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some natural remedies for curing headache?

Anandakumar M
Reason of ur headache is ithink De hydration . So u have to drink more water at least 2.5 lt per day

free but bored!!!
sleep & after you wake up you will find the headache gone!
or apply vicks

vishu bharal
do suryassan, or give water to the sun, means look the sum from the water above your head,

Himali S

Sadish Nair
adrak n tulsi wali chai...is the best 1 i suggest...

zandubam,alham ka sura,navaratan oil

keep ur life balanced..nd peaceful..meditate often..eat healthy food..it will definitely help u get rid of ur suffering

santu verma
Take deep breaths and meditate. Do it as your daily activity headache will never come to you again in your life.

push on the palm of your hand find where it hurts and rub there.
also arnica is good.

This is a home treatment:- Take little bit(one chuteki) salt and put it on ur tounge for 10 mints then drink one glass of water. Headache will go.

Jap [http://yogtantra.blogspot.com]

"Maharasnadi Quath [Dry}


Practice meditation and yoga.....try to smile as much as possible. Be Happy!!!

kumar s
u can use til oil for head, or olmond oil and simpley you can take one teaspoon oninon juice with honey I think it's sufficent for headache.
if u feel better reply me

drink watter
dont grunt ur teeth
dont see bright thing for long time like roming under sun
dont let ur stomuch empty (water)
first check up ur eyes wer glases if required its must

Chandar T
Kindly Re-read the remedy suggested by Santu Varma.
Deep breathing itself is a natural meditation as well as
medication for physical and mental relief.

Vaishnav k
try to drink tea with ginger and cardomom boiled with it

Helpful person!
try sleeping a bitt more, that always cures it for me! hope this helps.

rajan l
Head ache has many reasons and all head aches cannot be cured immediately.
If you have cold then the head will be persisting and will not be easy to cure it. You can have only temporary relief.

For All headaches I take aspirin or paracetamol for immediate relief. If I could avoid it then I do the following.

Going for a short walk in the busy street.
Doing neck exercises.
Apply balms and rub vigorously on the affected areas.
Heat the sides of head by keeping a hot cloth. The cloth is heated by iron box, or even by a hot utensil kept over the stove. The same treatment can be carried out by washing the face and neck with hot water.. You will feel fresh and head ache gone.
Try any of these methods.

if this is normal then you have to take some oil in your hand or your mom or some else and slowly - slowly put this on forehead and it will give you relaxation.
another is yoga if want to do.then you have towatch Ramdev Baba's yoga on ASTHA TV motning time.
beacuse have also this problem some time ago, i start yoga at home
now iam fine
may god cure you or someone else.

Feverfew is an excellent herb, but there are precautions. Google it and read about it. It depends on where your headache is coming from. Could be a sinus headache which can be remedied with a warm/warmer wash cloth to the face for about 10 minutes soaking back and forth. It relieves the sinus passages. It might be that you are releasing toxins and it will pass. It could be that your hormones are not balanced. Try drinking more water.

Use Aloe Vera Gel. Great relief from headache

sastry m
The homeopathic philosophy of medicine places the maximum importance to the complex human personality be it he or she and all individual characteristics acquired through inheritence as well as by living conditions and all psycho-somatic factors influencing a person under normal healthy conditions as displayed by behavioural patterns. Under diseased conditions these characteristics considered normal under health are modified and expressed as symptomatic sufferings again varying individuastically from person to person which supply the information for diagnosis and indications for medicinal therapeutics. For example if two friends after eating ice cream at a party may suffer differently- one getting severe headache and the other stomach pain. Although the suffering of pain is common to both, the symptoms expressed and the organs effected in each person require the selection and adminstration of different remedies suitable to individual personalities. Hence if the questioner is suffering from frequent head aches it is best to gather information by carefully observing all predisposing factors and jotting them down on a paper convey it to a homeo physician in a personal consultation to enable him to recognize your personality with his professional experience and obsevation and diagnose your suffering to eradicate it permanently with the indicated medicinal therapeutics.

Drink a lot of water. My professor before was suffering migraine, it was cured thru water therapy only.

Feverfew has an active component that can control the inflammation that constricts the blood vessels in the head and prevents blood vessel spasms, which may contribute to headaches. Try it at a dosage between 50-100 mg. Then, ginkgo Biloba helps maintain peripheral circulation to the brain, suggested dosage: 40 mg. Another herb such as: White Willow contains a chemical similar to aspirin, try this at 60 mg.

Also,another important nutrients can help to loosen up your headache is magnesium. Be sure you get enough of it through your diet or via supplement. Magnesium has an important effect on your proper nerve function.

add 2 spn of lemon juce with 1/2 a glass of water and a pinch of salt.
do this every 40 minuts ---twice.
u should be ok with ur ake.

julie c
Try foot reflexology (finding reflex point on the underneath side of big toes) rub in circular motion applying as much pressure as you can with out being painful. You will know when you find the correct spot because you will feel a sharp sudden pain, not unbearable. When you have found it rub in a circular clockwise direction increasing pressure and then slowly backing off. Repeat this several times until headache eases.

Headache is due to lack of oxigen supply to the brain. So drink enough water and take long breath regularly. It will cure it

Dr Abhay
Some of the plant pigments of anthocyanidins are known to work as pain killers.
The two example I know are Java plum and black berries.
When you eat these fruits in sufficient quantity [about 20 java plums] headache is cured without side effects of drugs that can give the same effect.

I think most headaches are caused by dehydration. Try something with electrolites, cuz even water sometimes doesn't do the trick.

udaya k
For stress related headache press on the right side top corner of the forehead on the hairline. That would be the highest point on forehead. Keep there lightly pressed for two minutes, headache will go. Do not press hard. If the pain is due to eye strain, press lightly in clockwise and anticlockwise on the oribital bone of the two eyes for a minute or so, lightly press on the eye brows also, the pain will recede. Light pressure on the middle of the brows also relieves headache, but may produce nausea. For pains starting from occiput, there are three points on both sides of the cranium joining the neck at an inch apart from each other. Light pressure here and on both sides of the back bone on the neck would relieve most of the headaches. Press thumbs of both hands and feet for headaches originating from the head itself.

Headaches having origin from liver has to be treated and in particular if they are periodical, Chionanthus Q 5 drops in one ounce water three times a day for a few days normally removes the headaches and break the habit of the headache. Headaches increasing and decreasing with the sun rise and sun set are directly connected with salt imbalances in the body and can be fully cured by Natrum Mur 30 in globules three times a day for a few days.
Headache due to acidity, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, hangover, can be removed by single dose of nux vomica 30, whereas those from food poisoning which will be accompanied by nausea vomiting and restlessness could be removed by single dose of Arsenic Album. Those headaches which has origin from gastric desturbances have to be evaluated and medicines like Lycopodium, Carbo Veg, Hydrastis, Lobalia Inflata, Argentum Nitricum, would he helpful. In indigestion due to oil Pulsatilla will cure with one single dose whereas general indigestion China may be more helpful. Headache due to haircut or changing hair style -belladonna 30(single dose). Prolonged headache and continuous headache for days together may have deep underlying causes and should be properly diagnosed and treated and should not be ignored as headache. Suppressive treatment should not be resorted to in headache. All medicines as per indicative leading symptoms if successful in clearing the headache will also address the underlying causes. All medicines are indicative and other symptoms of the medicines should also be taken into consideration before prescribing the medicine or administering the medicine.

Believe it or not..

Chocolates are natural remedy for headaches& Migranes..!!


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