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Could I have breast cancer?
this has lasted much longer than one week
Additional Details
hi, im 13. my breasts are always sore and have been for a while. like, they only hurt when i touch them. im scared. could somebody please tell me how i would know if i had breast cancer?

p.s. - im not due for my period for a while... like, the 10th .

check with your doctor.

I'm 13 too and trust me, its nothing to worry about! its just your breat developing. It hurts everytime you touch it because of your breast tissue. I notcie my breasts hurt more then they usually do before a period, but my docotr said thats normal. if u r extremely worried, check with ur GP, but i know its nothing to be worried about.

Emily H
a lot girls breast get swollen and tender during puberty it should stop soon like in a week. If not asked to see a your doctor or an ob/gyn.

Do a self breast exam. Have your family doctor check it out, or have your mom check it out for lumps if you don't have a doctor.

Google it to find out how to give yourself a self breast exam. You need to be lying down, put one arm up and feel with the other for lumps.

its not uncommon for your breasts to hurt before and during your period because of all the hormones going nuts. plus, your breasts could be growing, you're only 13. hormones are going nuts. also, no one on an internet site can tell you if you have cancer or not.

probably not but have your doctor check to make sure.

Ur breast r still growing so they will be sore but the best thing is to go to the dr

I would suggest checking with a doctor. They can help and explain things more and more to you.

no most likely its puberty. its natural for those going through puberty...relax...but if you're super paranoid see your doctor.

At your age, sore breasts are common due to the flow of hormones and your developmental stage. Sore breasts are not a sign of breast cancer. You do not have breast cancer.

Jordan Parrish
nahh theyre growing, cancer is when u have a bump on ur breast

I don't think so usually your like over 40 when you get it I think.... You breast may just be developing.

Pink Berry
i doubt that
does not sound like cancer at all
you are way too young anyway
note to naisanim there were alot of breast cancer under that age of 28
dont say false information
i'v read about cases as young as 16
i can give you the link if you are interested

As I said in my answer to your other question on this - the chances of breast cancer at 13 are as close to zero a makes almost no difference. The chances of it occurring in both breasts are even lower.

Breast cancer is almost unheard of in under 25s, and fewer than 0.1% of all those diagnosed with it are under 30.

I was classed as a 'younger woman' when I was diagnosed with breast cancer; I was 50. 80% of those diagnosed are over 50.

Most people diagnosed with breast cancer have felt no pain; pain is rarely a sign of breast cancer.

What you describe is normal hormonal development; you have a lot of that yet to come.

Talk to your mother, or to your school nurse. Either of them will be able to reassure you that what you are experiencing is completely normal.

If you had breast cancer at 13, even in just one breast, your case would make news headlines worldwide.

No you can't.
There has never been a case of Breast Cancer on anyone under the age of 28.
You are just going through puberty.
So don't worry.

its called puberty
your growing and devolping and you will feel tht way sometimes. if your really worried tell your mom and call the doctor.
its probably nothing

Not likely, hormone changes often cause breast soreness.

Mishe K
Your breasts are most likely sore because you're due for your period or because they're still growing.

Breast tissue is lumpy anyway, so just check yourself regularly with a doc.

trust me you do not have breast cancer lol.
you are waaayyyy too young, and your breats are sore because they are growing. that happened to me
stop worrying :)

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