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Whenever confronted by rational, ...

nonknowin lizzy
what does it feel like to be high?
i don't plan on doing it (and even if i did, i'd have no clue how to get drugs) i just wanna know what it feels like.
Additional Details
i notice that none of you people explain what it feels like afterwards. i've heard that's the worst part. am i right?

I don't know and I never plan on it.

Never done it. Don't plan on it ever. Ever.

Why would you wanna know if you already know its dangerous?
Don't waste your time wondering about drugs that can ruin your life.
Go do something better with your life :)


it always just made me extremely stupid. another side effect is that i never noticed when people were talking to me and my mouth was always dry. it put me to sleep most of the time and caused me to feel miserable the next day. i guess i'm one of the tiny percentage of people in the world who doesn't think it feels great.

why would you want want get high? it's stupid! And it's illegal.

Justin R
the world just seems more vivid and you feel like ur flying and uhh everything just seems so alive and jumping and you just feel happy and cant stop laughing and **** like that

Bob L
nodding is the best feeling in the phucking world!

it feels great, ncie head rush.
my eyes get really heavy, i repeat my self sometimes, sometimes you get paranoid, you realize some people are sketchyy
you want to walk around, or either sleep.
you get really hungry
jsut basically feeling tired or crazzyy happy :)
it's relaxing :)

Amazing. It depends on what kind of person you are, based on your reaction. Like sometimes, really hyper people will be calm if they're high. And vice versa. But in general, you're calm, no cares in the world. It's beautiful.

Great, it's not that unimaginable

it feels great... but its kind of like a non-feeling. like your in heaven and there's no such thing as sadness or misery or anger. your just happy.
But the next day you feel pretty bad so you take some more

Jonathan R
Depends most of the time when your starting off you will feel REALLY different as Bob Marley best put it “When you smoke herb it reveals you to yourself" thats if you get stoned. If you High you will forget stuff you just did and find it the funniest thing in the world then get really hungry! Cannibus does not make you lazy btw, it helps you relax and see things differently. If your a lazy bum, even if you smoke pot you will be a lazy bum. I suggest toking up then working out, it can get you in the zone and make it that much more intense. Hope that helps bro

fcking amazing.

Mr T 639
Sometimes pot gives you a very giddy high - the smallest things - everything actually, seems absolutely hysterical. This kind of pot high is very social and very bonding. You sit with friends and laugh and laugh and get off on each other's laughter. Pot also makes you notice and think about tiny details which you would usually overlook. A flower petal, a piece of fuzz, a crack in the wall can fascinate and entertain you for hours, or at least what seems like hours. I say seems like hours because pot does funny things to time perception.

Perhaps because of the vividness of small details when you're high you can get completely absorbed in a thought or object in a truly deep way that feels like a long intense mental journey, when perhaps it was really only a few minutes. I find being high to be one of the few times when having lots of fun does not make time fly - quite the opposite. Just as details become vivid, thoughts too feel and flow differently. A simple ordinary thought or reflection can flow in a stream of consciousness kind of way, spiraling deeper and deeper. In this way I find pot to be intensely introspective. One simple thought can flow around and around and this intense introspection can make it hard to socialize.

All Things Must Pass
Dizzy, warm, relaxed, giggly, nice overall.

Nice Stratocaster.

Not like you are now!

mr mystic
It depends on the drug. Weed and all other depressants make you feel relaxed and everything seems to just be pure amazing. Cocaine and other stimulants just make everything seem faster and weird. Hallucinogens/psychedelics make everything colorfully and weird in general, for example a bad trip can make you feel like a chair is alive and trying to kill you. These have the wierdest effects including the ability to make you think you are an inanimate object or cause ego death. Ego death is you feeling like you are just part of the environment. As for after effects weed makes everything hazy. Others make you sick feeling or just tired. A few just leave you perfectly fine.

Longbranch Pennywhistle (aka the heater)
Have u ever seen allice in wonderland...

im curious as well

try it. and after you feel a little sleepy and relaxed its not bad at all. dont listen to all the it kills brain cells bs either

Molly Ann

Captain Sushi
AWESOME, afterwards anyway i usually am just a little tired

a marijuana high is great, it just makes everything better thats the best way to explain it lol. and afterword all it will do it make you a little tired thats it. but im not saying go out and do it because even when buying weed you have to watch out some people lace it and all that. God bless

Brady Timbs
Just smoke out and see. The only way i can describe it is as a filtered reality. Marijuana is harmless and in some countries and cultures considered miraculous. enjoy

There are some really great answers on this page! I agree that something so natural and from the earth with far less side effects than allot of common OTC prescriptions u can get at most pharmacy's should be utilized not illegalized. I think its more along the lines of a gift from mother nature although, like everything in life needs to be used responsibly and knowingly

Everything is better/extreme
Food tastes better.
Jokes are funnier
It just feels so good to live.

It's a great natural feeling.

- What I'd like to know is, why, in a country which insists itself is a land of freedom, that a natural drug is banned, whereas a drug such as alcohol which is manmade, causes much more social problems, is completely lawful.

Even to a christian, God would have created Marajuana, so why is it banned? What social problems has it caused?


comedown from uppers like adderal is hell! complete hell you feel so depressed for no reason and you feel like hopeless and all you could do is wait to feel better

i have felt completely fine after smoking weed '

but another time i felt so depressed![it hink cuz i ate alot of weed!]

from someone a little exsperianced dont do drugs! they feel good but dont last! and then your cnstanly thinking of them!

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