does smoking and the sun have in common
2) explain how each of these can be dangerous
3) why do people smoke or get tanned
4) how long does it take before someone can get ...

 How manny people die from breast cancer every year?
just ...

Do I have cancer or is it something else?
I read this article that said cells make lumps on your body.. i have a small purple lump on my left thigh not bigger then a pimple but it isnt a pimple.. ive been feeling very strange this past week with head aches and weird heart beats, im worried alot-- im 14 going to be 15 november please tell me what you can and be honest

It could be a number of things. Go to a doctor.

Ryan K
You don't have cancer.
You're most likely getting headaches from drinking soda instead of water or some other junk food habit?? Eat fruits and vegetables and stay away from processed meats.
I'm dead serious, if you want to live and grow up to adulthood? all you can blame is your diet if you dont reach it. Take responsibility for what you eat. Some kids have parents who dont care and that angers me.

Memere RN/BA
That's the problem when people read symptoms of different health issues. My daughter is the biggest hypochondriac you've ever seen. She goes on web MD and reads about things and thinks she has them. So many symptoms can be the same for so many problems. No, I don't think you have cancer. It sounds like a bruise. I'm not making light of what you feel. I just want you to know that many, many things can mimic different things. All common problems. General things and it's usually nothing. If you're worried, just call your Dr and put your mind at ease.

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