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what's the fastest way to get rid of a headache?
I don't now why but every day i get this annoying headache and i don't have time to see a doctor because my scedule is so tight

thomas B
or you can put your hand under really really hot water and youll forget all about your headache :)

Hello, my name is Robert and I market a product for people who have headaches and want to get rid of them without using drugs like I use too. Do you know anyone who might like to know about a product like that? If you do,send me an email, I'll show you what I've got and we can see if there's a match. Bye for now

Ice works also sleep or close your eyes.

Goody's work for me if you can stand the taste.


the dentist
the fastest way? well, first of all it depends where you are and what were you doing all day long. I prefere going out in the park and think just on positive things, take a deep breath and enjoy in your fantasy. if you do not think about it it will pass away. or you can stay at home and have a cup of tea with one spoon of honey. drink it slowely. do not watch tv too much. trust me i have tested this. taking pill must be the last thing on your mind. if you are suffering of some kind of migrena then consult with your doctor.

I suffer from headaches every day what ever I did didn't work I had to go to the doctors in the end he sent me for a scan and gave me some tablets they do ESE it a bit.but if I was you just make time and go no point suffering.

Go to a good chiropractor. Gonstead method is the best. You can look up chiropractors on web at Gonstead.com. Good luck.

take a walk, walking helps to circulate blood to your brain, which will help to relieve the pain.


stop looking at the computer and take a nap

Asprin works the best

run on a treadmills for 10 minutes eat a big meal take a 20-30 min hot shower and cover ur self with anice blanket it's ok if u sweat that's a good sign and make sure u sleep at least 5 hours it's good to sleep 8-10 hours if ur sick ...
it woul be magic when u wake up with no headache. because if ur running low on nutrition ur boddy stop fighting in ur system so that's why people get sick good luck

Shannon Michelle
I was really hoping there would be some good answers here. I have a migraine right now and my excedrin is at home! I guess I'll try the coffee thing....

chop off head with sharp object (jk)

humor is the best medince

BC powder is the best thing out there. works on headaches and toothaches too

Since you get these headaches in the morning, eat breakfast, drink a cup of regular coffee and take an Advil Gel pill. It works pretty fast. Coffee and the pill work together to heal you fast.

you involve in eye sight weakness. you check your eye testing to your consultant doctor.further that reason you involved in cold and flu because this reason you involved in headache so visit for further information:


How tight will your schedual be,
WHEN YOU ARE DEAD? See your Doctor.

I have suffered severe migraines and spent a lot of money with shot from the doctors had cat scans and MRI's the regular doctors found nothing. I went top a chiropractor and now I seldom get one. My headaches would make me pass out. Also if you do a lot of reading get your eyes checked!

It depends what kind of headache it is but I know excedrine is super fast!

well if the pain is to intense take some Advil lay down in a dark room & close your eyes & think of something refreshing it works for me.

In God We Trust
You must stay calm and realize how important that YOU are. If you can do something to relieve your pain, then do it immediately. Remember, there is nothing more important than your feelings about whatever subject matter concerns you. If the headaches persists, then try using (1) Bayer aspirin and have a cracker or slice of bread with it. Never take an aspirin WITHOUT eating first. I don't want to know that you are bleeding inside. Quite naturally, I know that you feel the same way as well. At least, when you go to bed at night, get a minimum of 8 hours of rest. What I find helpful on a daily basis, is a notation in my journal of what went on during that 24-hour time span. This might give you some idea as to what occurred to cause you to have a headache. Please read Psalm 35 to (Plead My Cause) and also read Psalm 4 for (Protection and Safety). This will be of immense assistance in helping you sort things out. God Bless.

Sometimes dehydration can cause your head to hurt. NO one probably drinks enough water. Or hydrating fluids. Caffeine and alcohol dehydrate your body as does just normal functioning. To see if this is the cause, drink an 8 oz glass of water and see if your headache goes away. (Or you could drink gatoraid or something like that.)

A massage does wonders for headaches as well. Sometimes it is just pent up muscle tension.

A heating pad helps sometimes.

If you are used to caffeine and you are quitting, all you need to do is drink a little caffeine or take an excedrine and it will go away.

Advil Migraine works really well! Take at FIRST sign of headache. If I wait till my head hurts REALLY bad, sometimes it won't help much.

You could also be sinus pain. Try a Tylenol sinus. Pain reliever with a decongestant. It is amazing!

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