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Cyndi W
smoke weed????? help???m?
so a group of my friends that go to church with me are smoking weed, i just found out last night from my brother. ANd idk if i should tell my like this lady that i trust and she's like a really close friend or if i should tell this dudes (dude thats smoking weed) mom ( me and her are friends too). i'm not really close friends with these ppl but i care for them. so please help????!!!

Cassie w
you should tell the moms since your really care bout them but first aask the lady so u can have comfort

Machelle G
Tell on them- it's for their own good. If they get angry at you and stuff find friends who actually care about how you feel. ;) Good Luck

I would tell their moms. Good for you for realizing how much weed is bad for you. I would go straight to her and tell her, and if you don't wan the guys to know then you can ask their mom if she wont tell them you told them.

first off don't tell any of their parents that just gets you stuck in another situation. tell them unless you want to go to jail or die of drug overdose then stop show them their are better things to do then hurt them self's

My advice would be not to tell their parents or the lady that you are really close to. Even though they are in a serious situation they need to figure out what they're doing is wrong for themselves, not by the reprimanding of their parents, that will just lead them to rebel further.

Mr. Fact
Don't tell on them that's only going to make things worse. Besides, you'll have a lot of enemies to deal with. If anything talk to the people who smoke weed and tell them how unhealthy it is. But, don't tell on them that's just immature.

ϟLILIPOWϟ_{I want the money}
nooooo way shud u tell ur friends mom.
tell the lady u trust if u must.
but honsestly, if their not ur like supa close friends, thn i dnt thnk u shud even b rly in their bussiness. I dont mean tht in a mean way at all, im just sayin tht thts rly their prob and if it was like your best friends it wud be a diff story.

I think you should tell your friend. Telling his mom would make him really mad. You and your friend can then figure out the rest together. Good luck!

You shouldn't tell anyone. It's not your business and it's not harmful.


Don't get into their business, they aren't doing anything wrong...

Cyndi dont be a ******* and tell on them. thats so gay. WEED is nothing. dont be a loser, ur sounding like a ******* loserr

dont tell on them. dont be "that guy" if its not your thing, then leave it alone.

and to make you feel a lil better, smoking weed is not very bad for you. though im still sure that their parents wouldnt approve. heres a vid that might make you feel a lil better about the whole situation.


hope i helped

Weed isn't really that bad. Anyone who wants to smoke weed should be able to. I wouldn't tell on them.

(I don't smoke weed.)

If they want to, it's their business. It's not addictive or deadly like some drugs, you would be surprised at how many successful people have or continue to use it. But if you really have that big a deal with it, at least talk to them first about it and hear their side.

i would just leave it be
weed isnt as harmful as you are led to believe
if they were in to hard core drugs then i would def. advise you to tell an adult
but for now in the great words of the beatles "let it be...let it be"

if you are not close friends with them then leave them alone. it could be just a rumor so since you have never seen them personally let them be. how would you feel if someone did that to you. if you didnt witness it, you are no friends with them why are you worrying about it. you cant "save eveyone" . concentrate on your family you and your friends. question is how does your brother know?

Uncommon Sense
why would you tell on them? i mean, i lose respect for any druggie but weed isnt that bad-and they go to church, so its not exactly shocking.

Don't tell on them. Then you'll be known as the rat. If you are worried about them, talk to them and tell them so. If they don't really care what you say, then you shouldn't do anything else. It's their lives, its their weed, its the bodies. So just let it be.

☮ ♥ 420 ツ ✩
No don't tell on them.

Nick Laurenti
don't tell on them wtf if u care a bout them tell them that u want them to stop

Let it be Not your business really . You will get a Label

L☮ve One Another
Dude, PLEASE DON'T snitch!!!
Honestly, you'll understand in a few years why i'm saying this!!!

Kyle S
No offense, but who are you to be their figure of morality? A lot of people in and around Jesus' time smoked pot and considered it a holy sacrament. But I digress, pot is far less dangerous than alcohol, tobacco or even coffee, so who are you to decide that they shouldn't be doing it? I could see if it was a close friend and you were bothered by it, but you yourself said that you aren't that close of friends with them.

You seem like a nice kid, concerned and caring...maybe a little naive, but just do them and yourself a favor and mind your own business.

Dilon Courts
don't tell on them just because you care for them does not mean you should tell because they wont see it like that they will just hate you for telling on them and just because you tell on them wont mean they wont stop smoke weed they might smoke more

You should tell their parents! Smoking weed is illegal and they will get caught. Tell their parents and put an end to their reckless behavior! Sorry, I just really despise stupid people who do stuff just to be "cool."

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