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 ok my dad past away this summer and i have had some dreams of me geting cancer? What does this Mean? ?
ok in my dream the doctor said i had lung cancer and i will die. i was put threw Kemo in my dream the needles and dye and everything. i was so scary. What can this mean?...

 Hair getting white very early age. Any medicine/therapy/advise to keek that black?

 Does anybody know a person who has cancer or died of cancer?
My mother was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer two years ago. She died on February 11,2009. I know she is not suffering anymore and is resting in peace but I miss her so much. She was only 49 ...

 my boyfriend lied about having cancer?
ok i had dated him for 3 months. it was december wen we started dating and during the beginning of the relationship he told me he had throat cancer and he was going for chemo. he was back at school ...

 HELP IM GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
srry about the "help im gonna die" it was just so ppl would actually read this!..okay so i have the stomach flu and i cant eat/drink anything besides chicken noodle soup.i would be willing ...

 Does it bother you when you are asked are told"You don't act like a cancer patient"?
I have been told that i don't act like i have cancer and i know others who have been told the same thing. I was wondering if that has ever happened to you, and if so, how does that make you feel?...

 My dad's brother and sister both died of lung cancer in their 20's. will i get it?

Additional Details
my dad is 62 & smokes like a chimney. he has never had cancer. i am 17 and i don't smoke, never ...

 does 'kills 99.99%' really mean kills 100%?
hey guys

so i asked my mum today why hand sanitizers only kill 99.99% of bacteria. and she said, the most likely do kill 100% but they say 99.99% so if it dosent work for one person, they ...

 What are the causes of Lung Cancer?

 Went for a smear test and worried about the nurse's comments ?
She said i was looking red around the cervix and wasnt sure why. I dont get the results for 4 weeks but cant work out if this is a symptom of something serious....

 my dad has terminal cancer and this will most likely be his last fathers day. what should I get him?
im having a hard time trying to pick the perfect gift, i want to get him something that shows him I love him and that he means alot to me. have any suggestions?...

 Desperate to find an antiperspirant deo that doesn't contain...?
... 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol (also known as Bronopol) and also doesn't contain Aluminium. Anyone able to help?...

 This question is for anyone with cancer or has had cancer:?
What is a donation or something that has been done for you that has helped, or what would have helped you?...

 How can it be that there is no cure for Cancer YET?
I mean, one that doesn't also kill the patient.
Additional Details
Is it so hard to believe that there IS a cure and that it's being kept secret?...

 When you have chemotherapy ?
and your hair falls out . Is it all of your body hair or is it selective to just the hair on your head ?
As I saw a report on Jade Goody with pictures and although she was bald on her head she ...

 can you pray for a miracle for my aunt guadalupe vasquez.?
she has brain cancer. please the doctors said they cannot do anything and we would like your help to pray for a miracle i love her soo much and cancer is so horrible but she is fighting strong i love ...

 How many of u women support breast cancer awareness?
I do as much as possible b/c I once had a lump in my breast, thank God it wasn't malignant, but it forced me to permantly stop smoking. It was just an infection that had to b drained....

 My grandma has breast cancer - how soon can it spread?
My Grandma has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. It is a 2cm x 2cm lump. She hasn't seen the specialist yet and they won't be operating until after Easter.

I'm ...

 I want to start smoking...?
So, I'm almost 15 and I know it's early. Not too many people I know smoke, but a few people from my class do, and some of my friends, and my dad, too.
I find it interesting - you have ...

 A type of cancer??
Can someone please explain to me what servical cancer is??...

Shinano R
A question about cancer?
I have been worried a lot about cancer lately. Is there anything I can do to make sure I do not get cancer?

unfortunately i do not know of any way of cancer proofing us, how ever we can avoid known carcenegens such as smoking, drinking eating junk food, limiting our exposure to dangerous chemicals and eat more fresh organic fruit and veg, organic meat and milk ets. berries - blueberries in particular a re a great source of anti-oxidants which are meant to help as long as organic( which means no insecticides etc) and organic green tea. best wishes.

Here Is Holly.
This is from personal experience;

I don't think there is a way to prevent cancer. Cancer happens and nobody can prevent themselves from having it happen. My Uncle led a completely healthy life, did all the things people have listed above me and he still got cancer. He was diagonsed with Stomach Cancer and he only thought he had the flu. When they diagonesed him with Stomach Cancer, they took him into surgery and it was to late. My Uncle died, leaving two young sons and his wife. So honestly, I don't think you prevent yourself from getting cancer. It just happens and we have no control over it.

anvesh s
eat bitter fruits & vegetables so u can prevent the cancer .
there is nothing to worry about cancer.
u should not eat all the items unbalancly if u fond of eating like that u may get cancer. so eat bitter guard it guards u from cancer It is the best way to prevent cancer .

thank u domt worrry about cancer it is a small disease if u take notice if not bigger one.
- [email protected]

cancer is believed to be genetical. for eg, if you smoke or come in contact with cigarette smoke, you could get it in 5 years or smoke for 50 years and not have a damn thing. most types are genetical and triggered by different factors, so if you don't wanna get it, i suggest you check your relatives' med background and see what went wrong.

and it's really dumb to say tabacco causes cancer. the blend mixed with certain chems cause it, but tabocco alone is kinda safe.

I don't think you can absolutely assure that you will not get cancer, but control the things you can control - how you eat, not smoking, your weight, exposure to sun, exposure to other cancerous elements. You do the best you can and let the rest go. You will die some day and if it isn't cancer, it will be something else.

My son was only 4 when he was diagnosed with cancer. What do you think he could have done to get it? Nothing. This is a terrible disease that can strike anyone but do live healthily. And stop worrying, worrying might rise your blood pressure and this can cause a heart attack. God Bless.

Guarantee beyond a shadow of a doubt that you don't get cancer? No. I had several patients that never smoked, ate all the right food, ran miles every day....and looked at me and said "Why me?"

There are no guarantees. There are only educated guesses, which you have probably already heard or your doctor can tell you. Many depend on your genetics and lifestyle, which mean that some you can change and some you are born with. The best you can do is take what is assumed to be the best knowledge available today and do the best you can with that. Some people can live happily with these factors and others can not. The important thing is to live your life to the fullest each and every day just as if it were your last day. Then you will have no regrets.

Grant M
other then not smoking... I cant think of anything...

There are risk factors to be considered whether or not you will get cancer. These risk factors are either modifiable (can be changed) or non-modifiable ( such as your age, gender, genes) which means there's nothing you can do about it, or have little control over it. But remember the modifiable risk factors are the ones you have control over. Don't stress too much over this because stress in itself is a risk factor. Just remember to eat healthy, exercise, live a healthy lifestyle (avoid smoking), get enough sleep, and last but not least - smile a lot.

Live a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy, don't smoke or do drugs. Have regular check ups with your dr.

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