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Breast Cancer!! I'm only 13?
I was wondering how to check for breast cancer. 'Cause I have pimple like lumps on my nipple. Also is it possible to get pimples on your breasts cause I've been wearing the same bra, never cleaced since March... and what to you do if you have breast cancer, like do you shave your head or anything...?

Austin =]

#2 on the way
The odds of a woman getting breast cancer before the age of 20 is less than 2% so it's highly unlikely. I'd say that the pimples are probably due to the bra. Wash it in hot water & make sure you wash it atleast once a week or more if you're sweating a lot or exercising. Ask your Mom to wash it for you or do it yourself if you're embarrased. I would go to a doctor & get it checked out just in case though. Oh, and you don't shave your head if you have breast cancer. Hair loss can occur as a result of the treatments women get if they have breast cancer.

kyle r
That is called a corn stoper or something like that. I have had them on my d**k trust me i dont have herpeis. Just the rubbieng of your braw or underwear probley causes them. You still should go to your doctor and your gonna have to show him your bubes. Everybody does this even guys.Better save then sorry.

No, the 'pimples' are called Buds, and this process is called 'budding'. This is COMPLETELY normal, and there are hardly any reports of breast cancer at 13 anyway, extremely rare, not unrare. xx

Pam W
pimples are normal fell the hole breast to find a lump and if you do don't waist time tell your mum and go to the doctors. i think you need to talk to your mum more about changers in your body. if your mum isn't around talk to an aunt or big sister or close friend or her mother.

Marie Q
wash you bra please and go to the doctor for a check...don't panic,be calm..the cancer lump size is normally about 1.5 centimetre and larger,they have no head (pus) and they are red and swollen...but don't be alarmed cos the rash and itching that you are experiencing is probably caused by bacteria eating the dead cells off your sweat and thus causing pimples...don't shave your head cos people who have caner never shave their head...they lose chunks of hair thru chemotherapy which is a radio wave that kills cancer cells as well as the elasticity of the scalp to hold hair o the head....ask a female doctor,teacher,mum or sister to explain further ok?

I suspect you're worrying about nothing. Wash your bra often. No, you don't shave your head. People lose their hair from the chemo treatments they get to try to cure the cancer. Ask your mother how to check.


You can get pimples on your breasts. Its normal to have small bumps surrounding your areola. Also, you should change the bra you wear every week or so, or at least clean it. Sweat and dirt can build up on it and give you even more pimples on your chest, back, and breasts.

To do a breast check you need to gently push and feel your breasts, but you feel whats under the skin. Breasts are naturally lumpy, its a problem if its a very solid lump. If you are unsure, talk to a doctor.

uh, no I don't think you shave your head! However you probably should clean your bra.

You should wash your bra often. pimples may be there because you have not washed the bra. The check for breast cancer my feeling your breast for lumps. Shaving you head come with cancer treatment but not all people have to do it.

happy people
well i cant be sure but i think your fine the lumps on your breast are probally just a sign that there developing and everyone gets them. If your still worried you an check but thouroly examining your breast by feeling for lumps under the skin. also ask your mom if a history of breast cancer runs in your family if there is and you found lumps ask her about getting and appointment with a doctor she most likely will say yes. dont take no for an answer. not to scare you but i have had a friend whos cousin got breast cancer at a younge age to.

I think 13 is a little young to get that but it is probably possible. That lump under your nipple is probably a 3rd nippled (Some people do have those, Carrie Underwood did) Yeah it is possible to get pimples on your brests!! Please wash your bra, why have you been wearing the same bra since March without washing it?? If you are still concerned talk to your mom and your doctor!!

change your bra; allow your breasts to get air ; it is normal to have little bumps and it isn't breast cancer; you are fine ; you lie down and with a arm over your head , you feel the breast checking for lumps; some breast tissue is lumpy ; then you check the other side; this way you get to know when there is something out of the oridinary ; that is when you bring it to your doctor's attention but generally not this young

Paramedic Girl
Clogged pores around your nipples can happen and they will be just like a zit. You need to wash your bra at least 2x a week.
Go see your pediatrician anyway about those bumps.

if you want to check if you have breast cancer go to your pedatrician thts your best source.

ok yes it is possible
and thats probably what it is
thats really disgusting just so you know
like not trying to be mean
but you reeeeallly need to wash that thing.
and like get new ones or something.
you can get pimples anywhere
a friend of mine got one on his tongue.
you just need to wash your bra
and your breasts a little better.

it means your breast are just growing...them pimples probly came from you not washing your bra...

Geaux LSU Tigers!!!
You got to find something else to do.
No, you don't have breast cancer; little bumps on the skin are normal. Wash your bra. If you go through the whole breast cancer testing procedure, including mammogram, mri, ultrasound, biopsy, etc., and it is actually found, you may have to have chemotherapy and radiation, and that's what can make your hair fall out. No, you don't have to shave your head.
Seriously, go find a book to read or something. You're being a worry-wart.

First, go wash that bra! Very doubtful that a 13-year-old would have breast cancer. It may be a skin rash related to not keeping yourself clean enough. Also, cancer patients do not shave their heads, they lose their hair because of chemotherapy, (a cancer treatment) which is very hard on the body. The hair grows back after the chemo is finished.

McHaggis Scoticus
Get checked out by your doc and honestly you really should wash out that bra, or burn it and buy some new ones!! I seriously don't think you have cancer it all sounds normal to me

Ky <3
well, i dont kno but y wouldnt u change your bra? i mean thats gross! no offence! But im sure you don't have breast cancer it might be cuz u wore the bra 4 like 5 months!

The "bumps" on the areola and nipple are Montgomery's tubercles. These tubercles contain the opening of sebaceous and sweat glands (Montgomery glands) that secrete lubricating substances for the nipple.

They aren't pimples, and EVERYONE has them, even guys.

It's not cancer.

well first off u should own more than one bra, and be cleaning it everyday, just like any other pair of under garments, and u need to go talk to ur mom, because if it is serious she needs to take u to ur Dr.... dont waste ur time on yahoo answers.... go ask ur mom!!!!

From what you're writing, I don't think you need to be worried about breast cancer. If it looks like pimples, it's probably just that. Try to wash your bra once in a while:-) Good luck with everything!

barb s
Awww honey, please talk to your mom.
Where are you getting this information?
If you are concerned, have Mom take you to see a doctor.

first of all, the "pimples" that you are refering to are part of your nipple, it happens sometimes when you are cold.. or turned on. second of all, you really shouldnt wear a bra that long especially with it being summer and im sure it has gotten sweaty, it is going to make you stink. I would suggest buying a bra just like it if you really like it and wash them often and switch back and forth.

don't worry. I used to worry about that but its not actually like pimples on your breast it would be within the breast, you can do a self check, ask about it next time you go to the doctor or you can learn about it here. http://www.healthcentral.com/breast-cancer/tests.html

But try not to worry its good to be up on these things but if its really bothering you to the point where it takes over your life talk to someone because seriously when I was your age I always worried about my health and thought I had cancer and it just caused me so much anxiety and took over my life. Try not to worry just keep up with the doctor and be happy.

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