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Can someone please give me advice on how to stop smoking?
I've been smoking for 32 yrs now and it has finally caught up with me. I actually can't breath anymore but my body is craving nicotine. I try to quit but I can't, any advice would be helpful.


melissa g
oh goshhhh. idk im no smoker
smoking is bad y did u do it in the 1st place..
ur guna get all black lungs and stuff.

mayb u should use gum as ur nicotine?/
Geez mst b rly addicting.

kinoki footpads, lol

Meghan W
get hypnoses

Just stop it......................................…

you just have to think about how much more valuable your health is than your craving for nicotine. get some patches and quit smoking gum
if you live in new york city, call 411 for free patches and gum

I smoked for 20yrs. I got "the patch" (though I never used it) and quit COLD TURKEY!

You gotta WANT to do it. And IF you really DO. . .you'll quit! And when you get "hooked-up" to breathing tubes and carry an oxygen tank around with you. . .you'll wish you HAD!!!!

Crazy Christian
Chantix. I start next week.

don't but any! On all your dollar bills write in marker "don't but cigaretts" cause you will feel really stupid trying to but them with that! Reward yourself for eachday you go without smoking! Hang out with your non smoking friends and just have fun! You can easily get your mind off of it- speaking of your friends, they can help you too! Just stay focused on what you want, look up what can happen to smokers and it might scare you into stopping! If you feel the urge to smoke, remind yourself of the concequences that will come if you smoke! If none of that works than chew gum! Buy a lot of gum and whenever you want to smoke just pop a piece of gum in your mouth- mints and lolypops work too! If none of this works that its time to try hypnosis and proffesional help!!! Good luck!!! Tell me how it goes!

there is an arabian way to quit smoking, some ments and something like that, boil it together and smell it with cover on your head everyday for 3 weeks.
i hope you quit smoking

stop buying them for a start :P
If you go to your GP they can help you out. they can introduce you to groups and give you nicotine patches etc

People say quitting cold turkey is the best thing, but that's not true. I read about a study done which showed that it the presence or absence of a certain gene which determines whether or not quitting cold turkey or weening yourself off is more effective. That's the only helpful thing I can tell you... I'm trying to quit myself, but I'm not doing a very good job!

Rochelle A
theres really no way i can help.you have to do this chocie .:/ you really have to commit to it and stop by yerself..my dad use candy sumthing to keep his mind off..excerise and go to the outdoors enjoy the life while it last.You have to be really be serious and stop smoking on yer own.YOU CAN DO IT :)

I know someone who got hypnotized and it worked for her, she didn't even want to smoke after that, so you could try that

and you already know this, but your health should really be a big motivator for quitting because cancer is very likely if you don't quit

Nicotine patch, nicotine gum, smoke-free cigarettes (what Shia LeBouf smokes, but still has nicotine in it)

the answer machine
well is there anything else u love to eat. like coffe i need coffe if i dont drink coffe my head hurts try to get obbsed with something else to get ur mind of smoking. maybe nicorette gum might help u.

I once heard that you have to have a big enough reason WHY? In order to accomplish anything. Why do I need to stop smoking? ....fill in the dots.......

Here's something that might motivate you.

Go to the oncology ward of your community hospital. Sit for an hour and look at the folks there.

That's your future.

chantix..is how i quit.

I too have to quit but I have tried quiting many, many times & have failed. Time & time again I have failed.

Now I have a Vascular problem & have to quit. I see my Dr. on the 28th & she is going to perscribe the patch. I have been that route & it didn't work. I have been to several stop smoking clinics & it still didn't work. I have had hypnosis & acupuncture & that didn't work.

What else is there? I have heard that you have to be ready & have the will power or you will not succede. Will I have the will power to save my life by quiting? I sure hope so.

I have been smoking for about 45 yrs. Is there any hope for me?

I wish you all the luck in the world cause I know how hard it is to quit.

I started smoking at a very young age, though it's kind of average for people who have parents who smoke. At around 11 years I started sneaking packs and cigs from my parents and actually never got caught until I was 14. By the time I was around 15 or so I was allowed to smoke and did so with about a pack a day habit for the next ten years. When I started trying to quit it was because they were making me feel really bad. At such a young age, I felt like I couldn't breath on hot and hazy days and at night it was worse. It took about 3 years to actually quit, meaning not ever touching a cigarette again, and now I have been 5 years smoke free. I have no desire for a cigarette and the smell of smoke from one makes me cough.
I know I have not been a smoker as long as you have, but having smoker parents, I was really a smoker since birth. And since it makes you feel terrible I think we have been in the same boat...so to speak...
The patch worked for me, cold turkey never did. It took about 3 trys of working through the regime for it to work for me but finally I went through it long enough to enjoy the benefits. I'm not looking back.

autumn rush
-i'm very glad to hear that you want to quit. i wish my mom would quit.....but anyways, congrats on the first step.

-Pray......you might not be a religious person, but have a word of prayer with God. he WILL help you, you just need to ask for it.

-go see a doctor, and let him no that you are ready to quit. he can help you out more than any of us on here could. he could give you medicine or some really good advice.

-get rid of ALL cigarrettes, lighters, and ash trays, so you won't be tempted.

-let your family and friends know, so they can keep ypu in check to make sure you dont slip up.

-if you DO slip up, and have a smoke, DON'T be discouraged. you are only human, and everyone makes mistakes. just try harder not to smoke.

-try to replace smoking with exercise, candy, a fun nite out, a popsicle, a piece of gum, etc.

-realize what smoking can do to you, and how if something happens to you, what it would do to your family......

i really hope everything goes ok for you!!
God bless.

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