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why is CIGARETTES addicting?
how do they make yuo feel when you smoke them?

and why do ppl even smoke em? its just enhaling smoke. why do that?

Layton B
Because they taste like heaven and they are good for your heart.

Uhm it's called Nicotine.
It makes you addicted. DX

people do it because they think its "cool"
Idkk why some people are idiots.

Because they contain Nicotine, which is a drug.
Some say cigarettes make them feel relaxed and some get nicotine kicks.
Why people smoke cigarettes? Indeed, why do they...

"Many people smoke because it helps them relax and cope with difficult situations, or because it gives them confidence. Others smoke when they feel bored. Smoking produces a feeling of satisfaction that's difficult to give up. Finally, people who smoke are usually in denial – they know that smoking is bad, but they convince themselves it's simply "not as terrible as they make it sound."

Smoking is a social activity as well. Many people who smoke do so as a way to start conversations and interact at parties or in crowded places. This is known as "social smoking," and it usually involves alcohol as a complement.

Many teenagers start smoking due to peer pressure. They may also smoke to feel more mature or as a form of rebellion against parental authority. It has been proved that children are also more likely to smoke if their parents do."

Crane B
It has nicotine and other addicting chemicals. It's very unhealthy though and most smokers end up with breathing problems.

I don't know what it feels like when smoking them, because I have never done that before, but it is addicting like nicotine. Nicotine and caffeine are two of the most addicting things. A lot of people that drink coffee, eat chocolate, or drink soda everyday can become addicted to it. When they try to break from the habit, they begin to have headaches, or even black outs in some cases, and different type of consequences. The same thing happens to people who smoke.

Whacckkaa :DDD
Nicotine, and they poison your lungs

you don't know me
People smoke because most people start when they are young and stupid and then become addicted to the nicotine and other chemicals in the cigarettes. And they make you feel awful, you cough and your hair and clothes and breath smell like cigarettes and they give you wrinkles.

Check out this site... it may help you a lot!


nicotine, they make you feel high at first, but after a while you just need them all the time.
i've heard that they are harder to quit than heroin
if you don't stat then you will never have to quit

Cigarette companies actually add things to the tobacco to make it more addicting so it isn't just the nicotine.
The way they make you feel is relaxed and energetic at the same time. Whenever I don't have one for too long I either get very angry or very sad.
Some smoke them because of the coolness factor. Some people smoke because they just always have. Some people are looking or something to relax them and hear good things.

Some people do it from peer pressure and get addicted to the nicotine in it

pretty much nicotine it like addicts people some how! did you know that there is 200 poisons in each cigarette! isn't that alot! and if you have somebody that smokes inside people can get second hand smoke! More people die each year with second hand smoke than smoking! each year 2,500 people die with smoke related causes! So dont smoke its so bad for you. now they're coming out with cigarettes that have flavor like strawberry to get more people to smoke. its bad dont ever try it man! cause once your on it you cant get of it very easy! so please don't smoke. cause i can tell you a whole buch more about cigarettess! so please don't smoke!

The Golden Buffalo
it has something to do with the nicotine...

the 1st few times you smoke them they might make you feel dizy after a while you don't really get any sensation from them except to ease the crave of the addiction. so yeah it's pretty stupid and pointless and i can't bring myself to even try stopping.

I think most people start when they're kids. 13-15. the reasons are probably many and depend on the individual as to thier path. to fit in with other smokers is one. to what extent is it cool or percieved as so is another. mimicking other humans.

At first they make you calm; after awhile you need them purely to kill a craving that would not normally be there.

Andrew C
Nicotine, Image.

Heather L
It is the nicotine that is addicing.You body craves it.It is also mental as well. After you get past the physical addiction. the mental addiction is still their. you are stressed you want a smoke.

bella baby :)
they ARE addicting because once you smoke them the nicotine and other chemicals in them make you want more and more.
people do it for all sorts of different reasons.
but once they try it they can't stop.
even though it is not that hard to quit.
people just make excuses.
and most do not quit.

Nicotine is the chemical in cigarettes that makes them addictive.

Alex B
The main "active" ingredient in tobacco is the stimulant Nicotine. It provides a stimulating "buzz" for about ten minutes for new smokers and is highly addicting. The fact that many people see smoking as being "cool" also contributes to the psycological addiction of nicotine.

nicotine is a drug that relieves stress, chills you out, and makes you feel good. because it makes you feel good the pleasure receptors in your brain make you want to do it again. you can experiment with a cig to see what it feels like once...you prob wont get hooked, i have smoked before and im not addicted, i would reccomend hookah because it cools and filters the smoke, has flavor, and chills you the eff out. peace

mandy t

It's the nicotine. Sometimes it can kind of give you a little more energy. Like caffeine.

& people usually smoke them to relax or look cool.

First of all, not to nit pick, the question would be "Why ARE cigarettes addicting?" and the answer to your question would be because of two reasons. The first one being the physical habit of smoking, like putting something in your mouth can be addicting. Second, nicotine in itself is addicting and the thousands of other chemicals they put in there do not help much either.

And people smoke them because that is their choice. No one has the right to tell them differently. Unless you smoke, and it doesn't sound like you do, answering "Why do that?" would be pointless.

Cause people like the nicotine that is in there. Also they just feel that the smoke going it to their bodies is relaxing. I don't understand it either. But it's mostly the nicotine that makes it so addicting.

because of the nicotine in it.

The mechanism of addiction is still not well-understood. Scientists are studying it.

When you smoke a cigarette and you're not addicted, it makes you feel alert, energetic, maybe a little light-headed, and maybe a little sick to your stomach.

When you smoke a cigarette and you are addicted, it feels like it's filling some tremendous need. Because you can get stressed if that need doesn't get filled, smoking cigarettes starts to feel like it takes away your stress.

Inhaling smoke is, as I'm sure you know, one way of taking a drug, and nicotine is a drug. People smoke cigarettes to use that drug.

Nicotine is very addicting...it takes a few times to get addicted to it...but most people start smoking because of social things...or think it's cool...

Nicotine. Makes you feel relaxed

Pathankrious Shark.
Nicotine, it gives you a buzz and makes you feel, Good.

Love Life
nicotine is addictive

People smoke because most people start when they are young and stupid and then become addicted to the nicotine and other chemicals in the cigarettes. And they make you feel awful, you cough and your hair and clothes and breath smell like cigarettes and they give you wrinkles.

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