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 Why would a Christian pastor get cancer if he's done nothing but good things most of his life?
a pastor that i know has really bad cancer and its taking over his body. He's been nothing but good to everyone he knows. I've heard this question so many times but now it actually means ...

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 Can you live if your appendix bursts? ?
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 Should taxes be raised on vegetables?
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Surely vegetarians should be treated in the same manner?...

 Do you feel sorry for Jade Goody now that she has cancer?

 i'm always tired.......?
all the time, sleep enough, enough vitamins.....i always have indegestion,....could this be cancer??...if yes what kind would cause indegestion?
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 why do cigarette smokers always look for excuses for why they can't quit?
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 Why does cancer stop hair growth?
usually cancer patients are bald.. so i was wondering?...

 not sure whether i'm intitled to a bus pass for travelling to and from hospital.?
i spend a lot of time at several hospitals due to breast cancer and back problems, it's costs me a fortune, just wondered how to go about this.
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yes i'm on ...

 Does school cause death?
I think yes, because school causes stress, stress causes cancer, and cancer is the most killing disease out there. it also causes suicide and drug problems to young kids. did i prove my point?...

 when i say the word cancer.......?
how does it make you feel inside

 cervical cancer injections for teenage girls?
recently, vaccines for cervical cancer have been introduced in my school. Is it really as safe as they say? Can you get side effects?...

 why is so many people getting cancer?
almost everyone i know who as died lately as died of cancer why is so many people getting this awfull thing and dont say with smoking as i now loads who never smoked died with ...

 Which one Are you :?
A smoker: http://www.lungcancer.org/images/patients/lungs/diseased_lung.jpg


A nonsmoker:

 Do smokers deserve to get sick?
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 Terminal cancer - Will I know when I'm in my last few mins, or just go to sleep unaware then stop breathing?
I know nobody can answer this from personal experience, since if they have the experience, they couldn't be sitting in fron of their computer.

I just want to know if I'll be able ...

 I am a cancer survivior - What should I do now?
I just survived Overian Cancer and want to start my life new, and I am not sure what to do?
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I am 34 years old and had Overian Cancer Stage IIIC - Full Hystrectomy - L...

 what cigarette do people start out with?
to be honest, i have NO intention on starting. i feel cigarette smoke smells horrible and dont wanna pick up the habit. so again,what cigarette do most people start with. marlboro menthols, newport ...

 I have cancer, anything to do before I die?
i'm due in 1 and a half years
Additional Details
I have a tumor in my brain and they are unable to get it out....

 Can I get paid to take care of my mom?
We live in Michigan and my mom has stage 4 breast cancer with mets to her brain, liver, adrenal glands, and bones. She has been getting worse and worse and she can't really do much anymore. She ...

Can Cancer go away or is it there permanently?
If so, How exactly? Does it usually go away with treatment? Do most people die from it or do more survive?

marshmellow dance
Jesus can cure cancer.

Mostly, medical treatments are pointless. Cancer in unattainable once it breaks out.

2 points

yea its like the flu, it'll go away after a week or so. *Sarcasm*

Masta Ansa
Yes my friend it can go away. I actually am promoting a website right now. You CAN treat it naturally despite media and stereotype. Most people can survive the cancer but not hospital treatment. They do not want you to know that it is curable naturally because it keeps money in their pocket. All it is is abnormal cell growth, if your body can create it, then it can destroy it. Look at the url if you would like...

Mr G-Wizz
Yeh cancer can certainly go away. Sometimes without treatment. I'm not sure of the statistics of how many people die from cancer, but with modern medicine I'd say there are definitely more people surviving than ever before. You will find many cancer resources on the internet. Just google cancer information and I'm sure there will be heaps.

Iam sorry but it will be permanent

Really good Question But to many situations .
Some can and Some cant- But you must understand that Cancer can be seen by Doctors But they cant tell where it has spread to most of the times....
Worst cancer to get is Brain- after a few months you lose all control of yourself...

Peter P
Depends what kind of cancer, how long you've had it, etc. It will NOT go away on its own.. you have to get treatment or it will eventually kill you.

Certain cancers such as prostate cancer take like 20 years to set in though, so many people who find out they're in the early stages of prostate cancer when they're like 50 don't do anything about it, since the treatment can be rough stuff...

it`s a big story about cancer.I recommand to read the documentation from http://NewGirls.us - from there u can find good and strong answers about cancer and another diseases ! Cancer always come back !

There are a lot of different type of cancers. Which one are you referring to? There are many factors to take into consideration to determine if the cancer will "go away" or be cured. You really need to talk with a doctor about this because he/she is the best qualified to answer this question. There are many treatments for cancer out there. It depends on how aggressive the cancer is and what stage it is at. This mean is the cancer moving fast or slow and is it advanced or not. Tests have to be done to find out these things. Also, sometimes the person's age and their overall health can tell you how likely they are able to fight the disease. For example, an older person with health problems that already exist like diabetes or heart disease will be weaker to fight cancer than a younger person that really didn't have any major health problems before the cancer. My best advice is to ask the doctor.

if kimo works it can but it can always come back

Hannah J
Depends on the cancer,
Liver cancer, by the time its detected its most probably to late.
Ive known 2 people to get cancer and it has gone away, and then they got secondary cancer which isn't good.
Chemo is the most common treatment, though it can be very painful

The Penguins Bowtie
Cancer can go away with treatment, but it's not guaranteed. Usually, if caught early enough, most people live. Just so you are aware, cancer does not go away on its own and those who believe that it will magically disappear are killing themselves - or in some cases - their children.

Its depend on the type of cancer..
Normally people got cancer which may not harm their health but some are not so lucky and they got cancer's in their kidney,blood,skin etc but its rare and yes dangerous too. It can be stopped in 1st or 2nd stage but in third stage its very difficult to stop.

Cancer will not go away without treatment. Treatment is hard, but icreases your chances of survival tremendously. And if they are able to get all of the cancer out treatmets like chemo ad radiation decrease the chance of recurrence significantly. now because I believe in God I canot discount a rar miracle where "the cancer disappeared" with no treatment, but please, why take the chance. if you value your life and your family, do what is recommendd and necessary to increase your chances of survival.

Yagen P
It depends; in many cases, it can only "go away for good" if surgeons managed to remove all cancerous cells.

There's an explanation at http://www.cancerdoubts.com

no it doesnt go away o.O u have to take sugary to get it away more ppl die from it too :( thats why there's a cure for it if it goes away wats the point of getting sugary huh??

Regrettably, there is no total and complete cure for cancer although in some cases the cancer will go into a partial or complete remission.


There are a lot of ways that cancer can be treated.
# Surgery
# Chemotherapy
# Radiotherapy
# Bone marrow and stem cell transplants
# Biological therapy
# Hormone therapy
# Gene therapy

And it depends on the nature of cancer..But many cancer can go away permanently if taken good care.

Special guidelines are always given by the doctors.

There is no guaranteed cure for any cancer.

That doesn't mean cancer is never cured; some cancers are cured these days. Seven out of ten children are cured of cancer. Testicular cancer, Hodgkin's disease, and many cases of leukaemia can all be cured in adults with chemotherapy, most skin cancers are cured with surgery, and many cases of thyroid cancer and cancer of the larynx are cured with radiotherapy.

Many other types of cancer are also cured if they are found early enough. There is still a long way to go, especially with some of the commonest types of cancer such as lung, breast, bowel and prostate cancer.

I had breast cancer over 5 years ago, and I'm in remission. With some types of cancer, if it hasn't returned within 5 years of treatment then experience shows it isn't going to and the patient can be considered cured - cervical cancer is an example.

With others, the cancer can return at any time, even years after treatment - breast cancer is an example. The chances of reurrence decrease as the years go by.

As for it 'going away' - in a VERY few cases a cancer may disappear without any treatment.

This spontaneous remission is very rare indeed. William Boyd, a pathologist, documented a large number of such instances in a book he published in 1961. He estimated that approx one in every 100,000 cases of cancer will show spontaneous remission.

In his documentation collected from data extending over 100 years, more than half the proven cases of spontaneous remission came from four types of tumour: renal-cell cancer, melanoma, neuroblastoma and choriocarcinoma. In the other half of the cases, there were one or two examples in almost every type of cancer.

Certainly not worth taking a chance on!

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