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 How do I deal with this (my dad is dying of stomach cancer)?
He was going to go through chemotherapy, but the cancer spread too much and there is nothing they can do. So basically people are going to come over 3 times a week to give him a shot so he won't ...

 Why isn't cigarette smoking illegal?
I understand A LOT of people smoke cigarettes....but that isn't my question...why don't they make it illegal with all the health hazards it causes to the smoker, and those around the smoker....

 i've heard its cancer causing to sleep with a regular bra at night.
but is it okay to sleep with a sports bra without the same effect?...

 How should I act around my Aunt who has lung cancer? ?
My aunt lives in Germany. My Mom and Grandma are going to go visit her in November, although it might be pushed up considering she is very ill. She is only 39 years old and has always been a free ...

 How Do Cigarettes Cost?
How much Do Marlboro lights cost (a.k.a the gold package)

I need to give my friend money so shell buy them for me

I also live in iowa
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No its not, ...

 is weed worse than cigarettes?
my friend is kinda stupid and she thinks that weed is worse, but i think cigarettes are..
im trying to prove her right
which one is ...

 If a woman...?
If a woman can get breast cancer could a man? Some men give "breast milk" like woman could they get breast cancer? Could a normal man get it? Why or Why not?
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 Is it true that if your hand is bigger than your face, you have cancer?

 My dad is dying please help...?
This could be my dad's last Christmas. He has undergone 3 heart surgeries and 3 heart attacks, 3 of his four arteries are blocked (even after his triple bypass) and he is inoperable at this ...

 I just found out yesterday that my cancer has spread to my right lung and now have to undergo very very?
powerful chemo....before for my cervical cancer the chemo was only to boost the radiation not kill the cancer..well not now..so my question is what has been your experence with chemo...what can ...

 Please pray for my ill father?
he has two (and more) types of cancer in his body...and i am afraid. He can die any minute, is what doctors say and he is very weak. When he eats, he tastes nothing, when he walks it looks like one ...

 do you believe cell phones cause cancer?
what doesnt cause cancer though? lol
but i was wondering what you guys think?
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meg i dont care if this question pisses you off ignore it and answer a different ...

 Will I get cancer?
My mom had cancer many times about two years ago, when I was in fifth grade. And I heard that its something you are born with and you inherit from your parents.
Be flat out honest. Am I really ...

 I've been smoking for likea year or so think i have lung cancer?

 My husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer 6 months ago, he seems to be doing well. It's hard to beleive.
It doesn't seem to me like he's only got six months left. How does cancer progress, is it very quick at the end. His cancer is Unknown primary, which means they don't know where it ...

 Why can't we find a cure for cancer?

 If we cured cancer, would that not be a mistake?
I know alot of people may hate me for this question, but if we cured cancer wouldn't that mean big trouble for the rest of us, as the population would increase, countries will become more ...

 I'm scared.... I'm 14 and I smoke and I'm showing the signs of cancer?
I smoke cigarettes and recently I have throat pain all the time and my tongue is also always in pain. I also am out of breath all the time and my lungs sometimes feels like a knife is stabbing up ...

 I've just recived the worse new in my life!?
i just found out that my mom has liver cancer and i don't think she knows it. my mom live in germany and i'm in the states, i don't know what to do other then cry! my mother is like my ...

 What happens if you have cancer but don't want treatment?
in the US
Additional Details
yes, I know about the dying part -- I meant do the doctors refuse to treat you any more or ...

Am I the only mother that would do this?
So we are on a trip in Mexico for 9 more days. I have 2 boys ages 14 and 8 and they have extremely fair skin, and there is skin cancer in our family genes. Yes, I slather bot of them down with sunscreen myself, just to be completely sure there will be no risk and no worries.

If you have 2 boys my age, with fair skin etc, would you have done the same thing as I did?

Yeah, if i had kids i'd be covering them in suncreme till they were i n their 20's if they'd let me, the sun's a lot more dangerous than people think, i'm guessing the 14 year old doesnt think its too cool having his mum cover him in sun cream, but its the only way u'll know he's totaly covered and tell him that its better being 'uncool' for a while than suffer cancer, i've been a cancer sufferer and there is nothing at all cool about it.

Are you asking, because you think your boys might be too old to be touched by their mum and may feel intimidated? I have two teenage boys, and usually I let them put on their sun-screen themselves and only help them out with their backs. Of course, I double-check.

what a strange question you have already said there a risk of cancer and the boys are fair, what do you want to hear
"no just let them sit in the sun all day with no protection and see who ends up in hospital the first"

Need some help with this
right thing 2 do

Tinky Winky
Why do you keep asking this same question ?
one cause you want praising cause your putting lotion on which is just common sense in my book
two your an attention seeker !

No question about it, I definately would. I had to have an amputation due to malignant melanoma

I would put the highest skin factor cream on them.

You seem concerned about if you have done right thing? WHY?

Any responsible parent would ensure her kids had sunscreen on. You did the right thing.
Skin cancer is in your family you state but you cannot keep your kids in because of this so yes....you did right thing putting sunscreen on them.

how many times you wanna ask this??

mark t
Both my two kids are very fair skinned and I have always carried sunscreen in the car no matter what. Its better to be safe than sorry. My kids are 12 and 14.

Of course!

*´`*♥♡Sarah☺ Beanz♡♥*´`*
you deff did the right thing by trying to keep them safe! Have fun in Mexico

This day and age with what we know anyone who didn't do it would be irresponsible. You definately did the right thing.

you - as the responsible mother did the right thing - why you are questioning this is not clear - however - getting answers from others can only help you in realising this and giving you more confidence for the future -

well I don't know about having two boys your age.(cause I don't know your age.. lol) . but I do slop the goo on my daughter.. she's a red head with fair skin.. runs in the fam.. and so does cancer.. we just turn red and peel and then freckle and do it over again

Owen S
well its better to be safe than sorry hey my mum does that to me and iam 14 i hate it but id rather have sun screen than sun burn !!!!!!!!

fluffy the wonderdog
good job
Coppertone makes a sweat proof aerosol sunscreen with 30SPF that is absolutely great
now i use it everyday and even in the hottest weather it doesn't migrate and doesn't get into your eyes

No! I'm NOT Elton John
Of course I would. Any decent parent would do what you did.

Even if they did not have fair skin, you would want to keep them covered with sunblock and tee-shirts and even hats, if you can keep them on them!

Of course you should be doing that, otherwise they will get burned, it would be sore and dangerous!

hi i have a 7 year old son every time i go away i make him put sun tan on i think you are doing a good thing trying to protect your kids of skin cancer when they get older yes i would do the same as you keep doing it

That just makes sense. There is no reason to feel strange about using a lot of sun screen. More people need to take skin cancer as seriously as you do.

Mitch Connor
I would have made sure they had t shirst on as well but, yes you are defintly doing the right thing

Totally makes sense to me. Good for you.

Of course I would have done the same thing and made sure that they had clothes that would also prevent any sun damage. It sounds like you are a very good mom who really cares for your children. Don't ever doubt yourself when you are trying to protect your children.

yeah you did the right thing even if they did not like it!!!

ER Bunne
I have 17 and 12 yo girls, and we are very careful about their sunscreen. I go to Mexico every year and you'd be amazed how many sunburns I see. Not to mention, little kids trying to put on their own sunscreen. You keep it up. Sunscreen is a medicine, not a frilly lotion. In their later years, they will thank you.

you did the right thing.
i would do the same.

my son is 10 , blonde and fair skinned! i plaster him in cream on holidays until he looks like a snowman! he hates it but thats how it has to be

What an odd question, wouldn't any self respecting mother do that?

I don't get it.

And they would be wearing tee shirts and hats.

Jim G
u did the right thing

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