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Dee T
will it be hard quitting marijuana?
is it really that hard?
i havent gone a month without smoking weed since i started (roughly 10 months ago)...but i dont think im addicted...and i have abstained from it for weeks...just not for a whole month i dont think.

i dont think i'll be able to get 'higher' and have a better time now, i think i've probably experienced enough of it.

so....long story short...would it be that hard to quiting smoking weed?
Additional Details
and also...what are some ways of avoiding smoking weed and maintaining astenense?

your a freaking gross dirty freak STONER
wow get a life sorry for being mean :)
but that's really gross homes

Is the Pope a Catholic?

yep...but crack is worse!!!!!! you cant live a day without it...im not on crack i just seen people who are on crack.

yeeah it es, ib tryed 13 times ib been clean for one day now, i hope i can get past tommoroe

hello :D
if you can go 2 weeks without smoking..it wont be hard to stop
you're thinking about it too much
just try not to think about it

For me, yes. I've been smoking for 10 months as well and decided to call it quits with the ganja. I feel psychologically addicted, considering weed has been my outlet for so long. Unfortunately I have been smoking more cigarettes than usual, and I'm around people at parties who like to toke it up. So yes, it has been hard so far (only been 2 weeks!). What I'm doing is looking at the benefits- if I ever get dropped, hey, I'll drop clean. And that makes me feel good about myself. Mainly because I'm making an effort to improve myself as a person. I'm also running, doing yoga, and being more active. It's a much better alternative! So good luck & remember, its easier to quit if you REALLY want to.

Pocket Protectorate
It's easy...

V. town lee
10 months? Quit now, the longer you puff the harder it will become to quit! Stay occupied! Oh and did I mention 4 weeks of nightmares?

Good luck!

No ! it will not be hard to stop at all . Don't go buy any is one way to stop.you have been smoking 10 months your still a baby at this .you'll be ok .drink plenty of water

Niagra Gash, getting nun
Though not physically addicting, weed is addicting psychologically.
People become addicted to way they feel when they are stoned.
If you can go a month without it, then I'd say you'll be fine...Its like anything, if you want it enough, you can do it.

girlie girl
Yes of couse it will be hard, but if you change your everyday regiment that included smoking weed, it will be easier.
It won't be missed as much.
Get me?

lots of luck :-)

Mara B
To be honest it depends if it will be hard to stop.
If u are a teen you have a better chance to stop witch means it will be ease yer to stop at a teen age, like 13-18.

Once your older than that it will be more difficult.

I don't think u are addicted because u just started.

The point you can say your addicted is when u can stop smoking that stuff for more than one day.

One way you can avoid weed is that u can entertain yourself when you get the urge to smoke weed if u know what i mean ; )

u got to stop doing that stuff, like my friend got to that stuff and turned all psycho and emo, and spiritual and lost a lot of friends and trust.

dee's nuts...lol

Ashley O
If you don't think your addicted, then why are you so worried about quitting? You know why? Because most people who smoke pot ARE addicted, their just too stupid to admit to it. Atleast you've figured out that quitting is beneficial. Avoiding it should be simple. If you have willpower and motivation...........that might be a problem. Dont put yourself in situations that you know will involve pot. Pick up a hobbie, get a full time job, start working out, you can knit for all I care. Just occupy your time.

fo sho joe
after the first 2 days of quitting you will not feel any urge at all to smoke and of course there is not physical urge to smoke marijuana ever. the only problem is 3 weeks later your friends will be smoking or u will be somewhere there will be people smoking and you will ask yourself "why did i quit smoking weed"? and u will realize there was no point at all for quitting and u will start again. i have done it countless times

Adam K
it is all in your head. you can like the high, like the taste, like the feeling, but you cannot physically be addicted. its easy man. all in your head.

Antonio El Tigre
Hitting marijuana is easy. You just inhale deeply and hold it a while. What? Oh you said "quitting" marijuana? I have no idea....

yup, even though marijuana has no addictive qualities if u make it a habbit it becomes an addiction. if u have the willpower u can quit easily though. my advice try to stay away from it because it will tempt you to do it again.

ya wanna know how i quit smoking... i did something that no one would of thought of doing... i joined the service... the army keeps you occupied with the training and all and it got me to quit no problem and now i went 5 years with out touching a drug... plus the army will get you somewhere in life since the economy is going down... plus the army is always hiring...

depends on your willpower, the surrounding factors that make you want to smoke it and how addictive your personality is. Ive smoked for a long time and ive quit for long periods too.. i find it easier sometimes to quit than others.. especially when theres stress around its harder to quit. cant hurt to try..

Livi H

It's not physically addictive, but it can be psychologically addictive. If you don't think you're addicted and you're able to get through weeks without jonesin', it'll gradually get easier to wean yourself off of it.

Get a hobby. Remind yourself why you want to quit. Get a support system if you think that's necessary.

Justine L
its not hard from what my friends told me just dont think about it

Baaand On The Run!
mary jane itself isn't addicting but the activity is..... so all you've gotta do is find a new hobby.

When I quit weed, I just stepped up the cigarettes a bit ... worked pretty well, but I'm probably not any better off

started 13 now 29 just quit this week its hard vary hard all i think about, cant sleep, vary angry, headache. vit C helps fire fighters rid toxins of smoke, drink water when u want 2 burn, Im not sure how 2 quit I just dont want 2 b hi any more this is been hard 4 me but I think Im done.Ive never had this desire to quit before I also have asked 4 help and support from family friends and God. Good luck

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