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why is my urine bright yellow?
it is like a neon yellow! the only thing i can think of is i started taking vitamin b and green tea pills from GNC. thanks
Additional Details
I was pretty sure

Stewie Griffin rox
You may have a water infection, I'd get it checked out.

rajendra s
You are ill. Admit yourself in Hospital

The Pills!
Go see a doc.

Martin B
why not?

drink water

To follow on the coattails of others: Excess Vitamin B can cause what you are describing. You should make sure to test this first, by cutting out any Vitamin B supplements or multivitamins for a day or two (that's all it should take) unless a health professional has directed you NOT to skip. If the issue goes away, you have your culprit.

If it goes away, you should talk to a pharmacist or doctor about what you are taking and see if they suggest you discontinue it. If it doesn't, you want to see your doctor.

me me me
are u taking some kinda vitamin or drug?

It is from the supplements you are taking. Drink more water.

Either too many vitamins, or an infection. If it continues, get it checked out.

vitamin B made mine turn neon yellow too!!

Vitamins do change the color of urine most of the time. If there is no pain or discomfort, I wouldn't worry about it.

it might be becuase ur dehydrated

Judy B
Vitamin B2. Any amount more than your body needs is excreted in urine, turning it yellow.

Your yellow urine suggests that you do not need the Vit B supplement.

It's the extra vitamins. Your body excretes what it does not need in your urine, so it is more concentrated. There is always a potential for toxicity to just make sure that you are taking the recommended dose.

That is exactly what it is.

The easiest thing to do is to stop taking the vitamin B for a while and see if your urine is the same color. If it is not, and it is lighter, then it is the vitamin B causing the bright yellow. I don't think that you are sick, because, depending on what you intake or neglect intaking, that will cause your urine to be anywhere from clear to bright yellow. I take lots of herbs and vitamins in the morning and my urine is always bright yellow the first time that I go later on. I've been doing this for years and I haven't been sick because my urine is bright yellow. I'm 61 years old and feel healthy.

B-6 is the culprit!!!!!!!But don't worry -now you know that it is in your system doing what you want it to do!!!!!!!!!:-))))))))

Tesco - very little help
My supplements turn my pee bright yellow.

It's nothing to worry about.

It might be because of the pills, but the color of your urine is also affected by the amount of water you drink. The more water, the lighter the color, so maybe you're not intaking enough fluids.

Vitamin B.

Drink more water.

Big Bird Little Bird
Drink more water! Trust me, it's like that with everyone.

Bee, you hit it on the head. Vitamins are the ones for urine change and color. Wait to you eat alot of greens. LOL(spinach)

Sarah O
Herbs and things like that frequently make your pee change color. It becomes lighter if you consume a lot of water, so drink up!

I take all kinds of vitamins everyday, and for like the first 2 hours after I take them, my urine is a bright yellow to almost orange color. It fades throughtout the day, but that is your body getting rid of the excess vitamins. I had previously asked my doctor about it.

Vitamin B

LOL before I even read the rest of this question, I thought, "She must be taking vitamin B". I can't explain why it turns bright yellow, though. I used to take it, and noticed the same thing.

Don't worry. If you take B complex, then it contains B2. B2 causes a fluorescent yellow colour don't worry.

Incidentally, if you have a UV source e.g. a banknote counterfeit tester, you can detect the fluorescence.

Ramona-please step back!
Most vitamins affect the color of urine

It's the vitamin B. I drank a shake with lots of Vitamin B and my urine was bright yellow al day.

Yes, it is the Vitamin B. Water soluble, what your body doesn't use comes out bright yellow!

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