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John O
vodka and orange juice for a cold?
I normally drink a lot of beer, but right now have a cold so I'm drinking vodka and O.J. I feel the alcohol will dry me out, while the juice gives me the vit. C. my girlfriend disagrees. who is right?
Additional Details
jbird I know that.
Thanks atiffash, and ralfcode
net advisor..then why did you answer?

christina n
vodka should kill the germs because its alcohol. oj is vitamins. vodka kills your liver to much oj makes you fat. the only good thing that will come of your cold vs vodka and oj experiment with be sleep

I think a healthy choice might be alcoholics anonymous. OJ and other processed juices typically have a ton of sugar added to them. Bacteria feed on excess sugars so most juices aren't a great idea. If you need a mixer, soda and a squeezed half of a lime will give you plenty of vitamin C. Don't forget that your body needs fluids more when it is sick in order to flush out the infection. Alcohol dehydrates your tissues so it will probably make you stay sick longer and possibly make the infection worse.

Whisky and lemonade works too. Or a hot toddy, mega coffee or hot lemon drink with a shot of whisky in it.

perfect combo i think anyway.

Tony M
Yeah I would stay away from the alcohol until you get better...

So can i be on your gf's side and tell you that you are totally wrong. You need to drink oj by itself, the vodka will do nothing but weaken your immune system more and the cold will last longer than it should. And it could possibly turn into more than a cold.

the best thing for a cold is some dark rum warm it through first and add some sugar or honey to it, will either kill or cure :-P

Ashley D
You're right. You should dump her - she sounds like a know-it-all.

well im going to say that alcohol in general prob. isnt such a good idea. you already have a weakened immune system. the vodka isnt helping that any. but...hey...its a possibility

Alcohol will make your body take longer to get better. The fastest way to get better is to stop drinking, eat healthy, drink fluids (non alcoholic) and get a lot of rest.

Luke W
i wouldn't drink the orange juice - it might make u sick. just stick with vodka.

Dnt know bout vodka but I know Hot brandy works well

Vitamin C does not cure colds. There is no cure.

Vit C, Zinc (low dose), and rest are good.
I've tried booze for a cold, and I don't think it helped. I think it suppresses the immune system. If you drink, be sure not to take acetaminophen (such as in Zicam, Lortab, etc) for a while (I mean a few days) .. the combo is extra bad for the liver. I like to keep ibuprofen around.
Funny how people got so defensive about the booze. Drinking with a cold, does not an alcoholic make. But it's true that some people mistakenly see booze as a cure-all and get overly drawn to it.

the alcohol lowers your immune system at a time when you need it to fight off an infection. Lose the alcohol until after the cold is gone.

umm .... your going to die if you keep drinking that much i would say either just the oj or hot lemon tea with honey

It won't cure the cold or shorten it, but after a few of them, you won't care about the cold any more.

Positive Elias
Great, lime juice is a lot better than orange juice for a cold relief.

Cyber Ghost
What are you, a junkie?

Alex G
Your girlfriend. Hot honey and lemon always helps me when I have a cold.

Net Advisor™
I normally don't address these questions, but this is the most ridiculous cold remedy I have ever heard.

Alcohol does not "dry you out." Alcohol kills brain cells, -- insert comment --- and takes out vitamins that are naturally produced in the body, and decreases the immune system. There are NO scientifically proven health benefits to drinking vodka, let alone for illness.

OJ, lots of liquids (non-alcoholic), healthy diet and rest are more proven ways to handle the common cold.

If I were you, I would better handle my excessive drinking issues by checking into AA. Seriously.

And for the record, your girlfriend is right.

This is the correct answer. One doesn't have to like it, but if ones does not want the truth, best not ask the question.

edit 2:
The reason my friend why I answered this is to help you, and to help others who may do the same thing; when what they are really doing is causing their mind & body harm when the body needs recovery. Don't want to see anyone become ill.

Good Luck!

Tanya S
well, you don't need to be dried out
you're supposed to drink lots of water and stay hydrated with a cold
alcohol will just make you feel worse
OJ is fine tho esp b/c it has vitamin C

wow u sound like my bf, he thinks alcohol will kill the germs

Howie Feltersnatch
Your girlfriend is right

J Bird
Your an alcoholic Dude!

maybe the buzz will help
im not to sure its the best way to rid a cold but wtf why not enjoy yourself

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