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•*•✿ Gizmo ✿•*•
Cancer - Is my step mum being sent home to die?
Ok I'm asking this because my step mum is in hospital and I'm being kept out of the loop as to what is going on.

She started being unwell about 3 weeks ago and was put in hospital and further tests show she has a type of cancer that is progressive (I think it's something to do with the spleen but not entirely sure) and it's now spread to her blood.

She's had chemo and having some again this week but then she is being sent home. I'm so sick with worry....But the weird thing is she is being sent home next week.

I did some research and it says "Treatment is usually with chemotherapy given through the veins. In most cases, chemotherapy is given in courses over four to six months. Each course lasts four to five days." and "The normal bone marrow is sensitive to chemotherapy and the blood counts may drop, making the patient vulnerable to infection and bleeding."

Why would they be sending her home if she is prone to infection? I'm no medical genius but I know this is terminal, is she being sent home to die?

I can't talk to family about this even though I'm 21, they are keeping me, my brother and her two children - the youngest is 8 out of what is going on.

I just want to prepare myself, sorry if this is long.

Gary B
The hospital sends you home between treatments because the insurance company won't pay them to keep you in the hospital. A hospital stay costs $2,000 to $5,000 A DAY!

While she is PRONE to infection, there is no reason to believe that she WILL get one. YOU and your Dad and family need to be very careful around her. her doctor MAY recommend that you wear surgical masks when in her presence. they will certainly tell you to wash your hands OFTEN -- like 8-10 times A DAY. And go buy some of that pump bottle Hand Sanitizer . . . .

cancer in the blood is a BAD sign, but it might be treateable with the chemo. You mum will heal MUCH better and much faster being at home with her family than being alone in a hospital.

So take proper precautions, stay clean, keep the house clean, and let her live the best she can.

and NO, they will NOT send her home to die, UNLESS that is what she and your dad asked them to do. When patients are going to die, the hospital will usually recommend a HOSPICE, a special "hospital" where they send people to spend their last days. a Hospice staff is specially trained to treat both the patient AND THEIR FAMILY. The hospice has MANY counselors available, especially spiritual ones, to help the patient accept that they are going to die, and help the family get over the loss.

Because chemotherapy is given over a period of months, it isn't feasible or necessary to keep the patients in hospital for that length of time. It is normal to have chemo then go home.
When the chemo drugs are given they wipe out the white blood cells in the body as well as killing off any cancer cells. White blood cells fight infection, so if you haven't got any then you have to stay away from anyone with infection.
It takes about 3weeks for the white cells to return to normal, them the next course takes place, and the white cells are wiped out again.

They probably dont want to worry you, but I think this is wrong, as it makes your imagination work overtime.
Even young children will know something is wrong and I believe that they also should be given a limited version of what is going on.
Your will have to have a talk with your dad, he is probably trying to protect you all, but you are an adult, and you can probably be a huge help, especially with the children.
Look up cancer helplines on the web. There are lots of people who will listen and give you advice.
Good luck.

I doubt she's being sent home to die for several reasons. My dad has been fighting cancer for years and has had to be hospitalized a few times. Everytime he's in the hospital they try to get him stable as quickly as possible so he can come home. There are far more germs in the hospital than there are in your home. If someone has a compromised immune system (happens often with cancer patients) it is safer for them to be home. My dad does all of his chemo outpatient...he just goes to the hospital for the day and then comes home. There are super germs that only live in hospitals. Ironic that its the worse place often for a sick person to be.

Also if the cancer was so bad after diagnosis 3 weeks ago that they are already giving up, they probably would not have started chemo to begin with.

I'm sorry you're on this journey and I wish you the best.

Jennifer Barnes
My aunt died two years ago from a small cell fast acting cancer. When she was having chemo we had to take her every day to her appointments. Your step mom being sent home doesn't mean she is going to die. Yes she will be prone to infections easier, but that is when you wear a mask around her so she won't get anything you might have. Things like perfume and air fresheners will bother her, try not to use those. She might have to be on oxygen and people might have to come on a regular basis to check on her, but that does not mean that she is dying. Now when home health care starts coming then you might want to prepare yourself.

The doctors would NEVER send your step mum home to die, it is their job to protect life.

Chemo can take place while the patient is still at home, even though your step mum is prone to infection your house is probably better than a hospital full of ill people.

Also Chemo can take up to six months so obviously your step mother can not stay in hospital the whole time, most chemo patients find it comforting to be able to remain home during their treatment. But if she is not then there are plenty of places she can go.

Now that you are 21 I think that you can probably ask your father for more details, and even if he can not tell you then ask for a reason why,

I hope your step mum is ok

Lots and Lots of love

lived alot
SORRY about your mum ..but we cant that for you on here as its so serous please say to your dad or who ever knows about your and hows shes going on ..please tell you as you do need to know..they are just protecting you that's all ..but tell then you can take the truth and you need to know ..or go to the hospital or ring them for info your old enough now good luck and sorry

OK. Sometimes, if a patient is doing well with in-patient chemo, the doctors will send them home for out-patient chemo. She'll have to go to the hospital whenever she needs the chemo but at least she'll be home. It doesn't mean that she's being sent home to die, but it could also be bad news. Try talking to her and your dad. Tell them your scared and you want to know what's going on. Good luck!!!

Eva W
I'm really sorry about your step mum. I don't think they would send her home to die though. You should ask the hospital people. That would be a bit harsh if they didn't tell you why she was being sent home.

I really don't know, but it could be that she is having a course and then being allowed home before starting the next so that she can spend as much time with her children as possible just in case the worst does happen.

Enjoy every second with her. Hopefully the chemo will buy her a bit of time if the cancer is terminal and don't be scared of talking to her

I really don't know. It may be that she needs to come home to release a bed for someone else, or they may feel that she is less vulnerable to infection at home, because of MRSA in hospitals. What I would do, is go and have a chat with your G.P. and tell him/her how you are feeling and ask them for an opinion.

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