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what kind of medicine should i take?
i have always an headache what kind of medicine should i take??

i know the name of 2 medicines.i think u should take it and c for ur self.the medicines r (1)--combiflame and the other 1 is (2)--paracitemol.try them and c if u hav some effect. and if the pain dosen't stop then consel a doctor. thanx!!

just take the advil it is very effective

Try to find a good acupressurist. Have a treatment done (against headaches/migraines). A treatment lasts about 20 minutes but - if done properly - you''ll be rid of your headache.
The point is to massage your head and the top of your face to relax the pressure in your blood vessels.
Once you have experienced such a massage/acupressure session, you can easily do it to yourself whenever you have a headache.
The acupressurist will ask you questions and may be able to figure out very quickly why you are having those headaches.
Sometimes, this problem occurs because you are eating/drinking something that doesn't agree with you or you may have an allergy to something in your direct environment e.g. wall-to-wall carpeting. It may be worth checking into this also.

Hope this helps.

taking advil on a regulat basis can lead to kidney problems, as with any chemical too much in the system causes adverse side effects and your body will build up a tolerance so you will end up taking more and more to fix they "symptom". You need to fix the problem, First what part of your head is actually hurting, you need to determine the "source" of your pain in order to effectively treat it, Is it in the sinus area behind the eyes, at the back of the neck or base of the skull, does it originate in the jaw or radiate all over. Once you isolate the problem area a proper treatment can be suggested. Merely masking the pain with Advil will not help you it will only prolong it.

maybe your headache is more then a headache.It could be a sign of something serious of a medical situation.You should go check that out with your doctor before you take any precautionary medicines.

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