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i've been smoking since i was 15
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This is ...

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Im only human
ok so i just now found this out but I felt my (right) testical this morning and i felt a lump within my right testical. Is this a sign of testicular cancer or is this normal for a 13 year old boy?

yes u have it

Duke O
go doctor

13? lol...man its called blue balls, go into the bathroom and make love to mary and her five sisters, then wait an hour, if lump is still their then go to the doctor.

Stop touching you are not old enough!

Hey Dude!
Well I Would Just Go To A Doctor For A Check.
It Will Be Fine But Just Check ;)

Help P
I totally think this is an understatement. Everything is totally fine!

No lol. Its not testicular cancer. Its just a small lump which can be easily healed by medication. Go to your doctor to get the medication.

Get it checked out right away, this can be extremely serious and yes it might seem awkward but you NEED to have it checked out.

glittery snails
Doctor is what you're looking for.

the eyes have it!
obviously we don't know. if you want to know you need to have your parents make a appointment to see a real doctor for a real answer. also, talk to your parents about these things. communication is a plus in the household

this may be normal ..... and i know u dont want to... but ask your doctor or parents

go to the doctor asap

no. def. get it checked out

Earl s
it is extremely unlikely , but check with a doctor

no man.

Brynna I
First of all, the most common age for testicular cancer is between 17-35 years old. I really suggest that you do a testicular self exam. You can read about it on the internet.

Now, that lump you are feeling is probably the epididymis and that is perfectly normal. However, if the lump is very hard, and if it's painful, you should get it checked by your doctor.

Good luck!

Franklin P
Ask your doctor, before (if this is cancer) it can progress any further.

Grasshopper ▪▫иvUѕ▫▪
go to a doctor.
we cant diagnose you on Y!A

This could be nothing or it could be an early sign of a problem that can be fixed. The one bad thing that you can do is let anyone talk you into ignoring it. Go see the Doctor soon. You do not need to go to the ER tonight but you need to tell your parents that you have a lump in your scrotum and you want to see your doctor. If for some reason you are unable to talk to your parents about this tell the nurse at school. This is almost certainly something that is going to be OK but it needs to be seen to soon.

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